Sometimes I honestly cannot believe how life has turned out.

There is not a single day where I do not wonder what in the fuck happened and what in the actual fuck is going on.

Let me give you a run down of last night ..

Spending another day stuck in a real life living hell and wondering yet again how I got here and quite how I am going to get out after spending four days taking down seven really nasty, evil, selfish bad guy bullies which including professionals on Twitter I get called out of my room.

So mid doing .. something on Twitter while trying to watch a film about a little girl in World War 2 I get a knock on my door and told someone wants me.

Now let me tell you this .. two of us were demanded to go to another room about a technical problem .. same problem with a phone and a tablet. Already explained.

  • Rant starts while I have to stand and listen

  • Goes on for 20 minutes .. one of us gets annoyed at the woe is me rant about how terrible their life is, yup worst narcissistic leftist you could ever meet .. EVER

  • She then rants that one is refusing to listen

  • Another 10 minutes ranting that the other one does not want to listen to the rant

  • I ask her to continue several times

  • She rants that I am not letting her rant

  • I tell her it has nothing to do with her problem

  • She rants that she is not allowed to rant .. again

  • I tell her that if she was in a store doing this they would have charged her £40 to rant and probably told her to fuck off by now

  • She rants about that

  • She rants about side effects to pills for mild epilepsy that has never been confirmed and none of us have witnessed .. like it is the worst thing in the world ..

  • One side effect she rants about she CLAIMS causes memory loss .. a side effect

  • No other nor serious health issues

  • Forgets that I have a confirmed issue with memory loss that is on my medical records sitting 10 feet away

  • Forgets that when forced to stand my feet hurt

  • Forgets that I have a serious heart issue and the fact that I am clasping my chest she also shows no fucking sign of that either

  • I tell her that she has pulled me away from defending someone from a nasty evil bully on the Internet and she says the following .. because she’s a total fucking not and the worst kind of narcissistic leftist bitching selfish you could ever wish to meet ..

  • Oh marvellous! Well I WISH someone would defend ME for a change!”

  • I lose it ..

  • Defend you from what?! Go on defend you from FUCKING WHAT?!”

  • Bitching and moaning about how terrible he life and her health is despite the fact she has had this mild epilepsy no ones ever seen for several years she claims is worse than terminal cancer .. and side effects from a pill is sooo terrible

  • Might I add that several relatives refuse to have anything to do with her

  • As she tries to rant about her side effects and mild epilepsy because she has come out with bullshit because like all leftist socialists that are fucking amoral .. she cannot answer the question about what it is she needs defending from I say this ..

  • Yes and more DAUGHTER .. has an operation for cervical cancer in five fucking days time!”

  • A little fact she is unaware of despite the fact that she tells everyone on the phone that I keep on at her all the time telling her everything that is going on .. and I keep telling everyone that I do not ..

  • She did not know that little detail

To cap it off I had an intense toothache that throbbed like there was no tomorrow and ended up having a pretty shit night.

All my days and nights are shit .. it is merely a matter of how shit that they turn out to be and last night was a particularly shit one.

The leftists closest thing to a sibling .. a cousin called Anne has refused to speak to her for five years. One son refuses to speak to her at all. One daughter she bitches about is on and off talking to her and has a go at me if she gets it in the er about me.

No one has learned not to moan about the person she is going on about at the time because if it is not that thing or that person it will be something or someone else. But she has spent years turning everyone else against each other.

I have told people .. she does it deliberately .. she is the worst kind of SJW or NPC and she will literally cause trouble intentionally … basically goad you into having a go at her so that she can then go off and create her victim card.

Now here is the thing ..

There is no one to take any notice of her victim cards?!

She has three people .. her daughter who she moans does not listen or give her enough attention, yeah really. He partner whose an amoral twat whose three kids have not spoken to him in 20 years and her own other. Her own mother who tells us on the sly that her daughter is often too much.

Now here is the mentality of a leftist .. when she is not getting attention she then tries to put the fault and blame with her four kids because ..

  • We are not like her

  • We are all right-wing like out father, one BBC killed

  • We ever listen to her

  • We have never agreed with her extreme left-wing politics

  • We never fail to realise that she is lying through her teeth because what she accuses us of and tries to blame our dead father for .. actually applies to everyone she has ever met in 50 years

  • But in her fucked up twisted leftist mind she thinks that if she can keep repeating the same fucking tripe .. she will eventually be right and we will eventually giver her attention

  • That is why I am so good at arguing with LEFTISTS!

