I await .. nervously.

I often wonder how much the living body and mind can take when under consistent pressure?

How intense does it have to be?

How long does it have to go on for?

Obviously the answers are different from person to person.

The effects will vary wildly too.

I watch people drunk as skunks talking to themselves, butterflies or yelling at others.

I see and smell weed from others.

Some might hurt others.

Some might get destructive.

Some might self-harm.

Some may take their own lives.

But at the end of the day the source of all this is the same. Some source of pain. An inability to cope with something.

Others are just unhappy .. rowing with others online in places like Twitter. Over Donald Trump. Over Theresa May. Over Jeremy Corbyn. Over right and left, Socialism and conservatism and good versus evil and even Tommy Robinson and paedophilia in Hollywood. Often I see these get preoccupied with this to see sine real horrors going on. Others I wonder if they concentrate on what tending to get more clicks?

I’ve watched the news suppress information and other times twist it around.

Tin-foil hat conspiracy theories seem to leak out of every crevice these days. The last one I heard about was a fire in America in a place in California called Carr. Pictures of a what looked like a laser beam coming from space and a house that looked like it was clean cut in half.

Pressures seem to have been continually piled upon people for years. Bills getting higher and homes becoming impossible to afford. Weird and troubling claims regarding those that are rich or famous defended only by those afflicted with blind fanboyism and showing no morals at the time.

I think people are both confused and scared?

They don’t understand what’s happening and looking for answers .. anywhere.

Because the mainstream news media are not providing them with any and are not trusted anymore.

There are two single things that, each of which, the public should feel they can trust. Once the trust dissipates from these two things you have a growing and unavoidable problem. You might ignore it for awhile but it is a coming.

Doctors and the news media.

The two things that are supposed to be everybody’s safety nets. Are today anything but and certainly true in the UK.

They have both consistently failed me in the UK for well over ten years. Along with all the public services.

Public services. Services to the public and they take our taxes. Except they are not services in anyway to the British public and haven’t been for years.

My family is a dysfunctional mess because of it and most of them have horrific stories to tell. Whether they are working their arses off or not no one is happy and everyone has issues. They are still in denial about certain things going on and you can hear it in their voice and it’s frustrating when they all have iPhones and laptops and can search for themselves.


Because the news media avoid stories and have been doing so for a very long time. Celebrity gossip is where they think it is at.

For me this was always a time bomb and I have maintained for years that the longer everybody ignores it the worst it will be. I also predicted that when enough realise it will really kick off.

But everyone else knew better.

Tommy Robinson and others like him probably did what they did scared that what had happened to other children will happen to theirs?

Brian Harvey may very well have done the same?

Except this happened to my child and repeatedly do for years. She had two children through it before she even turned 16.

I tried to get custody of her a long time ago and I tried to tell them that she will have a childhood from hell of they ignore me.

No investigation.

It was worse than even I imagined.

Over time I knew there was going to be a tipping point in British society.

I tried to tell people but no one listened.

I tried to tell the authorities but very little listened and even when they did .. they did nothing and lied about it.

I tried to tell the mainstream media and they ignored me. Every .. single .. one.

Funny then that they portray themselves all today as being the wise ones, know better than everyone else and tell if still that all will be OK?!

Yeah didn’t see ask this coming though, did you?! Even though I warned you.

I talk with my daughter about all this and how scary it is. She believed them and that’s how she got into her predicament in the first instance. With some encouragement from some very evil people.

No one involved was ever charged outside the original perpetrator who went to prison.

There were four of the same crime, one went to prison and rightly so while the other three got away with it, despite going to court.

There’s a marked difference between the one that went to prison and the three that got away with it. It’s obvious what that difference is. But this is for the same crime.

I’m not naive enough to believe that’s the only story out there like that. And that’s what’s scaring the hell out of people.

But I do believe that combined we have the craziest sounding set of stories out there.

Which is why I knew for sure back in 2011 and 2012 we was being ignored.

I thought we might get ignored and sure enough we did.

Only we had to wait six years before the deceitful acts of the mainstream media to get out. Even though it now if we await to see if our lives can be saved?!

I was pleased to discover YouTuber after YouTuber talking about all this.

From the tapes of children to the lying mainstream media and the tricks and lies of government.

Sometimes it all actually feels quite close to the end and other times were not so sure.

Too many times we think we have spied the light at the end of a very long tunnel. Interesting for our hopes to be dashed once more.

I’m hoping that either today or one day soon we don’t post the ultimate price for everyone else’s ignorance?!

I’d also like to have the anxiety lifted from the two of us but even if we did I may still lose my daughter to her cancer or other health condition?!

I sit stunned at the thought of where we are.

I think of when I was a child around here and think of what I’d have thought had someone told me of my future. I would have thought them mad.

But here I am patiently waiting when bit wondering.

What to do and how long either of us will survive this constant flow of living hells?

And to think I’ve long thought our stories were the ones to bring the whole house of cards crashing down.

Everything everywhere all at once.

Workers within these organisations suddenly realising they were being used a pawns then thrown under the proverbial bus when caught.

That each of the actions everywhere .. combined were knowing used to commit the greatest of crimes ..

.. to the British people.

We still have to wait, survive and find a way to fight on.

My last post is somewhat telling as to why I feel the way that I do and why my daughter feels the way that she does.

I fear what the remainder of this day will bring?

When all this is done and the truth is out how many, I wonder, will prove to be complicit in all this?


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