Was just set upon by the resident leftist in the building and as always over something stupid .. trivial .. meaningless.

But they have a skill like no that has people running for cover when they see them coming.

Barged into the room, without knocking as usual because they think it is there automatic right to do so that drives everyone nuts. Including one other who was walked in on naked one day.

Stated she need to get to the radiator .. because there are issues with an airlock when I had already explained weeks ago it cannot be an airlock in my radiator because it is switched off. For it to be an airlock within this specific radiator the water needs to be flowing through it, which it is not nor ever has been.

But I don’t care check it if you want .. if it makes them happy, because they can ever .. ever accept that they are wrong.

No announcing .. no warning .. just barge in .. in the morning. No chance to get my shoes on or charge my phone just a bull in a china shop as usual.

So I decide to make a tea instead but I know it wont be a simple checking the radiator .. it is going to turn into something else like it always does. The very thing that has driven the rest of us nuts for years.

Bearing in mind that everyone knows about my health issues, my disabilities and namely my heart issues which cannot and are not affected by any arguing on Twitter, I might add. Nope but this person can set it off single handed.

I have warned them .. I have warned others .. but it matters not when she suddenly decides she wants to create wounds she can then go cray bout to others. Have a dig to force someone to attack them and they are by definition the centre of attention.

My room is untidy .. that was what it switched to. The some stern lecturing about me doing things that will set my heart off, which I do anyway and did some this pat Sunday. But it is not about tidiness as all that know her are well aware.

Yelling match ensues and like a true leftist she lies to make herself look correct .. telling me that a brother does not visit the house because of me. Well no .. it is because of her and I pointed that out .. sternly and told her in no uncertain terms she was a fucking liar and has driven us all nuts for years.

This brother does not answer the phone to her .. remember that for after I explain this ..

She fucks off downstairs .. I sit in my bed, bedroom turned upside down, all 6 feet by 8.5 feet of it, when suddenly I get this absolutely massive pain across my chest and back and I roll back screaming. It subsides for a few seconds but then comes rushing back again. This happens several times and eventually I roll off the bed and am wedged between a cupboard and the bed face-down.

At this point another brother comes in the room, wrongly assumes it is a back pain, yup I did state that I warned them about this, and tells me I am in the wrong position. Well no because after it occurring one more time it is now subsiding in intensity and I am frozen to the spot now. A sign that this intense pain is now subsiding I do not want to move so much as a muscle.

It stops.

Then the brother that refuses to answer the phone to her rings me after a few minutes ad I have not spoken to him for several weeks. Uh-oh!

She rang him .. he answered the phone to her and admitted he made a mistake.

He knew she was in the wrong as she always is, throws a hissy-fit about that on every occasion as we are supposed to agree with her even when she is wrong.

I tell him that I just had these pains, could have been a heart attack but I do not think so. Actually seemed too intense but I do not know .. maybe it was? He is shocked.

As he is telling me how this woman is completely batty and has been driving us nuts for years the door flies open. I think it is another brother .. but no .. it is her.

Listening outside the door .. realising I have been called and this is a sign that no one agrees with her she storms in with a stern look on her face and shouts “YOUR A LIAR!” to which I answer “No, YOUR the liar!” Tell her who I am on the phone to, she says she knows .. yeah she cannot stand that. Keeps on .. while on the phone to my brother who has now guessed she has walked in the room I say ..

“Will you leave?! I may have had a heart attack that you brought on and I did warn you about .. and I DO NOT want another one thank you! All because you have to be right and want all the attention!”

She fucks off!

My brother says “There has got to be some way of you getting out of there? She is losing it and this is like a fucking slow death, a slow and painful death for you!”

They have screwed everything up from the moment I got here by making a mountain out of a molehill for everything and then turning that drama into a crisis to draw attention to herself.

Two children born, one operation .. appendicitis and a death (not present) and someone dying of cancer (not family) and on every single occasion they have crated a massive problem in each case that had hospital staff shocked when they realised.

She is oppressive like you would not believe .. and .. family and friends and others run from her and I am constantly asked my my social worker friend, Mario “How have you not gone insane stuck there?!”

Along with his disbelief at no one offering to help me .. or us for that matter.

Heart condition that the NHS new about for two years and the decided to look into just before my life got turned upside down and now do not loo at, at all. Great.



  • Would not allow me my car outside so I lost £4,000 on it
  • Kept telling me I was doing everything wrong
  • Always told me I was right-wing
  • Alienated friends, family and even grandchildren who refuse to see her
  • Keeps telling me I do everything wrong
  • Everything is about her
  • Side Effects from low dosage epilepsy drugs for epilepsy she does not have is worse then two operations my daughter juts had, cervical cancer and strangulated hernia
  • Its our fault because of our father .. unless it is the whole world’s fault
  • Keeps telling me I am doing everything wrong
  • Tells me how the Internet works, used it on phone for 5 minutes I am BSc and was offered a PhD in Applied Computing back in 1999 
  • GCHQ were interested in me ..
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Insists she is right on politics because of things form 20 years ago and groups that have not existed for years
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Tell her video evidence exists on YouTube she laughs and shakes her head
  • Still tells me I am wrong
  • Sister tells her I know my shit ..
  • She repeats “No-no-no-n-no!”
  • Sends messages that are 1,500 words or more long
  • Runs out full battery on your phone in one phone-call
  • Tell you she is caring but has never asked me nor my brother about her grandchildren ..
  • But the tells everyone how hard things are for her because she has all these grandchildren to think about
  • Friend and one granddaughter and two sons think she needs serious psychiatric help
  • Lies when you prove her wrong
  • Bare-face lies and twists it when you tell her we all think the same “NO! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT YOU!” Crap
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • Roots round other people’s stuff and blows up being pulled about it, one of only two relatives fell out with her years ago for that one
  • Keeps telling me I am wrong
  • You get to talk for 60 seconds only and never hears any news through to the end
  • Normally followed by changing the subject to be about her .. then talks for four hours .. you insist on talking to finish what your saying at the end and she tell others later “I was not allowed to get a word in!” and I am being literal
  • Mario says she is evil and there is something very, very seriously wrong with her
  • Does not knock on your door .. just waltzes in .. courtesy does not apply when it is her house
  • Did I mention she keeps telling me I am wrong?

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