Well I refused to watch it because I knew it would be painful .. all these years of never missing an episode but I predicted they would destroy it and they did a better job of that than even I predicted they would.

During the run of this series 11 I have left countless comments on YouTube channels of El Patron, Bowlestrek and SC Reviews among others.

Left one on MrTardisReviews who was being a butt licker but the comment went over his head. He was harping on about the UK views being good but I am afriad that is naive and narrow minded. Yes but it has to sell globally and like I knew from before it even screened .. you was going to lose sales.

So the BBC decided it was big enough and cocky enough to preach .. to the world, did it? No you blithering morons.

After the initial curiosity was over with the viewers continuously dropped in the UK and everywhere else too. Reviewers ClownfishTV bailed at episode 5 or 6.

Then the New Year’s Day special came that everyone was worried about.

Many of us were laughing at the Rotten Tomatoes scores during the wait for the first day of the year with a Critics score of 94% baffling everyone and the User Score dropping down into the 40’s .. then laughter continued as it dropped to the mid 30’s with people wondering if it was going to get as low as 30%? Yeeeaaah .. it beat that and is currently on 24% with many people roaring.

While the Resolution episode was on I was speaking to people watching it via Twitter .. everyone in the stream talked about hos shit it was and the person I was speaking to bailed around the 30 minute mark.

How did sticks and stone defeat the Dalek? Many asking that one. Why did the Timelord require her diverse mates to beat a single Dalek? Many asking that one.

Whay are all the Timelord characters in Doctor Who now all women?

Romana, Rani Doctor’s Daughter, Doctor Donna, River Song, Missy and The Doctor and that is without bringing up his granddaughter, Susan? Is this not actually sexist?

Then it emerged that it lost 1.5 Million viewers and only managed 5.15 Million .. oh dear.

Then I listened to a surprise review of Resolution by ClownfishTV who explained that the Rotten Tomatoes Critic’s score was at 100%?!?! What the actual?! But the users score was at 18%?!

I gets worse as when I then went and checked it had dropped to a User Score of 16%?!

Oooh cringe!

What is it they have just kept on saying for about three or four years now? This SJW and NPC overly noisy whiny morons just keep ruining everything?

Going on in so many things for so long now that you have to wonder if it is deliberate? Why so much escapism is being ruined? All intellectually properties are being systematically destroyed.



  1. Jodie was chosen as she is pretty (sexist in itself). I watched her first episode as The Doctor, but never made it to the end, the sympathetic Asian WPC, the mixed race family, I waited for a Chinese person in a wheelchair to tick all the boxes. I don’t need a sermon, just good Sci Fi.

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