Beginning to think Twitter is bad for my health?

I have had a mad day .. starting with some sad news that there has been a terrorist attack in Westminster.

Then some more stuff regarding Jeremy Corbyn and that blood wreath!

Then there was this news breaking of more violence and fires in Sweden which seem to rapidly develop and reports of a planned military like attack? Also that they did not arrest the perpetrators but just talk to them? Oh? Now what does that sound like?

I am still trying to find out details but on on Twitter stream someone published several maps of Sweden was trouble started up and at the last map I looked at we was up to ten locations?! Yup I did type TEN!

As that was developing so was the story behind Jeremy Corbyn and the wreath and I really question the sanity of his followers. They are akin to what rats are to the Pied Piper from nursery rhymes.

First there was a flurry of pictures and claims to say that he was not at this terrorist grave and that is was all lies to smear him.

Yeah to anyone visiting here form my Twitter stream? Do not bother .. I have known for a long time what Jeremy Corbyn is and he is NOT what you think he is. Sorry but these are facts. Look back on this blog and you will see a lot of predictions way before they happened but here are a few ..

  • Trump winning

  • Brexit winning

  • Corbyn losing

  • The financial crisis

  • That first attack on Muslims was the act of someone with mental health but that the Muslims would be quick to label it terrorism and white supremacy

  • Sorry I get a lot of it right

  • I went against polls and mainstream media

  • There are many others

  • I have had many other involvements that I will hopefully get around to if I am here for long enough?


So .. they were all making these claims when it was clear to me what he was doing. Everyone was banging on about location. So even his supporters thought it was wrong otherwise why would you spin it?

I made some remark about if the Westmister attack was a terrorist would someone tell Jeremy Corbyn the burial details so that he can go and lay a wreath? I thought it was funny. A fan of his in Scotland .. did not.

“Despite you ‘impressive’ list of [something I cannot recall] are you aware your a utter arse?”

I gave her a link to my blog post ‘Country Of The Damned’ and stated that only when she read that did she have the right to call me an arse. I also told her if she wanted to go ahead and believe false truths or live in denial that was up to her.

What I failed to tell her was that if she came back after reading and still called me an arse .. not only would she be wrong .. she would also be stone-cold and heartless. A socialist? Stone-cold and heartless?

That was this morning and many hours ago and I have not had a response, despite also asking her to elaborate on why.

Huh, funny that as all they ever seem to do is call people names and then vanish in a strong wind never to been seen again? Well they are only light weight you see, having no heart or guts to weigh them down.

Then there was this .. tweet. Came from TV political .. pundit Andrew O’Neill? I think that is his name? Damn memory but I used to watch him on a Friday night with my least favourite idiot politician, Diane Abbot. Michael Portillo was part of it as well. Used to like him but. Well you know the rumour mill and all that? Gets you wondering about things.

Anyway he had this link to a website where a woman wrote an article about Jeremy Corbyn playing dumb about where he was and what he was doing. Jesus .. that alone rules him out the running, does not know what fucking country he is in or what he was laying a wreath for?! This lady produced pictures and did something that no mainstream media outlet does any longer as they just seem to be a propaganda spewing machine resurrected from Nazi Germany circa 1942. She showed pictures to the exact location, minus any people, showed the memorials and there was no doubt any longer to what he was doing. Hence why he developed a sudden onset of brain fog. I did not need not to be because I have known exactly what he was from within five minutes of him becoming leader. But there it was and his scrambling around and his parties scrambling around basically told you the facts.

Except .. well his sheep like followers they now call Corbynistas and the Labour Press morons seem to have other ideas. Or namely a spin. So did some of his politicians. When I saw this .. I kinda lost it and many times. Are you ready?

  • He was not paying respect by laying that wreath because the body was not buried there

Soo .. he was wastig his time going out there and then laying that wreath .. oddly enough Jeremy Corbyn himself seem to know what he was doing because he claimed he was not actually involved in laying the wreath. Until a picture appeared of him laying the wreath. And a Morning Star article popped up of him writing about said wreath. Which has now since disappeared. Which is of course what you do when your telling the truth .. start deleting news articles of the facts. The Morning Star was even accused of being right-fucking-wing at one point when it got even better when someone stated somewhere that it was none other than Jeremy Corbyn that wrote the damned article?! Its sudden disappearance now made a hell of a lot of sense.

But would you believe that even after all this .. they were still defending him and attacking others for stating the facts?! Online Antifa?!

It was ridiculous .. I was asking genuine, albeit sarcastic, questions about this and I did so of Chukka .. whatever his name is and LabourPress and Jeremy Corbyn himself. There were people coming out with this shit that it did not count because his body was not there. I asked specifically ..

  • Please explain to everyone here how his body not being at that location negates the fact that he was paying respects to a terrorist?!

I asked this question on a umber of places. I got some responses that made no sense it tried to laim that the meant it did not happen. I had to point out yet again that this is still him paying respects to a terrorist and that they have not explained how the fact that his body was somewhere else makes any difference?