Now are you surprised by all that? Are you actually sitting there and thinking that there is no way that this could be as bad ans this guy is describing?

Yeah I have a friend called Mario who was a social worker for Camden Council for over 20 years and he thought we were unkind. He thought I was being over the top. He thought there was no way that anyone, even a hard-left person could be that bad.

This is what he does today ..

At a large boot sale where they both go .. both Mario and his partner Nancy .. keep an eye out because this woman frequents the same Boot Sale .. if they see her they ..


  • Told two of us once he was sorry

  • That after meeting her a couple of times that realised not only were we not exaggerating or being extremely unfair ..

  • That she is actually far worse than we described

At this point have you got your hand over your mouth in disbelief?

Are you wondering how someone, a leftist, can be that selfish and knowingly aggravate someone’s serious and painful health conditions for nothing more than they want to rant and have some attention?

That this person seriously needs to speak to a professional psychiatrist?

Are you wondering how anyone survives this?

I am afraid it gets better ..

Want to know why I was ordered out of my 8ft by 5ft 10 prison cell?

Because she expected two people to help her remember the password to an iPad she had entered wrong several times and was now locked out for an hour and therefore could not be entered anyway.

Told her a hundred times over 6 years to buy a fucking book and a fucking pen and write them down .. and the absolute shit she comes out with .. pure lies like all leftists because they have to appear to be right.

“Oh you don’t know what its like?! There are too many passwords to remember! I am not the only one (LEFTIST CRAP THIS ONE) as EVERYONE is moaning about it on the Internet!”

Her passwords?

  • Google phone

  • Apple

  • Facebook she never uses

  • Wifi

No Twitter, no news subscriptions, no cloud storage, no photo sharing sites, no GAB, no blogging, not even aware of Bitchute, Vidme or any of the others lesser known things. No music apps or subscription services. Just those four!

So when I point out that I manage and with a memory issues and with three dozen passwords her get out of being caught is this “Oh I am old!” to which last night I answered ..

“Oh fuck off, I was just chatting to a guy on Twitter in his 70’s!”

Bearing in mind her mother is still alive!

If her life so so fucking bad why is it that I very literally hate waking up the next morning after she pulls her leftist self-centred crap and I very literally want to leave the house and walk into the path of the first oncoming lorry to end the pain?

Social Worker Party ex-member! Fucking thirty years arguing with her socialism does not nor will ever work and you can’t destroy a country on a gamble and totally ignores facts, history, mathematics like all fucking mad loony leftists.

Lives in centre of London .. and for five years has been constantly bringing up something she told us she got wrong that she wont accept. Another fruit loop leftist thing .. cannot leave things alone, cannot accept facts or science or history for that matter. The leftist repeat-repeat-repeat until it becomes truth ..

.. are you ready?

In her 8ft by 8ft concrete garden in the centre of London she saw ..

  • Large Copper Butterfly -Lycaena dispar

  • Extinct in Britain since 1851

  • Family of animal experts .. not her

  • We are all wrong .. she knows what she saw

Or how about ..

  • Pie & Mash?

  • Only Londoners will get this ..

  • Her Pie & Mash is better than the Pie Mash shops

  • Pie from packet out of Asda, Parsley Sauce and Mashed potatoes

  • Shops are famous for their Pies you cannot get anywhere else

  • But as she cooks it, it has to be the best in the world ..

  • Despite the pie being a cheap Asda frozen pie

Life has the most cruel sense of humour when it comes to my life .. it was bearable and I could get by but .. yeah .. lately .. it seems to have one hell of a sick and cruel hand of fate vibe about it.

She complains no one is like her and has no idea that I am God damn thankful that I am not because I would not be able to stand myself and certainly would take my own life being like that!

Abandoned by all public services .. no GP, no Dentist, no income, Google screwed me because of the politics on my blog I am proving with each passing day on Twitter. Daughter repeatedly raped as a child and had two children as a child. She now with cervical cancer. If being abandoned by our own government, the DWP, Local Councils, NHS and Police among all the help and advice agencies .. we got no help, compensation of any kind and are even being persecuted and had our lives destroyed.

All the details alluded to in that last paragraph and others I have not mentioned, like ombudsman and bailiffs, can be found on the various posts on my blog.

Going after bad guys bullying others and making threats to people on Twitter is currently all I have to stop me going insane.

Related to the worst leftist of all time short of Stalin himself and hence why I am so good at dealing with leftists on Twitter as I know what they are going to do and say before their NPC algorithms even .. EXECUTE! Which is what most of the would like to do to me.


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