Not done anything like this in awhile and neither my location, conditions, equpiment or frame of mind are ideal. Could do so much more if they was ideal.

Maybe in time .. someone may help the situation and I can use my time to repay those who genuinely help us? ‘Country of the Damned’ for details on how, what, when, where and why ..

So this is going to be big .. and .. revealing.

Plus it is going to prove several things I have stated and maintained on my blog for a very, very long time.

Just hope I remember to put the screenshots in and I the right places and in the right order too?!

Earlier today I spotted some people on Twitter complaining about someone and some figures and this was to do with .. Muslim Grooming Gangs. I asked what the problem was and I was told that this individual behind a website called Victim Focus had some figures wrong regarding the numbers or victims. They did mention she was a little .. condescending. Red rag to a bull that one.

So I found her and I asked her for a report. She did not respond straight away until I mentioned tha she had Sarah Champion MP down as a follower. She replied.

By then I had already discovered she had a WordPress blog and was reading comments and I see the words ‘feminism’, ‘patriarchy’ and ‘misogynist’ despite previously seeing some claim about having a centre for men? Oh .. dear. Not a good start.

Anyway I was eventually provided with a link to a report .. which I really did not want to wade through just to get some figures. I just wanted to know the figures and figure out how much they were .. out. Then ask about the figure and see if she defends them and then ask her why she was so vigorously defending figures easily proven wrong?

I then discovered a website, while trying to find the real figures plus what area I am dealing with, that had a few surprises in store. It is called ‘Medium’.

Had a nice quite from Mark Twain; “There are three kinds of lies. Lies, damned lies and statistics” which made me laugh while raising an eyebrow.

Also mentioned a bit more detail about Sarah Champion MP’s endeavours, who I have spoken with briefly on Twitter. Yeah I am a real person and everything on this blog is most certainly real and not a Russian Bot or anything!

I also discover a .. group of sorts known as Quilliam. A group set to issue a report, seemingly as you will see from their pictures on the link, made up of many Asians and likely Muslims?

Who is the chairman? Well if it not none other than Maajid Nawaz and radio host who I ticked off for being rude and unprofessional on Twitter. I have a timeline and delete nothing .. everything I say is there to be read @saintallnights.

Now I have had hundreds of arguments with leftists, socialists and defenders of the Muslim faith using their ‘kitman’ tactic and then when losing start calling you names, admit only Muslim lives matter and accusing you of being in need of a psychiatrist or an alcoholic. Widely used and known tactics when they are losing.

I have had three, I think it is now, banned. Something that my 650 plus followers and my daughter’s 1,200 followers, yes in less than two months, thought impossible. Yeah? No!

I get the odd question on how I do that.

It has also been noted by many and pointed out to me that I seem to be attracting these combatants or soldiers like bees to a honey pot.

After getting one banned I was descended upon by four leftist friends .. FOUR?! Others watched as one by one they went quiet, ran or just muted me.

Was not the first time and sure as hell wont be the last.

Except if they found me impossible before .. I am afraid it is about to get a whole lot worse for them in the future as the stupid morons keep asking me for proof. Without proof it has not taken place is the logic they use .. never mind the people being killed, raped or suffering.

Anyway .. I could get into all the stupid things they said and their justifications of it, like the rapists are getting their own back for the drones and their people killed? But I am not.

What I am interested in is the figures.

Ow what I always maintained and leftists and defenders of the faith argued with was that it was only a tiny fraction of their Muslim men that were committing these devil like crimes. No .. and I argued sometimes for days over this one. Because I have been there and not once but three times and I know the attitudes. You might get the odd one that is OK and I sure have met one .. unless of course he was lying? But the majority think they are superior beings, everyone else is not, seen as slaves and of lower life forms than dogs and think it is perfectly fine. MOST .. OF .. THEM!

Not 1% .. not 10% .. not 20% .. MOST OF THEM!

