I am conflicted and yet I do not even vote .. or have very little.

A long, long time ago I might have voted for Tony Blair in the general election when he first got into power. Many years later I realised that I would have regretted it.


Yeah .. I reckon that is the number one reason and by some stretch that people refrain fro voting?

I have also never voted for any of the main parties. Bar one. Because a man turned up who I believed, talked straight and did not sound he was just coming out with bullshit and the usual promises that have been broken for decades. It was refreshing. Strange then that the mainstream news media went out of their way everywhere to pain him as evil?

Despite this in part going against this man I think it was the first time many questioned the integrity of the mainstream news media and I believe it has continued ever since? Largely because they just kept going with the same old narrative. Each time batted to one side by the person it was flung at.

Well it certainly came to many people’s attention that something was not right with the media and that it started to smell as if we had been lied to for a great many years. Well I already was well aware of this fact. Did not know just how bad it was, mind you.

It is like in the past couple of days .. I was basically told in a Twitter stream by Jeremy Corbyn’s // aids .. in a patronising way that I should not believe what I read and trust their .. Twitter tweets? I actually asked them if they was more or less joking. I said are you actually stating that people now ignore reports, photos, evidence, interviews and research and actually just take your word for it?!

Needless to say I did not get a response. I cannot actually believe I have had difficulties all my life with a career and morons like that have jobs?!

I was told all my life it is down to who you know. Yeah but I have also learned that it is down to if your willing to lie and lay down your life for those that you work for. Lie a great deal, in other words.

I have also been arguing about Brexit though it never starts off this way.

What happens is I pose genuine problems or ask awkward questions and in response I got no answer .. my tweets nit-picked because Android screws up and told that I do not understand English All the while they are stalling and deflecting and I told the so. After half a dozen exchanges I then got a twelve hour silence and told them I would be awaiting the Twitter notification that told me when they answered me.

Still waiting.

Now bearing in mind that while I have started all this there has been a lot pop up and in all honesty .. it is almost like I was supposed to start a stream in Twitter right now at the prefect time?!

  • Burka Row

  • Brexit still ongoing

  • Sweden set ablaze in various places

  • Genoa Bridge Collapse

  • Aufstehen or ‘Stand Up’ movement in Germany

That last one?

Yeah that has just become a thing and I will ink it below.

As it turns out Germans have gotten fed u with being treated like second class citizens in their own country and that the migrants are cared for more than they are?


I had someone actually get offensive, it what these low life tossers do, and tell me that because I only knew people that voted for Brexit I needed a new group of friends.

Patronising twat.

So I reckon by their logic anywhere between 25 million and 50 million people have the wrong friends? Moron!

Of course no answer to questions .. just sarcasm, name calling and insults. Yeah .. modern day socialism which is not, in fact, socialism.

It is fucking staring you in the face and I am going to get really fed up with pointing it out as true socialism not only has no bias or prejudices that the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is constantly proving that he does and then so obviously lying about it afterwards only gives your enemies fuel.

Also it might come as a bit of a shock to people but not everyone on the left believes in lying, manipulation, bias, totalitarian states or appeasing.

The one and only chance that Jeremy Corbyn has is not because he is good, has an ideal view he can make happen, because he simply NEVER can, it will be solely on the fact that the Conservative Party are seen as murdering bastards!

If you do not win by anything other than a landslide victory the likes of which this country has ever seen it would be a disaster.

The trouble is for me is .. it is all just so confusing.

The things I had thought about the two ends of the political spectrum for years seem to be all wrong, despite the fact that the Conservative Party are living up to their name.

There are still some things that I believe Conservatives believe that I could never agree to and we have not advanced enough as a society for this belief, if it is a belief, to come about.

Not without causing a whole set of new problems that they will no doubt give excuses and lies for?

This is the attitude regarding the welfare state and especially their attack on the disabled community and what they have used to do this. Never agree!

Though I would like to see a world where it is not needed.

