Run into a bunch of these and my fucking God .. these people are .. twisted evil, selfish goons that actually like to portray themselves as caring for others?!

It was staggerring ..

To win an argument they was losing ..

  • Called me names
  • Obsessed over the spelling of words .. devices used? Keyboards working? Morons
  • Hate racism but called me a greasy Macedonian living in a basement and not British
  • Accused me of lying about my BSc Applied Computing from Middlesex University
  • Accused me of lying over turning down a Doctorate
  • Accused me of lying about my daughter .. showed no sympathy whatsoever
  • Accused me of lying about being a Herpetologist, Ichthyologist and Batrachologist
    • Did not bother with the other
  • Took the piss
  • Threw labels that did not apply
  • Called me a liar when I said I predicted
    • Trump Winning
    • Corbyn Losing
    • Financial Crisis
    • Terror Attack
    • NHS Scandals
    • Grooming Gangs
    • Police Scandals
    • Brexit
    • Mainstream News Lying
    • Many Others
  • Told him to read my profile .. did not do it even after four hourse
  • Told him to read my stream and guess what? Did not do it even after hours
  • Told him that my predictions are proved as they are on this blog and guess what?
    • Still called me a liar LMAO
  • Twisted words to mean what they wanted them to, yeah called me stupid
  • Obsessed at attacking me and after four hours of not looking at my notifications discovered a sea of them
  • But when I pointed out there obsession claimed it was me who was obsessed
  • To prove it around midnight he produced and posted a tweet I sent him .. from 5.41pm .. 
    • This was to state that within the last four hours I had tweeted him .. except .. the posted tweet was from 6 or 7 hours earlier .. and I am the stupid one who lies?
  • Bearing in mind he is a self proclaimed Doctor of Criminology .. supposedly
  • Claimed a word was not a racial slur unless it had been around long enough and linked to slavery
    • I see so people’s feelings only matter when you say so? Riiiight you fucking moron!
  • Swore profusely
  • Owned a cat
    • I was seriously concerned for this cat as the man had zero empathy or intelligence
  • Was obviously only after brownie points
  • So I eventually launched a barrage against him ..
  • Called him labels that were indeed factual to his character
  • Pointed put that in 8 years he had 194 followers
  • Then pointed out that I had acquired more than this in the last two weeks while having a QFD ban
  • Told him I feel sorry for his friends as he is an evil piece of shit
  • Told him good luck acquiring more for his cause with his language, attitude and abysmal followers after 8 years.
  • Told him I would get more followers than he has over the next couple of weeks!
  • Really he was that bad I wanted to invite him to the park I am sitting in right now and dare him to say all that to my face
  • Wanted to tell him to bring a couple of the biggest mouths friends of his
  • Because I Was sure they were Antifa members
  • They make me absolutely sick with their utter hypocrisy
  • Calling everyone else Nazi when they resemble them in every way
  • Even throwing away books somewhere in America
  • Guess they did not want to pile them up in the street and set fire to them because people would make the obvious link back through history?!
  • I have had my account for many, many years but I hated Twitter so never came on it
  • Automated blog posts with no hashtags
  • I decided to break this silence a little over three weeks ago.
  • Followers in single digits
  • Posted my daughter’s story .. seven days later at 74 followers realised I was QFD banned
  • Two weeks go by and ban is lifted and now at 234 followers
  • Not bad for three weeks and with a two week QFD ba that stops you being seen by new people
Block for the first time in twenty years of using the Internet.
Never before have I ever met such a cold, heartless, whining, lying, hypocritical bunch of people my entire life and if they think that they are going to grow their cause with that attitude?!
They are more fucking deranged than they sounded on Twitter!
They were against Brexit too .. so I took the absolute piss and went for every jugular .. wound them up by asking how their second referendum was coming along.
Accused them of being Satan Worshippers.
Told him no professional would give him the time of day.
Asked if had any bone left unbroken because he had been trying to twist everything so much.
Accused me of tweeting him and not him tweeting me when these were automated Twitter notifications because I was retweeting his most classic Tweets so my superior amount of followers could laugh at him and they were.
Told him that I it had been mentioned how I had not lost my temper with him and that others were clearly pointing out his bullshit.
Told him to go back into his echo chamber with his deranged friends.
Told him he had obviously missed his meds.
Told them to see a shrink when they got obsessed with ‘your’ and you’re’ and accused me of not knowing English. Yeah mate that is how you get these letters after your name and offered a fucking Doctorate. Told them they all needed serious psychiatric help. One being a self-proclaimed Doctor you think he might have spotted that one himself?!
This guy was basically stalking me and all it was to me was an inconvenience because it was distracting as I was trying to leave replies, retweet, say the odd thing, make the odd prediction and build followers until my daughter’s story gets picked up.
Personally? I think they were very angry individuals because they are losing and they know it?!
I think they see all this coming out and people gradually waking up to the mind control and the evil of it all and are changing sides.
I did not even get the chance to tell them that I leaned left and know four lefties and that three of these have gone to the right and one to the centre.
They might have just thrown all their toys out of the pram over that one?!

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