I didn’t put much words to reply to Lionel Nation’s post on Twitter about this.

Well other than to say ‘holy moley I don’t know what to think it say about this?!’

It’s a case I’ve recently made in regards to tin-foil hat conspiracies.

Now some documents, ooh is this QAnon? Yes claimed documents, around JFK I believe, were supposed to state that Hitler was alive and living in Columbia?!

Now you see the obvious proverbial jugular to go for here is how does someone that infamous survive without anyone noticing?

The next one would be how does someone due without their existence getting out?!

Yes OK no one really knows what happened to him and talks and reports of skulls and underground living areas in Antarctica have been rife for years. Yeah I actually know someone that I had known for twenty years before finding out he believed in this underground bunker in Antarctica stuff?! In fact I had not even heard about it until he mentioned it. I also discovered he believes the Earth is flat too?!

Annoyingly this guy had spent several years telling me I was mad with my own conspiracy theories and still insisted I was when I was collecting evidence and did not even ask to see it.

Any fucking idea how annoying that is?! Went on for years .. my not so mad sounding theories I was actually getting proof on refused to be listened to by anyone and one that believed the Earth was flat, that Hitler and Nazis were in some underground bunker in Antarctica and Bigfoot was walking around the Unites States along with a Werewolf looking creature they called Dogman?!

Believing in this stuff is one thing but if you do, do not turn around and call someone crazy that has much more down to Earth theories. You will just look like a complete fucking idiot to anyone sensible and sane.

No one knew for sure and that’s wide open for speculation.

I can’t see this being the case and I’ll look into it more but ..

Imagine if it’s true?

Another thing being listed under the tin-foil hat conspiracies turns out to be true?!

Bloody hell. I don’t think others have seen the consequences of this?

If by some narrow chance this turned out to be true then ask the recent conspiracy theories of things taking place in recent times? Won’t look quite so crazy to a lot of people.

This is likely to result in a lot more people acrobatics scrutinising and digging into things. By more level headed people?

Jesus this could open a can of worms if this turns into something.

My guess is right now the documents, if there are any, are fake.

But although rare I’ve been wrong before.



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