I saw this and could not believe it.

The shameful denial by the EU is astounding.

Nope everything is our fault because we didn’t do what we were told and complained that the EU didn’t give a shit about us?!


I can say this with certainty because the lives of my entire family have been destroyed.

Some more than others.

Serious health conditions and threats loom over us as does death and several of us with disabilities. I’ve reached out to so many over the years and blogged for six years. Waiting for the day for someone who gives a shit to take notice.

Other than a few caring people .. how many offers if help have we had? Two and they were retracted without reason.

No one.

Help groups, advice agencies, charities, councils and various people in the Internet and even on YouTube .. nothing.

But a few years back I contacted sections of the EU about the situation. Nothing.

So yeah. Eventually I figured out something.

That other than wanting things that are wrong and won’t work socialists are full of shit when they say they want fairness for all.

Because for years they have either ignored us or silenced is in favour of letting criminals go free and the worst types of criminals.

For a future they cannot achieve and for people that will never change.

Then I read more and more about this globalist and elitist talk and the accusations that they were all socialists. Hmm un-elected with a totalitarian and apologist attitude?! Check!!

Yeah that method was always going to work.

But they snuck into positions and pushed the agenda to such a degree that everyone now talks about civil wars that look to be on the verge of inevitable?!

Bang up job, well done.

I’ve been talking for six years that we are being pushed this way and why.

Good luck trying to prove me wrong in my reasoning because I called it and you didn’t.

I also called a long list of other things that would occur and did. Most noticeable are the financial crisis, Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn losing the last election and leaving the EU.

Soo good luck trying to rubbish my theories .. let me know how that works out for you?!

If you haven’t killed me by this time.

But your now acting like the socialists everyone claims that you are.

You also act just like the one I have in my family who had driven the rest of us bonkers for years and we have all agreed needs personal help.

Don’t own to when wrong. Ignores facts because of feelings. Does not ever shut up about the same old things over and over and over. Talks over everyone else. No one else is allowed to have feelings greater than them.

It’s you lot.

I’m often telling them it’s “your lot that has created this mess” to which she disagrees and I have to point out that telling me on wrong as this is what an ever growing majority believe!

They really, really, really have no idea for to argue and they really can’t take criticism or accept facts. Give them facts and the first three words you hear are either “Well I think ..” or “I feel ..” and I get angry and say it doesn’t fucking matter what you think or feel I just gave you FACTS!

Her epilepsy she now claims is NEADS is worse than their granddaughter that has cancer, vitamin B deficiency, Hypomagnesemia, ‘S’ Protein Deficiency that causes blood clots and list of others.

I can’t work how the left does not eat itself?!

But then I’ve been hearing rumours that they now are starting to?!

So here we are with Europe slowly collapsing around their ears and they state that it will be the British people’s fault of we suffer?

What’s that supposed to mean anyway?

I’d be more concerned about how many people you have left in favour of you after we leave, if I were you.

Things don’t look good right now, after a year or two you will probably have another catastrophe on your hands?!

Your at odds with Austria, Italy, Greece and various other like Poland and Hungary right now.

Watch them get all the same excuses and accusations though.

All because we won’t lay down and die for them or those they are apologetic for?

Pathetic excuses for human beings.

The other hypocritical aspect of them is their misuse of the term Nazi.

Yeah for the ones that have behaved Nazis and towards you own people.

In favour of people who are worse than the Nazis?!

By your own logic .. you should be sympathetic to the Nazis? Considering who it is your apologists for? After all they are not big fans of the Jewish people.

Also you might want to check your history on the buzzwords you like to use. Think you’ll find your getting it wrong?! I’ll give you a clue the word for looking for is National and the second is Socialists. But in another language see if you figure it out?

It is funny .. my socialist family member has gone on and on for fucking years about how wonderful like would be in s socialist state. Funny she did not mention all this other fucking crap I have been finding out about. To think I used to think it sounded like a good idea? Not actual workable .. just sounded like a good idea.

Several rips of my heart and my health and fifteen years later I discover it is a scam and an illusion to create a totalitarian state that does not actually give a flying fuck about human life.

EU won’t be to blame if UK crashes out with a no-deal Brexit, says European Commission http://flip.it/iqcFYs


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