Yeah so as you know .. still getting offers of help that do not go anywhere at all .. while watching everyone in the media and on social media stating they are doing stuff about it ..

.. no .. you are not!

Oddly despite the fact that the post that should have gone around like wildfire has been picked up by those that want to bury it.

I have had a barrage of attacks on Twitter and I have not even reported on all of them. Had I done a post on my blogs for each attack it would certainly be in excess of 100 and very possibly 200 posts?

There were several times when people would ask me why there were so many attacks and I said because they are frightened of this blog .. and the truth .. and the evidence.

Here are a couple of groups of daft things said to me

  • Paid by Trump
  • Paid by some right wing group
  • Russian Bot
  • Tommy Robinson’s right hand man, more or less
  • Nazi, Bigot, Racist Xenophobe
None of which are true, and ..
  • Just block the Trolls
    • Yeah they have multiple accounts and set up new ones all the time
  • Do not go on on other social media sites .. but-but-but I cannot afford not to ..
    • It is about getting help and if not that getting the ball rolling on my blogs to we can get out of this mess
Unfortunately I have had offers of help which have not materialised and been bullied, harassed and insulted by the enemies .. to the level of super-stalkers and why you get is ..
  • Just keep going as your going in the right direction
  • Will not be long now, it will get better
Explaining that I was being attacked over the pinned tweet, post on GAB, on my Twitter stream I was basically met with the reaction .. ‘Well what is important about you?’
Did you even read the fucking post? The enemy did and just as I stated 1 weeks ago now at the end of August 2018 .. it is because of my God damn blog!
Nope .. as you can see with this Muslim guy who told everyone he was white British and a lawyer .. then a social worker .. and then a web developer before stating he was a medical school drop out ..
.. after hounding me for 14 weeks under 5 to 7 different accounts ..
It has absolutely nothing to do with my blog or that blog post of my evidence .. what is so special about me?!
On Twitter I am @saintallnights
On GAB I am .. @allnights

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