Since being on Twitter, @saintallnights, I simply cannot believe firstly how bad things are and secondly how naïve, stupid and blind large swathes of people are.

Been maintaining for years that the public services are all rotten, incompetent and seem to have their own agendas but this is beyond lunacy.

On stating previously that at times it is like someone is deliberately trying to incite violence via the public services it was only now and then. Since being on Twitter it is not only a constant barrage but beyond any shadow of a doubt that this is what is occurring.

Seemingly led y socialists and their idiocy which is just beyond anything I could have ever imagined and then some.

If this was not obvious already and for weeks now it came into sharp focus when in Germany a father was called a Nazi for stating that his son was killed my a migrant?!

Are you people fucking for real?!

Right you really do not understand words so let me make something very clear to you .. YOUR the NAZIS ..

  • Hate Nazis who hated the Jews

  • But you hate the Jews

  • Love Labour Party who hate the Jews

  • Side with Muslims who hate the Jews

  • Changing History

  • Binning Books in US (burning them in the street too on the nose?!)

  • Hate Guns

  • Acts of Violence stem from socialists every .. single .. time!

I wont even get into the violence or how you seemingly celebrate at anything done to white people or the fact that you need psychiatric help as many of you are in fact white.

South Yorkshire Police have a hurty-feely phone line and Muslims are running around putting notices on people’s street doors telling them to keep their dogs inside and not walk them any longer as they now find dogs offensive, I kid you not!

Try doing something that socialists simply ignore each and every time .. do your research .. you likely have a laptop, PC or smartphone so check!

Another thing that has shocked me is just how leftist, except when it comes to money of course, all the big names are that control social media .. and here in lies the rub ..

Failed to mention that when they got started, didn’t they?!

Soo what they did was portaryed themselves as ‘social’ media outlets when in fact they were not and never have been. They allowed themselves to grow on a deception. They waited until collectively they all had access to everyone and then set out to manipulate everyone.

Only that did not work over Donald Trump did it?

Since then they have been scrambling around in the dirt in the dark.

A continued and unfair, not to mention hypocritical, assault increased on Donald Trump the likes of which I have never seen and unlikely to be seen again. Unless y some miracle Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister!

Then trying too hard and exposing their true nature the whole #walkaway movement got started in within a few months the leftists controlling social media went into overdrive.

During this time this ‘Q’ Anon thing popped up. Seemed to get more and more attention and dropping some cryptic clues. Still no idea what it is and if there is anything to it but it is interesting how more and more people are taking notice. Even the BBC and their Newsnight program did something on it. You do not get that attention unless there is some sort of substance to what is going on. I wait to see if anything concrete ever comes from it, along with millions of others.

I am not going to go around on Twatter stating that definitely things are going to come from this whole Q thing because I simply do not know.

Facts, science, maths and history are all ignored by the worst Leftists and they also fail to read profiles and streams along with blogs and when they do they make another assumption ..

Because of my hashtags I get wrongly labelled.

These are tags .. used to attract people and NOT badges of what you believe in or what you think you fucking arse-wipes.

These are the same people that decide to patronise me on how everything works, even on Twitter and despite only tweeting a little over four weeks I end up having to explain to them how they are wrong.

In each long and heated disagreement I have had .. there has been one thing that I always bring up when they tell me I am stupid, not British, racist a greasy Macedonian living in a basement (I kid you not) and no one is going to believe me ..

Funny as you have been on Twitter for [6 to 8] years and you have amassed [25 to 90] followers in all that time. You do realise I have amassed more than that in a single week, right?!”

Normally at that point the swearing comes in.

Obviously never heard the phrases ‘People in Glass Houses .. ‘ and ‘Asking for it’?

They are so sure of themselves with absolutely nothing to back it up in the way of evidence and think everything is just going to magically be OK when Jeremy Corbyn’s vision sees the light of day?

NO!! His vision cannot and will not be implemented and even if it did .. you have a large section that will be non-compliant. Islam for a start and then a large section of British, myself included provided I am still here, will not be compliant also.

Tell you what you will achieve?

Civil War!

With the leftist weaklings you have placed within the Police Forces I can tell you what in any civil war you will be wiped out too. Armed Forces? Never .. happen!

What is scary is that the facts are staring them in the face and refuse to believe it. Talk about claiming black is white, these people take to the extreme!

The Muslims have every intention of taking over nations and those that are in power repeatedly show they are powerless over and over again.

I have long had this theory that the reason they appease them is they know it is inevitable and are hoping that when it happens and because they helped that they wont be beheaded, raped, tortured or murdered? Think about it.

IN the meantime the insanity continues but I do see signs that it is dwindling .. just not fast enough right now.

In the UK and I have told people this .. the Conservative Party along with the Labour Party needs to be ousted by both For Britain and UKIP for the top two positions.

What concerns me is that those naïve dolts that continue to insist that it has to be one of the top two parties.

Yeah with the word ‘split’ now synonymous with both the Conservatives, who are not conservatives, and the Labour Party, now racist towards whites and Jews, then yeah fucking sensible to vote for either of these.

You have a choice at the next election .. doom Britain or save it.


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