I do not know how I even started watching this.

Oh yeah, it was the headline that called for Angela Merkel to resign.

Anyway I know nothing about the AfD other than what mainstream news media put out and they lie through their teeth and have done for years. I just had no idea how much they have twisted and lied about.

So I thought I would give this a listen.

Well I must say it’s not quite what I expected and I expected to stop listening after a few minutes. But I didn’t and I listened through to the very end.

He pointed out a hell of a lot of failures in Germany and even Greece was mentioned along with some lies. Something about some energy project that was full of shit.

He went into detail about the failures regarding immigration, the failure of integration, which they have no intention of doing anyway. The immigrants that is.

He also seemed very genuine in his dislike of what has become of Germany and it’s culture.

He also continued to get a lot of applause and even something of a standing ovation at the end.

But what was more telling during this video was the look on Angela Merkel’s face.

Think of a Bulldog chewing a wasp that had just been told that there was a world shortage in sausages?!

She looked fed up, miserable and tired and I half expected her to stand up and say ‘Yes’ at the end when asked to resign?!

That video seemed somewhat telling to. I’m even thinking now that there might be a big change coming in Germany before long?

Once again and like everything else there will be one single solitary group to blame for they and of course your going to have all the excuses .. oh sorry, my bad .. lies to state is everyone else’s fault.

If this video is seen by members of the public of other European nations? Well .. it’s going to become cause for concern for some and reasons for celebrations for others.

Strange times we live in.

If anything changes in Germany .. a more or less paradigm shift, so to speak.

Well I’d predict it would end up akin to watching a set of dominoes falling.

It’s like I said .. and said all along and saying it yet again. You force people into submission by way of fear and all you do is force something to simmer under the surface.

This boils to until one of those kids blows off and upon others seeing this everyone else lets off that steam too.

It becomes a cascade which can obtain ever be attributed to the people that forced those kids into place in the first instance.

Take a wild guess who is to blame for that?

Oh yeah I forgot. Natural progression and evolution is not something they like to admit to. They think they can force it.

They also totally ignored basic human fears and emotions along with history.

What they’ve always wanted had been tried elsewhere and it’s never worked.

The only two places it goes on today, off the top of my head, is China and North Korea. But I’m sure plenty of people from these countries would list plenty of issues with their society?

After all there have been plenty of accusations over the years of the abuse of human rights on these nations.

Of course I cannot see how the EU survives this either of this paradigm shift takes place and many others are predicting this too. Even in America many are watching and talking about something about to go down before too long.

Nigel Farage might be shopping for Krystal Champagne before too long too?!


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