I just got an email today ..

Oddly it was right at the moment my daughter was telling me that the social services are back to nasty tricks meaning the last one that turned up lied through her teeth, from Wirral Council.

What follows below is a link I was also told about by my daughter that just popped up on the Liverpool Echo about social services abusing Section 20, which is mentioned below?! Weird!


This is truly scary stuff and I am hoping that some information that has been passed to me is true, that some documents are going to be released very soon that have the potential to bring down the whole sodden house of cards they have created?!

Is this a Jeremy Corbyn involvement or future or is the the typical Tory nasty nonsense?

Or perhaps something to do with Serco who either just run all public services or own all public services?


The Golden Rules

 IGNORE UK SOCIAL WORKERS!! They act like police but in fact they have NO AUTHORITY (they rely on bluff, bullying and fear)  .In the UK only police and judges have the authority to give you orders but social workers have no power  at all except to frighten you!!Don’t talk to them  (Just say VERY QUIETLY AND POLITELY ” I am really very sorry but I have been advised NOT to chat with you !). If however they get angry or aggressive by all means  ask them for their HCPC  registration numbers! (see below)


Never write to them,,never go to their meetings (You will be outnumbered by at least five or six to one and bullied accordingly), They are your ENEMIES !!They earn their living taking children so tell your children never to  answer their questions but to say” mummy (or daddy) says we must not talk to you unless mummy is there too “.Never obey them, you must never do what your enemies tell you to do ! (seems obvious but few parents realise this )Fight every step of the way and refuse every demand they make of you !Think of the “SS” as SPIDERS with a nasty web! If you enter the web at the edge (speaking to them ,discussing your case, and going to meetings) you will eventually be sucked into the middle (the family court system) and swallowed up ;(your child fostered or adopted).Refuse to go near their web (speaking to them etc) and you stand a good chance of surviving.

Never never believe what they say unless it is in writing (and even then be cautious),never sign any documents they give you, (Especially ,NEVER sign a section 20!) . What if a judge orders you to sign a document? I advise you in that case to avoid contempt charges by signing but adding over the signature in very bold letters “Signed Under duress to avoid contempt of court” as this will invalidate any document you have signed !Sometimes the judge will refuse accept the document if you write “Under duress” and still threaten you if you do not sign normally.I advise in this case to say aloud in court”I request that it be noted that I AM SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT UNDER THREAT OF PRISON IF I REFUSE ! That too would render your signature worthless……….

Never allow social workers into your house,fit a small latch chain to your front door, so that if they push their way in and break the chain they will go to jail for “breaking and entering!) If they then call the police let the police in but not the social workers),never make enemies of the police,never let the SS assess you, or send you to the psychobabble charlatans !These hired experts are paid to diagnose nearly every parent who is sent to them with non existent illnesses such as borderline personality disorders or narcissistic traits = you don’t like or admire social workers !Remember also that you cannot trust these experts,counsellors,your midwife or even your own doctor , solicitor or barrister as all have been known to pass on your thoughts and confessions straight to social services who will use them against you in court !

What if the judge asks you why you refused to cooperate  with social workers and other “professionals” ? You answer that they were very rude,hostile , and often shouted at you saying that they would take your children from you and (when applicable) that your baby will be adopted  no matter what you do or say !  Very difficult for any parent to work with people like that !

Remember you have a choice “ignore them ” or “cooperate” and believe me neither choice guarantees success but time has shown that you have a much much better chance of keeping your children by ignoring the ss than by doing what they tell you !If you obey them even though they want to take your children (which makes them your ENEMIES)  you will probably give them the evidence they need in court to take away your children.Ignore them and they often leave you alone to seek easier targets;Never “do everything they tell you “ as they are your enemies not your friends and their intention is to make you lose in court so they can take your kids for good !Everything they tell you to do is to help them take away your children for long term fostercare or adoption.Never “do everything they tell you “ as they are your enemies not your friends and their intention is to make you lose in court so they can take your kids for good !Everything they tell you to do is to help them take away your children for long term fostercare or adoption.

 Remember too if you tell these “professionals” that you “love “your children, that for social workers  and their kind,”love” is a word they never use.They prefer to talk of “bonding ” with children in care,a word more applicable to the players in  professional football teams like Arsenal or Manchester United who certainly “bond” with each other but rarely love each other ! Best to IGNORE social workers telling them politely “I am very sorry but I have been advised not to speak to you “


The “SS” have absolutely NO authority even though they behave like police, so you are not obliged to listen to them or obey them !Their child protection plans ,L.A.C.reviews and similar activities have no legal standing whatever !You should obey orders from a judge in court and obey the police but never cooperate with social workers (unless they have been awarded control of your children via the award of a care order by a family court judge ! ) In that case you will have to cooperate with them to some extent otherwise they will brutally reduce or even stop your contact with your children.If the judge asks you to have a “parenting assessment” you will have to submit but make it very clear to the court and the “SS” beforehand that you will be recording everything to make sure there is no later misunderstanding as to who said what and to whom !Be sure to record yourself telling the social workers this this so that it can if necessary be used in court later !Parents often proudly claim that they were open and honest with social workers admitting all their faults and mistakes! I can only say that if they were selling a second hand car and they honestly and openly admitted that the vehicle was a wreck that they had been trying to get rid of for months the buyer would think they were crazy and would bid them a quick goodbye ! Parents should not lie but equally they should not point out their faults and mistakes to the very persons seeking to exploit them and take away their children !


The “SS” are your enemies(NOT your friends !)Anything they ask you to do or any courses they ask you to take (usually set up to fail you ) are for their benefit not your’s and are simply to make it easier for them to win in court and keep your children in care or send them for adoption!Their top priority is NOT the welfare of the children ;it is to WIN their case in the family court, so they will play every dirty trick in the book to avoid humiliating defeat and a black mark on their record!They will even give you a list of solicitors to “help” you ! Legal aid lawyers are mostly “Professional losers” who gag parents in court and do a deal with social services.However nervous you are in court and however ignorant you are of the law you are still better off representing yourself and speaking for yourself rather  than relying on an enemy who is determined  that you will not speak and that you will lose !You do not need a law degree to be a good parent or to say how much you love your children !


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