OK this is getting weirder by the minute.

I posted an article about this on another blog on WordPress and the text is .. umm .. not there? Weird as I got a like on it?! Lol. Hang on let me view the page?

Nope .. text is not there!

Sooo .. either something is now playing up with WordPress’ App now, as if Blogger’s is not bad enough, or .. someone deleted the text?!

Of course that, or this as the case may be, was always a back up blog as when I started blogging I knew things that I thought would get me closed down.

Oddly enough it did occur to me that it might come on the form of some kind of monetary offer? Sort of paying for my silence, so to speak?

Anyway ..

So trying to remember what I said yesterday .. I was using Twitter and was getting a lot of followers at a rapid rate. Which was also weird because I would have periods where it died down an then speed up again? I wondered if I had, had one of these shadow bans and checked but nothing seems to pop up. Then I had somewhere around 200 notifications in the space of 24 hours. Little later I was in the park and I was replying and retweeting things with my opinion for a couple hours when I noticed something. I had not had any notifications despite the fact it was daytime and I had just had two dozen over night alone?! Another hour went by and I thought this was weird. So I checked.

BOOM! Ban hammer had come down.

Oh that is good. No warning and no reason sooo ..

  • Was not told I had been banned so could waste days of my time?
    • Nice and should be sued or controlled
  • Was not told what I was banned for
    • Nice .. so I have no idea how to avoid doing this again?
  • If I was trying to get emergency help form someone I could or would have been wasting my time?!
    • Great so costing lives and suffering over words .. well this just keeps getting better does it not?
If I thought about it long enough I could probably create a much longer list?
Like people thinking they are being avoided or that you have done something to upset them?
So a ban, eh?
Let us run through the possibilities then?
  • Threatened to kill anyone?
    • No .. despite having good reason to
  • Suggested anyone should be killed?
    • No but I have seen people say that
  • Threatened violence towards anyone?
    • No
  • Suggested violence towards anyone?
    • No but i have seen that
  • Swearing at anyone?
    • No .. never other than using the word ‘bloody’ lol
    • Been sworn at though
  • Insulting ..
    • Inly when it is factual .. like ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’
  • Name-Calling?
    • Nope am against that anyway
  • Throwing labels around that do not mean what I thin kit means?
    • No but I have had that done to me
Well it is obvious is it not?
Now I ended up explaining this to a relative last night who is a socialist who loves nothing more than bringing her socialism into it, assuming I did something bad and .. likes to change the subject and talk about the past .. insisting it is relevant and getting annoyed when you try to switch the subject back. Your subject that you bring up.
Once I explained that I had not even so much as swore she paid more attention .. I told her about the others and that violence and threats coming from her side were OK and that anything that comes from centrists or right-wing was banned.
She said that was wrong .. TWITTER!!
I also asked if the little red ‘X’ I have been seeing is something to do with these bans and I was told, yes.
So if your a socialist and a Democrat you get a blue .. thing .. or tick or whatever and if your a Conservative or Republican you get a red ‘X’.
Red and blue? Well that is a bit fucking obvious and something everyone seems to have missed?
What do I keep saying about all this division?
In your face. in your face!
Well now I cannot build up any new followers until I do not know when?
Also a bit hypocritical of Twitter is that if you contact them saying you want to advertise which of course means money? They lift the ban.
What have I always stated about these fake-arsed socialists?
They seem to be socialists except they are fecking biased as feck and socialism goes out the wondow when it comes down to money.
Don’t .. make .. me .. laugh!
Twitter if you want to follow?
Look at the title ..
@saintallnights of course!

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