Here is a little list of weird things since January 2018 when I got back to London thinking I would return north in 4 to 6 weeks

  • Sister Letting Me Down

  • Brother Letting Me Down

  • Health

    • Heart

    • Chest

    • Vanishing Energy

    • Fibromyalgia

      • feet, ankles, back, shoulders, skin, memory, sleep, anxiety

    • Vit B Defiency

    • Hypomagnesemia

  • Media Agent Letting My Daughter Down

  • Take A Break Monthly Letting My Daughter Down

  • Public Authority Letting Me Down

  • Public Authority Letting my Daughter Down

  • Second Public Authority Letting My Daughter Down

  • Second Public Authority Letting Me Down

  • Workmen in the Building 7 weeks plus

  • Virgin Media Temperamental

  • Virgin Media being out completely for 29 days

  • Virgin Media STILL being temperamental

  • Not realising earlier Twitter could help

  • Twitter ban for 2 weeks

  • Three more Twitter bans

    • One because argument where ..

    • Montel Williams argued with a guy over Trump and Obama and told him

    • Well Obama did kill Osama Bin Laden!”

    • Saying this to Robert J O’Neill, the man that actually shot Osama Bin Laden!

    • Popped at Montel .. tipped my hat to Robert O’Neill

    • Double ban .. Kris Paronto later states their bans lifted and so was my two bans

  • People telling me they will help .. start helping and then vanishing

  • Potential helpers blocking me before I have even spoke to them

    • Despite forgetting I had earlier commented on a video and they gave a like/heart

That is from January 2018

This whole thing has been going on for 12 years though there is an argument for 25 years.

During that time my health was not treated properly and I was lied to for 15 years plus.

During the last few years I realised I got my politics all wrong too!

Got the Conservative Party wrong but partly because they are not Conservatives.

Got the Republican Party wrong and Donald Trump has surprised me. Go figure.

My politics were centre-left and never agreed with the far left or socialism as the latter could never work, sorry Jeremy but it wont. Now I find out there are things about the far-left I did not know and I despise them.

I also find that I agree more with the right-wing but .. there is one thing I will not agree on with them and believe they need to change this attitude or they will die off.


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