So on this Medium site is states that the Quilliam report by Pakistani Muslims, apparently, was going to state that there is a problem as Muslims are supposed t make up just 6% of the UK population but that they make up offenders in 46% of child sex abuse crimes.

Notes about this and upon reading this ..

  • Did not believe either figure

  • Does not include rapes of adult women

  • Knew for a fact that the 46% is a lot higher and I am not even Muslim!

  • Over a decade of being involved

Well what do you know?

Almost immediately the site quotes an article by The Sunday Times that states that 80% of the child sex abuse cases are Muslims! Sorry .. ‘Asians’.

Bet the Chinese, Koreans, Burmese and Koreans get pissed when they read they are being lumped in with the rest of these barbarians? Generalising and including innocent people in their statements so as to avoid not offending those that are actually guilty?

Welcome to the sheer hypocrisy and lunacy that has infected the western world like a God damned plague!

Anyway .. I retweeted some report a few weeks back that stated the number of victims and I cannot recall correctly nor able to find it. It could have been 14,000 in an area but I think it was 1,400 linked to a single .. Mosque?

Anyway at the time I had then figured that the number of victims could be anywhere between 500,000 and 1,500,000?!

This is without knowing all the areas and from what he has thus far I had estimated it could be as many as 400,000. I was not aware of either how many communities exited in the UK nor how many Mosques.

Literally within a day or two someone showed me a screenshot of a report in The Mirror that stated that there could be in excess of one million victims. Knowing full well, us being ignored by them for 7 or 8 years, that the mainstream media all lie .. I figured that would likely be closer to 1.5 million to 2 million?

People tend to attack me because of what I know out of some sort of jealously or envy as if I am gifted? Little do they know that seeing things the way that I do has been nothing more than a curse!

Well as of today I now know that there are 1,700 Mosques in the UK and probably a large number in the process of being built.

Not all Mosques will be linked to child grooming gangs and not all gangs linked to Mosques, no doubt. But .. as it states below that 84% of child abusers are … Asian .. chances are that will be high.

So 1,700 gangs, for argument’s sake, and 1,400 victims to one gang and your talking about a possible 2,380,000 or 2.38 million victims?

I hope nor do I expect it to be that high but just one would be one too many!

But this Child Abuse report of the Office of the Child Commissioner seems to suggest that there are 2,765 victims across a wide area? Seems to be from Rochdale to Manchester and possibly even Wigan?

Now then that figure of 2,165 victims across Rochdale, Manchester and Wigan?

Rochdale has 18 Mosques.

Manchester has 66 Mosques;

Wigan has 2 Mosques.

Let us just take Manchester’s total of 66 and multiply by 1,400 and you have a possible 92,000 victims. Rochdale ha 18 and I know not if these numbers include all Mosques in the surrounding areas? Even at half the amount being linked and dropping the average of 1,400 victims down your not going to get close to the 2,165 in the report!

Also recall that Quilliam stated 46% are by Muslims and The Sunday Times quotes a figure of 80% as being down to .. ‘Asians’.

Commissioned by Wigan, Manchester and Rochdale do not forget?

Map showing Mosques here ..

Now I am told that in this PDF Office of the Child Commissioner’s report is a list of the numbers and nationalities of the abusers and girls. Not found these yet and I about 66 pages, or two thirds into it thus far. Driving me insane!

No! No obvious table or list of numbers and I am not going through a report loaded with fluff and nonsense to get to the significant parts.

Quite why there is 100 pages in this I do not know. You have victims and a pattern that is obvious with the abusers.

I can only come to the conclusion that this is an over the top concerted effort to avoid the obvious issues at hand or just fill the waters with mud so that people do not look into it?

Too Long Didn’t Read tactic?

Medium Link ..

Child Abuse Report for the Office of the Child Commissioner ..

Mosques in UK stated to be around 1,700?

Screenshots Medium (Link Above)

Sarah Champion MP mention ..

Quilliam numbers ..

The Sunday Times numbers ..

Some Concerns over Victim Focus .. LINK ..


And just plain .. weird ..


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