At the other end I see them banging on about Universal B.. oh I cannot recall its name .. UBI payments. I saw someone on DPAC calling for it and got into conversations with others regarding it and I have said all along as others have .. NO, IT WONT WORK! Just like DPAC’s over the top political correctness has blown up in their faces just because people posted the truth.

What the hell did you expect trying to silence people?! Jesus!

What do you have in the middle?

  • A job market based on ..

    • Lying

    • Loyalty to questionable people

    • Political Views

  • Badly handled .. by useless agents playing a selfish numbers game

    • Like everyone else

  • Roads that cannot cope

  • Roads they now want you to pay even more money to use

  • Bridges with all the above

  • Bridges now collapsing like in Genoa, Italy

  • Then being encouraged or force to cycle to work

  • Terrorists now mowed a load down which will now give them ideas

  • Mayor that will now pedestrianise even more of London forcing even more people to cycle to work

All the while we are supposed to accept the bullshit like good little pawns and all go to work so that they look good and ave money and do not have to look like the amoral twats that they are.

I have tried so many times to do so many things and the very first time I ever succeeded was doing something that did not involved anyone else ..

Until they then started fucking with my numbers, took an advert off one blog and froze my ad revenue and the Job Centre and DWP stabbed me in the back over a business start up agreement.

Yeah .. someone with disabilities that makes it hard to get around and has heart and chest problems where they wonder if they are going to drop dead several times per day.

I have starved myself and lost three stone, no I was not overweight and therefore quite skinny. I also found this easy to do because after finding myself homeless and worrying about y daughter’s cancer my nerves, body and mind are all over the place and it is a living hell.

The turd slingers without argument wanting their perfect utopia have no idea of this. As they keep disagreeing and attacking when I comment I do not say anything. My main concern is that of my daughter and Google have done a fucking shite job over their Blogger hosting and crap Blogger Android App that I have been forced onto Twitter to try and drum up traffic to my blog.

The next thing will be accusations I am doing it for the money while conveniently ignoring the dozens of tweets where I state the money has been frozen for what must be heading for twenty months now? Yeah .. they ignore what is staring them in the face.

Also I am succeeding in increasing the traffic as each time I get into a disagreement or even an agreement over something I post a link to the relevant post or I have often been asked to post a link. Posted one two minutes ago and I now note I have had two extra visitors to the story about my daughter. It is not even the whole story and there is a bit about me but is in no way all of it.

Added to this that post would have been at maybe 20 and as much as 30 viewers by now after four days but is actually at 117. That will now continue to grow because I keep getting new people notice me and this happens not just every single day but many times a day.

So I post links every day or so and add all the relevant hashtags and have a lot of different subjects to cover. You can imagine how this is going to have a positive effect? Already happening so you can imagine that if I do this over say a month?

But what if the money has not moved while the adverts have remained on my blog?

How would people react of they found this out?

In the meantime I have to keep checking Twitter notifications, have debates that results in me being insulted or called names, retweet Tweets regarding news stories or good points while adding a few of my own.

A little difficult when you feel like your mind is bearing torn in two several times a day and I wake up every single morning feeling like that and have done for months now.

But watch them latch onto the mental health and try and say that is something it is not or that I must be imagining things? Like I said to one person who is attacking me without actual argument .. keep on going because only one of us will look like a fool over this. Trying to call me racist at last count so I did not want to bother with one of them going after the usual crap and narratives so I gave them a link and they are probably one of the two that visited.

Yeeeeaaahhh my eldest grandson is half Bangladeshi and my other three grandchildren are half Kurdish and this is the mistake you make when you ASSUME, listen to the mainstream news who are burying many stories like this and .. act on feelings and not facts.

Tunnel vision? Tunnel hearing too with many.

I just got asked what my story has to do with Brexit by that person arguing.

He or she clearly has zero understanding of what Brexit is.

Migrants raping children all over the country and causing cancer in one of them has nothing to do with Brexit? Funny as absolutely everyone I have ever spoken to face to face or online only wanted two things from Brexit when they voted for it. Dealing with migrants and stop giving the EU money.

According to this idiot migrants was not what Brexit was about? Oooh Jesus!


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