Soo that turned out to be quite unexpected?

Well my daughter thought they were coming for my grandchildren and I assured her that this could not happen without a court appearance. But then it was clear that the Police had visited while she was out of the house. That did get me a little concerned ..

As both Merseyside Police and Wirral Council would be damned beyond belief from our story I thought that there may be a situation where if the social workers could anger my daughter with Police Officers present they could take the children away?

Now I believe this riling up started just mere weeks after I left when the grandson that was placed with his paedophile Muslim and Kurdish father, Karzan, got injured and I cannot even tell you how or why?!

Because the dunce social worker turned up late at night, asked if my daughter had been in contact with her son, which she has not for years, and explained there had been an incident and that he had been injured. But they did not say by who or how. They also did not even follow up with a “he is OK” at a later date?!

Fucking incompetent or very sinister?

Since that day it has been a barrage of bullying, lies and tricks which was odd because the social worker, called Chipo, was visiting while I was there from around September 2017 until January 2018 and other than getting no help or support at all they were nice.

My health was aggravated and I was being fed lies while I was there from a very evil and selfish person, just wait for that revelation alone will have you getting out your pitchforks.

As if right on cue just got a phone-call from a friend of mine who was a social worker for Camden Council for 20 years plus who basically just heard this story and said “what the fuck are these people doing?” regarding Wirral Council’s social workers. Go figure!

Anyway my daughter got told that this old social worker was taking over the case .. the teachers at the school where my grandchildren attend went into shock. My friend the social worker went into shock. Told my daughter it was just another thing intended to rattle her. Hence why I thought if they attended to property with the Police it might be more rattling so my daughter would react angrily or violently so that they could then take the children.

Except that is not what happened.

Within a few minutes of not one but TWO social workers arriving my daughter was told she now has two social workers. Cannot say I have ever heard that before and neither had my daughter. She picked up that there was something so she kept asking them what had happened and the first few times they just looked at each other. After the fourth, fifth or sixth time of asking one of the two blurted it out ..

We know about stuff being said on TWITTER!

Then it became obvious that they were not there in a confrontational was as they have done since I left in January, 2017.

They also said that they did not give permission for anyone to record them which made me roar with laughter and even the teacher stated they cannot say that or stop her as she does not trust them.

Oh how I have had many a conversation about this with people who watch too much TV insisting I was wrong in recording Councils, Social Workers, Doctors, Hospitals, Police Forces and many others.

What was also odd was two things .. my daughter had only started Tweeting a few days ago and had gotten 12 followers .. some of my followers I have spoken to followed her immediately. But .. they did not mention me?


Yeah .. the problem here is that either they know about me and do not want me to find out that I know they have been watching me .. or .. they are in for one bloody big shock as despite the bans and having around 200 followers knocked off .. I still have well over 400 in less than 6 weeks.

The 400 followers is not big at all but the fact I got these in less than six weeks is. Especially when you factor in that I could not be searched at all for two of those weeks because of a ban and have had around 200 knocked off by Twitter.

Yeah .. if they do not know about me and are in for a shock .. what about my blogs?!

Also .. not wanting me to know they are watching me?

Yeah I have known I have been watched since I started blogging six years ago and was called mad by my friends. Then one day a GP that had been lying to me got a call from someone within the NHS to state that I had been recording us. Yeah .. except I had been doing that for several years across several GP practices. A bit late. A GP near my current location knew my name without me even telling them and refused to register me?! Go figure!

One man with an ego and even after the GP had admitted that my blog had been looked at, and not by him so someone from the higher echelons of the NHS, still said ..

What do you mean they are looking at you? Your a nobody and not a threat .. why would they want to look at you for?!”

Guy that likes to talk and think of himself as tough and does not like it when someone else actually does something when someone else rattles the system.

Plus I had already proved that they was looking at me. I knew they had from day one and was warned by others that they would.

So I had to be extremely careful fro day one about facts and names. State anything that they could prove otherwise and I would be done for! Question marks always come in handy at all the other times I am theorising what I believe to be the case!

So my daughter was asked if she was OK .. she was asked what she wanted?! That one was a surprise let me tell you.

My daughter told the that she has no one around she can talk to anymore ,, no one that can help her and did not like it any more and said that she wanted to move from the Wirral to London?! Asking why and pointing out about support my daughter told the she does not trust Wirral Council any more or the Police and that she can get help wherever she lives in the country.

The social worker also apologised for my grandson being placed with the paedophile dad and that the boy was saying things like “Jesus is a bastard!” to her when she still was seeing him. She stated that management at Wirral Council had taken her off the case just prior to it finishing and that she did not know the boy was placed with his paedophile father. She apologised for that. She had one excuse to put forward for this taking place ..

It was different times back then”

Three or four years ago. Yeah different times back then because no one knew what they was up to and the proverbial cat was not out of the bag!

I am split between wondering of this is just another trick as, as I told my daughter .. two social workers is worrying because they can back each other up in any intended lie.

Or is this a sign that the ten year nightmare and one year of hell is about to end?

Once they sorted my daughter out and given her what is due there is still the issue of the immense amount of money, home and items I have lost .. sacrificed to help her and my damn health where I am very literally scare to go more than 50 yards and it is driving me insane!

Fingers crossed I can get out of my hell but I have not quite heard enough to calm my anxiety, nerves or anything else.

We have been here so many times before at the edge of the light at end of the proverbial tunnel only to be dragged back to the depths at the eleventh hour ..

.. a thing so cruel that you would not believe. Once is bad enough but we are talking way more than half a dozen times here!

Then she has a head MRI, Trigeminal Neuralgia, suspected MS, and an operation on a hernia that can become strangulated ..

Even if over we still have the cancer to deal with she got from all of this!


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