How about a petition to kick out George Soros ..

Sounds good to me for someone who seems to have his dirty hands in so many things .. from Hollywood to TV and politics and all of journalism in the western world.

If things have been crap he looks to be the one to blame!

Well an Italian I know posted this petition on Twitter ..

Soo .. be real funny of this petition was signed by hundreds of millions.

George Soros is reported to be worth over $55 Billion!

But he thinks he is doing us all a favour by controlling us? More likely he is the head of some Satanic Church and probably the one they keep on telling me Hillary Clinton is part of?!

I cannot believe that all the evil in the world comes down to one man?! All the lying, the wars, the terrorism, socialism, lying media and a whole more besides.

DO not take my word for it, research it as they have already kicked his representatives out a a few countries.


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