OK .. maybe .. I might have made a mistake?

I have always resisted, and for six or eight years, to use .. something. The more I found out about it the more I did not want to use it.

But a week or so ago I .. flicked through it, so to speak, saw something and I broke my silence for the very first time. Well something that was not automated. I did not care for it and I never wanted to use it. If I picked up the odd viewer through my automated posts then great.

I seem to have picked up 181 likes in these last few days and I am still figuring out how to make my posts .. discoverable?! Yeah I never really got to grips with many things and guaranteed that up until yesterday I simply did not know how to .. label posts. Still got all those likes though.

Since I figured this out to a point my likes have been coming in faster. I have also had an increase in things I said being .. redistributed. I have also increased to rate that people are following me.

Just today I have had two reposts.

I have also said a few things that will put the proverbial cat among the pigeons.

Funny then that with this flurry of activity the numbers on these blogs have barely moved?!

OK let me say a bit more ..

In my exchanges some of these people have surprising careers ..

  • Entertainment

  • Politics

  • News

  • Actors

  • GPs

Thus far this spans the Atlantic form the UK to the USA. May likely be others, I am not sure yet and have not checked every single one. Just a few.

Right at this moment my headset is going nuts with notifications and I bet I know EXACTLY where they are coming from?

Yup .. three notifications from one source and I bet there is one or two from another big name source? Oops .. sorry make that four notifications.

I wont name names here. But I can tell you this much .. I have been shocked at some of the people stating the same things that I do?! Really .. really .. shocked!

I have a renewed faith in humanity.

Some of these people are in London and some as far away as the USA, with one fairly famous actor I have commented with.

Oh and one got into a short conversation with me after I defended him from some onslaughts from a particularly naïve group of people and pointed out that they even ignore the facts in front of them. Likes for what was said .. through the roof. Likes for their arguments against literally in the single figures. Now make that seven notifications I need to check!

At the rate that this is moving forwards and with the fact that I am picking up on the annoying labels as well as the fact that the site is infamously difficult anyway for a number of reason .. I cannot help but wonder what it will be like even one month from now?!

Also I am reaching people via others or directly who are crying out for facts to back up their arguments and .. well .. it has been sitting here waiting n the wings for a very, very .. long time.

But then that is what will make it all the more powerful for them if they ever discover what has and has not been going on.

Unfortunately it just took ten years of suffering and hell which we still live in and I am still losing weight. Still anxious. Still concerned and my brain is still mush and of course there is my memory.

I am sure when they realise what little I had, what I had taken away, who I was up against and everything that I have achieved they are going to ask how the hell?!

Some have now been made very aware that what we are sitting on has the potential to bring down many houses made of cards. All the houses that they hate but have not been able to get across to the majority, just as I have had my own difficulties doing that.

As I stated to some idiot socialists .. your willing to destroy and even kill others to chase after this false idea of your prefect utopia that you can never achieve.

You are willing to destroy others to prevent any proof at all that you were wrong getting out. Just to stop someone showing that you were wrong? Promoters of peace and equality my arse!

Alrighty then. So there was a bit of a break where I literally forgot I was working on this! Yeah these memory problems are a real bitch at times. Well .. most of the time.

In this time I have performed a few posts .. and had a lot more like and re-posts going on, got into a conversation with someone that knows an .. outfit that I tried to get I contact with. I do not think he realised the gravity of the situation .. seem to suggest I would know if they wanted to fuck with me. Yeeeaaah not only do I know they are fucking with me but have done it for so many times and over so long you kind of want to .. get hit by a bus.

Failing that you have no choice but to carry on!

Plus .. well I am not the only one all this as affected and not the only one that feels constantly targeted. In fact four others are also being targeted but let us just say they would not notice. They might .. if they ever get taken which is what thy have been trying to do.

Yeah I am talking about kids .. social worker back and it is back to contradictory mode just as I warned my daughter it would.

I have had over ten years of this .. suddenly you get promises .. she gets some relief from the stress of her cancer and other serious health issues and then they go and pull the rug from under her. She us 25, with cancer yes, and have been doing this to her since she was 12 years old.

Yeah you read that right .. started around 12 years old and has continued on until today where she has cancer at 25!

Abused by people repeatedly who were then protected and it call covered up for years to protect either the perpetrators or their own mistakes. Or both?

Two children by the time she was 16. Married a few years later then victim of domestic violence whereby the husband goes to prison. Told us he would get nine years but out in nine months.

  • One Bangladeshi Restaurant owner (in Birkenhead)

  • Some Arabs claiming to be Kurdish (in Birkenhead)

  • Another lot claiming to be the same (in Liverpool with radicals)

  • Another one claiming to be the same (Domestic Violence)

All full of shit, lies, piss and vinegar.

Third one down had some dastardly plans back in 2012 I stumbled across via one of their phones and via video. Put a stop to that one. Well .. they kind of got caught in the act .. on a boat!

Neglected by all the public services, threatened with court action and threats to take the children away from their mother.

There really is a whole bunch of other crap involved but this post would end up way too long with dozens of pages and still would not hold all the details.


While working on this post I caught wind for a second time of someone I am unfamiliar with, Ron Paul, who is an antiwar activist who has had some restrictions or people taken off social media somewhere?

I re-posted this and I stated that it has been a belief of mine for a fair old while that all this trouble is .. intentional. I have spoke about this before ..

  • Provoke violence?
  • Distract from crimes?
  • Distract from a coming catastrophe you know they would never tell us about until the last minute
    • Probably after we have been paid a fortune to build their escape or survival vehicles or living quarters before we then realised all that money was worthless?
    • It is not a matter of if with catastrophes .. it is a matter of when and there is a long list
      • From outer space
      • Global Warming
      • Continental Shift
      • Magnetic Flip
      • Supervolcano
      • Mega Earthquakes
      • Global Panedemic
      • Overpopulation

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