Well that’s funny, is it not?

I have listed a number of possible catastrophes a few times recently.

Three were listed because I believed the is some stoking of anger going on.

I also said that this could be to start a civil war to create a culling effect?

I said it could be a distraction from something .. heinous? Like Hollyweird or something in politics?

I said it could be any one of a list of catastrophes from space or here on Earth?

Well Tim Pool uploaded a video regarding a report about a warning from a bank about how soon there won’t be enough food to feed the planet.

Yeah that was on the list with asteroid or comet strikes, global pandemics, continental shift, magnetic flip and some others.

Hmm I just realised rogue black holes, local supernovas resulting in a gamma ray burst are two not in the list?

Of course Twitter socialist Twats do not see this. They think everyone in the world is now hard right or what they call alt-right and are out there in their ever shrinking minority going after anyone they perceive to threaten their goal of an unachievable utopia.

Facts do not get in the way of these people .. like how they are now further than this impossible dream than they have ever been in fifty years.

I had one yesterday .. attacking me because I had correctly pointed out that continuing to debate was pointless and we should not listen to these councils while they gradually take over everything. I also pointed out that they were all lying because they accused someone of being racist when they said nothing in  short tweet that was racist.

You do not get to change the meanings of words in the dictionary so that you can fashion them into weapons you blithering idiots.

Anyway I ended up explaining about my daughter without explaining it was my daughter and a few facts .. not many but should have been enough ..

  • Sarcastic beacsue they thought I had gotten my facts from Take A Break Magazine
    • Sarcastic because she started with “Let me get this straight” and another with “Did I read that correctly” so no facts but name-calling and sarcasm is perfectly acceptable
    • Starting to think socialists are all intellectually challenged?
  • Then when she realised that was wrong
    • “So you know one girl with an horrific story ..”
    • I then had to REPEAT it was a dozen people
    • I then felt I had to point out that it was 12 from 12
    • There was ZERO SYMPATHY for my daughter or my grandchilren
    • Just looking for chinks in the armour so that she could force her narrative
    • Was doing this until 4am .. I have trouble sleeping where she is obsessed and another socialist trait
  • After several tweets it went quite, might have gone to sleep, I do not know
  • The next reply I am forced to give and I will be thanking her for her over-whelming warmth and sympathy for my daughter and grandchildren after pointing out I was talking about my daughter and grandchildren
  • She may have gone of and looked at my Tweets and realised I was talking about my daughter and grandchildren and may have found out there is a lot more to it than she realised?
  • She may well have been looking for incitement of violence and hate speech and realised it is not there?
  • She may have come across the Tweets where I state that I believe that everything is deliberate to provoke something and that people are being turned against one another?
  • As I point out cinema, gaming, politics, TV and other things this has infected .. maybe she realised that I am actually really only after the truth and that someone wants everyone to turn against each other?
Oddly one of the hashtags I noticed come up when you start to type out ‘socialism’ is ‘SocialismKills’?! Wow .. it would appear many others are feeling pretty pissed?
I was ging to ask if she had had heard of the #walkaway movement? I was going to ask if she enjoyed living in denial in her little bubble reality and that her crowd were having members leaving in droves because of their lies and their blindness? Of course their forcing others to do things, like leave boyfriends, get divorced and a range of other things.
Divorce is easy to encourage for these people because all men and especially white men are evil.
Funny then that when they catch even a whiff that you are saying all of another demographic is the same when you have not said that they are all over your arse like a fucking rash?
So they can state the totality of one demographic is the same which IS racist and bigoted, while others cannot even state that most of another demographic is the same without twisting it that you said something that they say all the fucking time?!
DO they even realise they are seen by an ever growing number of people as mad, stupid and lying twisted sons of bitches that do not have an ounce of empathy? Not to mention violent!

EDIT: Hmm .. I have never manage to meet a socialist who can have a reasonable debate or give some relevant arguments. It always descends into name calling and insults? Oddly I have heard for a few years of others saying this but did not pay too much attention.

Oddly after I posted this I then thought about all these people that banned Alex Jones recently and how everyone accuses them of being socialists and also complained that they really did not give anything in the way of a reason? Maybe someone has realised somewhere that using the socialists to back their cause is an easy way to achieve what they want?

Twitter might have been scared that people are onto them which is why they did not ban Alex Jones as they have been accused several times of late.

Yeah they will all like like social justice warriors until they are under threat to have their hypocrisy exposed, i.e. money threatened. Always the same .. they are all socialists and preach socialism and act all hard left .. until it comes to money. The root of all evil as always.

Anyway he talks about this report ..


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