So I have been posting about magnetic flip posts on Earth’s magnetic poles splitting in to two, though technically four. 

What does it mean? Well we do not know for sure but will not be good. At the minimum electronics will play up for an unspecified period of time. Depending on who you talk to and where you read reports they say decades to a thousand years. The latter I am sure will not be the case. Could be a year to two decades at the most. We do not know how much the magnetic field will be affected. It could be weakened in this time .. switch on and off or be completely gone altogether. The latter will certainly not be good. I would strongly advise against #sunbathing. Worst case scenario we might not be able to go out into the sun at all .. or at lest not for very long? It all depends really and we have no records .. and despite it happening previously it was so long ago as to make the Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks look like they was around up until a few weeks ago. If I recall correctly I think they used some very old rocks in or around Hawaii to prove years ago that the magnetic flip had occurred previously? We also do not know when these affects will come into place but across the UK people have had issues with their mobile phones, the network and broadband repeatedly. Even providers like Sky that had proved a trouble free service for years to many customers. Three mobile phones in the building started switching themselves off before the batteries were exhausted .. which set alarm bells off for me. Never experienced this and three people in the same building was having this issues at the same time? As was my daughter 250 miles away? The poles might spring back to where they were? It then might be the first of several splits over several years before it does the full flip? No rulebook!

I first heard about this when an video popped up in my YouTube suggestions I was not familiar with. No way I could react to this information last night and I had to try to remember today and see if I can confirm what he was stating. 

I was then on .. line .. when an author from Forbes, I was following without realising who he was, posted a story that set my alarm bells ringing. That scientists had discovered magma moving about below an ancient volcano. In Germany, of all places!

The magnetic poles change when the flow at the Earth’s core changes. In an event like this we know not what will occur and at best it is purely educated guesses. Even with this splitting up of the poles they could spring back and fourth many times before go through a full pole shift? But I do know that the flow of magma will change.

Their has been odd occurrences to look a rift appearing in Africa and an increase in volcanic activity and likely seismic events too?

Once I see a number of reports had recently been published I sent out a few posts and messages regarding the links.

A few minutes after I posted someone I knew replied and stated that her some had told her something about this and she had originally dismissed it.

So mobile phones, Internet and GPS could become .. troublesome .. or worse? Time will tell on this one. Being a computer enthusiast too I only hope it causes very few issues with these devices as I am sure other nerds will start doing to, praying to the digital deity for mercy?

Makes me wonder two things .. firstly have all my battles been for nought? Secondly .. is this the reason foe the strange behaviour of the western world and why this mass migration has been going on?

The chap in the video certainly stated, if I recall, that he tried to warn people but that his warning fell on deaf ears, more or less. Normally I find that when warning such as this fail to get a response it is because they already know.

I myself warned the mainstream media, all of them, of things contained within this very blog and they all ignored me, not getting to much as a reply. I learnt in the last year alone that it is because they had know for a decade and had been ignoring stories like mine.

Where I first heard it but I had to check as I was not familiar with this particular YouTube channel and it just popped up in my suggestions ..


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