Wondered whether I was running into the age-old problems on Twitter as I had wondered about this blog? Admittedly I had not republished any of my evidence in a number of years so I did that recently with the blog titles ‘Country of the Damned’ and ‘The Files of Truth’.

The issues are that there is just so much that two things are possible as a reaction .. the first is that it is all so fantastical that people doubt the story. The other problem is due to the severity and clandestine nature of some of it it may well be fear?

I do what I do to make a difference and do not see much point in picking fights with brain-dead socialists, the far left ones at any rate, to just whinge. That is NOT what I want to achieve.

Primarily I want my daughter to get help and obviously myself because I am not much use to her right now and I feel helpless and guilty over that!

But I also want to help others .. as many as I can so I find it a little bizarre that out of 1,700 followers all doing their nut about the same thing that the very revealing ‘Country of the Damned’ post pinned to my daughter’s stream now as well as my own .. has only been retweeted on Twitter 63 times.

Frustrating is that even though it has only been retweeted 63 times .. in just 7 weeks the post has been viewed over 1,600 times. The frustrating part is, as I explained the numbers to my daughter, imagine it had been retweeted by just half of our followers? Tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands seeing just some of the truth?!

I have done everything I am able to do over a decade and it has cost me beyond belief, almost my sanity countless times and added to this probably around £30,000 to £40,000 .. my home, my car and even my business plans!

Received help in that time? Next to ZERO!

I would like to return north and get out of the hell hole I am in .. except it is not easy for the following reasons and why we need help ..

  • Getting about

  • Knees, feet, heart, energy, thighs

  • Supposed to cycle as this helps the condition

    • Cannot do this currently and ..

    • Nowhere to keep a bike in Birkenhead

    • Children will hurt themselves or damage the bike

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Memory Loss

  • Confidence

    • I can return if I regain my confidence

  • Standing

  • Walking

  • New Places .. except countryside settings

    • Needed around two years to get used to the area and feel like it was home

    • Never made it four months due to lack of help

  • Daughter

  • 4 Children WITH her .. two autistic .. three destructive

  • 3 Bedroom House

  • Not even paying half the rent

  • Messing around over Autism

  • Would not let her work, social services

    • Threatened to sue her for neglect if she worked ..

    • Had happened to many others around England and Wales

  • You cannot own anything like

    • Computers

    • Expensive Cameras

    • Tablets

    • Phones are regularly broken

    • House just not suitable

  • Locks placed on all doors .. got broken off

  • Food wasted on a daily basis

  • Lives in Birkenhead which makes me .. uncomfortable

  • Confusing to get around ..

    • Very complicated in some places, straightforward in others

    • My short term memory loss

  • Bought her a car

    • Car was confiscated by Police

    • As a insurance payment was missed we failed to realise

  • Paid Road Tax

  • Paid few months Insurance

  • Paid food

  • Run people around, picked kids up from school

  • Tyres on car were punctured twice, Pirellis

  • Paid for decorating materials

  • Paid deposit on current house

  • Bought things for grandchildren, many broken within days

    • Neither house was suitable for children

  • Nothing from local council at all in support, money or even right housing

  • Only 15% of rent being paid

  • Benefit cap on two children

  • Council Tax now expected to be paid .. despite getting nothing

  • Not allowed to work or will be sued for neglect

  • My Business ..

  • Blogging x12

  • Photography

    • Flickr

    • Alamy

    • Photofolio

    • Art of the Deviants

  • Screwed by ..

  • DWP & Stopping PIP

    • Stopped DLA years ago

    • Stopped Housing Benefit

  • Universal Credit

    • Jumping through unfair hoops and sanctions

  • Working Tax Credits

    • Cancelled at the 13th hour

  • NHS

    • Refusing to diagnose me for years

    • I had to self diagnose one condition after 13 years of asking!

    • Missing symptoms to things already diagnosed

  • Google

    • Lost TAGS for 6 years

      • Android App did not work

    • Screwed advertising for over a year

      • Google Chrome and Blogger was not displaying ads in ‘DESIGN’

    • Suspicious viewer numbers

    • Google Adsense Revenue frozen 23 months currently

  • Previous to blogging I spent 3 years chasing Radical Muslims

  • Went into business twice

    • Own Aquarium Store with partnership ‘CF’ but ..

    • No Help to do this and ..

    • Partner was an idiot

    • eBay Orchid Store

    • Partner was an idiot and crazy ‘AM’

  • Currently no income whatsoever

    • Not even benefits

    • No GP

    • No Dentist

That is the level of help in the UK if your white and disabled and this fact is totally ignored and even denied by help and advice agencies that I now know are run by socialists.

As are the local councils.

Want to save money?Yeah take everything away from white people on all levels .. no comeback for that. Better still let us grab the by the scruff of the neck and bury their noses in the shit while we do all this to them.

Funny they harp on about racism when it is performed on a daily basis and has done every single day for at least a decade. I am living proof of this as is y daughter!

Not a gambling man. Need the right place, assurances and money coming in to be able to fight my health issues and achieve what I want to do .. to be of help to my daughter and grandchildren.

Yet I am constantly being hammered in the face on TV and online about how fuckking privileged we are because we are white.

Yes this is what white privilege does to you from time to time ..


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