I see a list on Twitter that came through to me. It was a list of all the areas known to have Muslim grooming gangs operating within the UK.

It was the most complete list I had seen so far with the previous one having around ten or twelve areas on it. I told those tweeting the previous one it was not complete! Not by a long shot.

This one had a lot more and looked more like 24 to 30 areas on it. Guess what I told the people tweeting it? IT WAS NOT COMPLETE!

Knew and was involved in this ten years ago and again 8 years ago an in all three times with three different groups with every group having the exact same mentality. That is 100% mentality .. not 10% like naïve fools with no experience whatsoever keep telling me.

Birkenhead and Liverpool were missing from the list!

This morning I had one come up that was breaking about Wales. About time!

I had not noticed Swansea or Cardiff being mentioned and I even expect Bangor to make that list too!

I will also tell you one other thing that came through to me on Twitter .. that one Mosque alone, Rotherham or Rochdale, they now state that 14,000 girls have been abused.

Now to some Leftists that argues their case and who I ripped to pieces, even having others beg them to go away as I was making fools of them while they had gotten nothing on me after several hours, that the abused will run into hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of girls scarred for life as is my daughter.

Also do not forget that the dead cannot speak out. Always worth remembering that!

Now let us take a figure of 30 areas that I now seem to be aware of. Maths anyone?

30 x 14,000 = 420,000!!

The only thing is that I do not expect that figure of 30 to remain anywhere near that in all honesty and I fully expect this to hit treble figures!

So are we talking about a million? Millions?!

Now imagine for a moment that this is the reality? Imagine that this comes out and you realise that this has been what has been going on right back to 2003 and possibly even earlier? How did you not know? You watch the NEWS do you not?

How about ..

  • Local Councils?

  • Police?

  • Charities?

  • Government?!

How will you feel about all these institutions you have paid money into for fucking decades?!

Quick to come around to say when you do not pay them the money to pay out to all these useless bunch of fucks, wont they?!

How do the government help the victims?

  • No Services from Social Services

  • No money and CAPS from the DWP .. lies and tricks too

  • Told to keep quiet by MP’s and Police

  • Ignored by all major tabloids and TV News Outlets other than an odd token case

  • Taking their children from them and in on case ..

  • Locking them up like Melanie Shaw?!

What do MP’s spend their time doing?

  • Virtue signalling

  • Talking about gender pay gaps

  • State it is OK to fuck white people over

    • Explains why they do not give a shit about these victims

  • Make Excuses for Muslim acts only the Devil himself would be proud of

  • Bang on about people’s rights to a second fucking referendum!

  • Lie through their fucking teeth

  • Treat the general public as if we are all idiots

  • Treat the public as if we are all Sheep to be easily led by the nose

  • Row with each other

  • Bully each other

Other times I see people that I think might be helpful but they start off small .. get big and before you know it go after the biggest names or make the most sensationalist claims and miss the little important stories.

It is amusing to watch the news media now scrambling around like fools in the dirt trying everything to direct attention and blame away from themselves.

It took me a long tie to realise that the hell that my daughter and I have lived through and endured for over ten years has been all down to socialists, with conservatives (the party) also to blame for adding to it. This political correct nonsense that I have now dedicated six years into destroying and now into my seventh year. When it comes down to blogging that is.

I have been ripping Jeremy Corbyn, his followers, fans, several MPs, Owen Jones and Labour Press .. and the man himself through one Tweet he made .. to pieces .. on Twitter. The wreaths and the associations have been nothing short of ludicrous as has the claims that this has had no effect and Jeremy Corbyn will become Prime Minister?! LMFAO! No, he wont. Nor will he deliver what the fools think he will even if he did. I will not allow it on my watch either and in that endeavour I am in a unique position to not only know the truth but actually be a part of that truth!

I have never had a good argument back or debate from any of the big names I mentioned and what does that tell you?!

Several times I had arguments that went on for many hours and even a couple of days where I literally dismantled every single argument they had and proved their fantasies are nothing more than that.

As I said to someone the other day if my situation has been .. manufactured it was done incompetently because you do not put someone like me in a position where he has nothing left to lose!

Another fact that Leftists miss when they refuse point blank to do any research and not even bother reading your profile. Every .. single .. time!

I am also still waiting for my first leftist to show any sympathy for my daughter’s situation too. Do you know one leftist was convinced that the Red X’s on people names were swastikas?! I roared with laughter and said that this is what Twitter want to you to believe. They represent people that had been shadow banned for their political views which includes people in the centre as well as right-wing. He was astounded by that little fact.

Last night there was a BBC program about antisemitism in the Labour Party .. a socialist I know told me to put it on.

In the program there was a young girl .. no experience and little knowledge harping on about things the Palestinians did not have. An older Jewish lady told her that this was not true and where did she get this idea. FakeNews cough. The young girl repeated it again and the older Jewish lady told her again and this was done three or four times.

Socialists just do not listen, go on feeling and hate being proved wrong. Yeah this wiser Jewish lady is really going to lie to you while and be shown on national TV to be lying?! Jesus!

Do these people not realise how annoyingly rude and patronising they can be?

The socialist that told me about it agreed with her this morning and I just stood their flabbergasted and if you try and explain it she starts going into history which I keep telling her makes no fucking difference to what is going on right now!

They have a big thing about history when it suits their narratives and then want to start burning, chucking secretly away in California, books they do not agree with or do not fit their narrative.

Hitler did that, you know!

Constantly amazes me that the most Nazi like, racist and bigoted people on Earth like to go around throwing these labels around at everyone else.

Technically it could be argued that to be a racist you therefore have to hate all other skin colours, or races.

Technically to be called a bigot you have to hate everyone else that is different or has different opinions.

Bigot could be applied to me, yes. But I spent years working on this and trying to work out why it has all happened and I made a few mistakes along the way but now I know.

It is because of this rife politically correctness that has made some push their agendas while scaring others into ever saying or doing anything.

So we cannot get interest from media because of the PC crowd and Jeremy Corbyn’s mornonic followers and ..

We get screwed by Theresa May’s lot because they do not want to be lablled if they apply the rules to everyone.

Muslims havd clearly stated that out rules do not apply to them because they are such superior people ..

Yup .. when it comes to acts of evil there truly is no one on Earth that comes close. When it comes to hatred, disrespect and lying along with harm to animals there also is no one else on Earth that comes within touching distance.

I also saw a report that states that since that Mohammad prophet they have mireder 669 Million non-Mulims and that is an underestimate I am sure. It also states ‘non-Muslims’ and as everyone is well aware they have been murdering each other for years. Different factions of the Muslim religion have wiped out entire communities of others. Yazidi, Shia, Kurds and the list goes on.

So would not be unreasonable to assume that they have hit the one billion when it comes to murder so yeah they are superior at that. Whine like bitches when a few of their numbers die though claiming everyone else is evil the devil.

So just like socialists they are ignorant when it comes to science, maths and history. No wonder they use the socialists to defend them like morons while they increase their numbers and further their agendas?

A marriage forged in hell itself!

Adding to that the increasing numbers of people likening the far left as being Satanic and it makes even more sense. Heinous acts on both sides that can only be admired by Old Nick or Lucifer.

Our Story and Involvement but this is not all .. just seriously cut down ..

Warning from an expert who has fought legal cases against the social services around the UK .. or .. TAKING CHILDREN ..


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