Since then I have had zero response from any of them and a couple of guys I know have been tweeting like crazy and filling their tweets with hastags like they were going out of fashion. Telling people that they are being fooled by the Daily Mail and all sorts.

Oh hang on?

Sooo your attacking people for coming to conclusions because of what he said, the way he acted, photographs of the area, photographs of him laying a wreath and being in this fucking country in the first place but ..

We are supposed to ignore it all because you fucking say so?!

Do you people even hear yourselves over all your own bullshit?!

Sorry but in my book if someone lies that is it.

Sorry but in my book is someone is biased that is it.

Sorry but in my book if someone bullies his own party members that is it.

The funny thing is that they are all probably thinking I am right-wing. No .. I am just against all the above and being a fucking socialist means fair to all, is not carte-blanch to be a dictator and form a totalitarian state and lie and then twist everything and cover it up.

Even I there was a slither of hope you could actually prove a point? Your leader is very, very clearly incompetent. Well .. I knew this but this is plain for all to see now. But it is no longer a case of just incompetent is it?

He simply has to go.

After the ripping and joking going round as I was typing a hashag #CorbynMustGo popped up and it was funny as well as a surprise. One high up Tory and secretary was having a whale of a time posting about his crap to the point I had to tell her to take a breather but .. this is not good news for the Tories and something else that the Corybnistas do not realise..

Fuck your polls. I have ignored so many and have a 100% record. Even in the polls his lead is only marginal. The Tories best chances at the next general election is if he remains as leader.

Yes I know, I know that Sargon of Akkad thinks he will be Prime Minister after the next election but I .. just knew that he was stupid enough to reveal his true nature. His true colours.

It simply requires enough people with a brain to realise he does not stand for true socialism, has lied, repeatedly, has revealed his true allegiances and .. thinks it fashionable and OK to fuck British white people over including my daughter, grandchildren who are only half-British and me.

If there are enough intelligent people he wont even be running at the next general election.

But then is is extremely stubborn and probably because he thinks himself the next .. who would he look?

The only reason he is high up at all is because the Tories have been so fucking bad and amoral and they must know this. Attacks on the welfare state and disabled people left right and centre.

Flipping back to Labour this is where, for me, it is so bad for people. They so much want to see the end of the Tories act of ripping into poor people, which is actually for the most part white people who Jeremy does not like, that they argue and fight, bitch and scream and fight his corner.

If he ever gets in he will not provide Brits with the utopia they think and he claims he will bring because my daughter and I have felt the cold steely hand of his socialism and we do not like it.

My daughter hates Theresa May with a passion and would run her over if she was able and this would be far more humane than what that piece of trash has done. Sorry .. incompetent piece of trash. But she also refuses to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I was surprised when she said that. But then she knows better than anyone what these communities are like and a fact that has been buried for ten years now.

I have said it before and I say it again .. my daughter has a had a life of hell that involves sexual abuse, children under age, beaten, abused, left homeless that led to drinking that nearly cost her, her liver and cancer as a direct result.

This does not include what her leftist social worker has been doing to he lately. Threatening her with court, threatening to take her children away form her while claiming that her ex-convict domestic abuser Muslim husband has rights. Guarantee you he has had way more help than my daughter has.

Yeah .. so I bit my tongue with these cold hearted and brain dead sheep they call Corbynsistas and asked them all to explain themselves. They could not and did not.

I guess their feelings tell them they are right and they do not know how to explain that and get it across so do not bother?

Jesus H. Christ .. this country.

I never thought as I was a child growing up that I would end up go0ing through the worst period in British history and that I would be attacked, end up with health conditions they refused to treat that are tryig to kill me and that they would do all this and worse to my daughter?!

I never dreamed I would get so shocked and disappointed in the British public because we are left to suffer and die because of this perfect world utopia they want, think they can achieve and will fuck over others to get this no matter what?

Yeah .. a perfect socialist utopia means getting everyone to play by your rules and I am going to give you a little question to ponder ..

If you cannot get anyone from centre-left to far-right to play by your rules what chance are you going to have with Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Jewish and anyone else on that list?

Quick answer? YOUR NOT!

So why the fuck are you hell bent with ripping the British public into two pieces over something you can never achieve?

How can people in these lofty positions be so utterly naïve?!

My Twitter and mobile connection are behaving very erratically. Oddly enough at the exacts ame time the broadband here is till off. Been off since Thursday I think. Was supposed to come on 5pm Thursday. Then 6pm Friday. Then Friday night I was told another five days.

The Wifi in the local park has been iffy with both may laptop and my phone!

Added to this my daughter is having serious issues 240 miles away, claiming that she has had people listening in on her and all her phone being wiped twice. She has also not been able to use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Just any one of these three things with my daughter would be unusual but all three? Then add that I have no land-line broadband at all and an iffy mobile data connection that has been OK up until a few days back and a Wifi connection in the park that was OK up until a few days back? All three? All six?!

Not had any more pictures of GCHQ books or Germ Warfare from an account that is closed down two days later, on contact sites like Badoo or Bumble, lol.

After MGTOW’ing ot for fifteen years I do not even know why I still have those apps?


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