People are funny.

I had this disagreement and this .. guy .. he just kept making wrong assumption after wrong assumption and then changing the goalposts because he did not want to be wrong.

At one point he went from saying that infringement was about pissing people off, which is what the disagreement was about with religion, to stating that it was not infringement unless it broke the law?!

What the actual fuck?

This whole conversation went on like this and he actually had people liking his answers and not mine. Claiming things I said were not true when they were and were easily found with a Google search! When I pointed this out .. oooh nooo he did not want to do that .. the onus was upon me to prove to him what the truth is.

Now the fact that I did and do what I do to help my daughter, grandchildren and every other abuse victim out there .. did not matter to him.

Neither did it dawn on any of these wankers that they are not only complicit in this abuse but was complicit in them being successfully covered up because he did not want to be wrong and insisted that the onus was upon others to prove him wrong. So that he could continue being wrong, insisting that he is right and shove his head right back into the sand from whence it came. Though it was more likely to be his arse.

Now because I beat him at every turn and had to repeat what I said four times on occasion because he was just not taking on what I said .. someone defended him and told me, a professional who has spoken to professionals of many fields over 40 years, that I had a superiority complex? For using intellect to win an argument against people that refused to believe, refused to listen and insisted I was wrong. I was asked to provide proof of what I said when not a single slither of evidence was provided to back up a single thing of what they said and nor did I need it.

A little tip arse-wipes ..

When you know your right and the other person is wrong and that is an absolute fact ..

.. we do not ask for fucking proof!

When you arguing and your not absolutely sure of the utter dribble you come out with ..

.. you ask for proof!



Jesus I hope to God there are not too many people in the world like that. Google search or similar on their phone. Google search on their tablet PCs, Google search on their laptops and Google search on their computers and cannot be bothered to do a simple search.

Basically they did not see a problem with any religions ..

Only a tiny fraction of Muslims would sleep with under-age girls when thats simply proven wrong at this point.

A Satanic statue unveiled in Arkansas, oh after they claimed there wasn’t one, with little children standing at his feet was OK. The point I was making was doing things that are incitement to others .. but this is not OK if you anger Muslims but OK if you anger over 100 Million devout American Christians?!

The God damn hypocrisy was staggering. I just could not believe it.

I understood why I was seeing so many people being blocked by others in my stream. Your pointing out facts others are just ignoring because it is what they want, believe or feel.

I have said it over and over and over again until I am blue in the face..

I had a socialist relative argue stupid things which came from her socialist friends and she always used the line ..

I have a RIGHT to an opinion!”

It was a couple of years, maybe several months, before I realised what the problem was and one day when she used it I said ..

You have a right to your opinion and it does not follow that this makes that opinion RIGHT!! You have a right to a wrong opinion and nothing more!”

I have spent over twenty years dealing with this twisted socialist crap and now I am on Twitter to seems to be fucking everywhere?!

When your winning you get called the wrong things and now even that I am .. superior or just think that I am because I whipped someone arse he lied and twisted things because he could not bear the thought of himself being wrong?

Answer to that?

Do not be so sure of what you believe and certainly do not be so forceful of this on others on the Internet where someone that knows your wrong will point it out to you.

This morning I tried to figure out why this is?

Some new age knob that sat around in University with friends repeating crap they know nothing about sitting around in a echo chamber big enough for a group?

Maybe they meet up in some club and exchange anecdotes about how they shot down someone with their beliefs .. kind of like Peer Point scoring with other naïve tools? If so that is dangerous because if only encourages people to be more forceful with others that there little group of wrong’uns believe to be true which in reality are not.

At one point when he refused to go and check facts for himself, exit door to his echo chamber, I answered that when the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of abuse children all come out I will be sure to tell the that I am sorry .. I spent year after year after year of my own time and money, making myself homeless in the bargain, trying to make people aware but am afraid that these .. wankers in their echo chambers refused to do a Google or YouTube search because they did not want to be wrong.

I also know what they are doing .. point scoring on Twitter and this is why I find it hard to give in and in the space of two days I had two of these idiots and they were so far off the reservation I wondered about their real ages as well as their sanity.

Yeah sorry .. but I have known professionals in the legal industry, health industry, science, animals and probably several others and I have come into contact with people that would have noticed something about my personality and no .. no Superiority or God Complex. Sorry to disappoint.

What utter, utter .. TOOLS!

And they wonder why countries are fucked up? Yeah .. too many tools like that!

Generally when I meet other professionals and this even happens with GPs I sometimes cannot get away. They realise what I know and we get into conversations and the next thing I know thirty minutes have gone by. They even know and have to force themselves to stop because it is taking up too much time.

Kinda how I ended up doing work for a solicitors practice in Enfield. That was someone I et over working with Reptiles and Amphibians at the time .. then they chatted longer for longer and longer each time. Next thing I knew I was handling their computer systems. Couple of Power MACS and some G4’s and other devices. Access to bank account containing millions at any one time and could do direct transfers.

You do not get to do that if your of questionable personality or are not squeaky bloody clean!

But I am sure that the residents of all these echo chambers would have some sort of spin on it?!

A bit like the recent protesting in Germany about the lying press? Well yeah .. enough people are aware in the western world that their Press lies to them. But the Press spun it and stated they were far-right Nazis .. except ..

I pointed out to many and Tweeted it that the last time I checked the far-right Nazis were pretty proud of themselves being that and when I checked all of five videos of these protests?

Not a swastika in sight?! I guess tens of thousands of people must have all left theirs at home?

Wow. I guess Fibrofog from Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s Disease must be absolutely rife in Germany?!

What is scary right now is that enough people know they are being lied to .. by politicians, news media and many others and nothing anywhere is being done about it?! How the fuck does that work?

So. so much for the laws and courts of the western world? I guess criminality is OK as long as you are either rich or powerful, right? Poor people get sentenced for fuck all while those at the tip are committing the worst crimes imaginable on the grandest of scales and that is OK?!

And they wonder how and why the Muslims are taking over and will take control?!Well fucking DUH!

Sort your shite out before you can sort their shite out.

Either that or there are Muslims holding a hell of a lot of dirt on the powerful in the west? In which case you will need to get rid of those in power before you can deal with the other shite.

A bit of a pickle that one. But things cannot go on the way that they are and only a complete tool will think things will sort themselves out on its own.


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