No more cats. My head was seemingly full of these demented mad cats!

Right .. I already wrote this all out and once again and like everything else they do Google’s software is shit along with being unfair and I lost the whole lot!

So not only do they no longer even ghost pay me .. they also lose a lot of work from time to time .. nice!

So .. threat kind of averted .. sort of and probably temporarily.

It has been made abundantly clear though that there is indeed a real threat and they let a mad effing cat out of the bag!

I shall explain the sequence of events some of which I have already mentioned ..

  • So since I returned to London .. no was driven back to London the social services changed their attitude from friendly, without any effing help, to nasty
  • Now a few days back my daughter was kept in the phone by someone .. an evil piece of work who has been reported six or more times for crimes they just somehow keep getting away with
  • This conversation was weird .. they kept asking if my daughter was seeing her abusive ex now that he is out of prison .. kept on about not getting pregnant
  • I warned that this was for someone else’s benefit and they were up to their old tricks
  • A day or two later the social worker turns up announced and claims she just see the ex not far away, insinuating that he was there
    • My daughter went to loo and she said that he had gone now
    • My daughter told me that she does not know how she would even know what her ex looked like as she had not seen him
  • A form was handed over they wanted my daughter to sign stating that the children were going on the at-risk register
    • Except they came off it a month ago
    • No reason given despite being asked
  • They stated that they would be back in four hours expecting the document to be signed
  • Upon reading it to me I said they are forcing her into a no win scenario
  • She took the document to a solicitor who said the same thing
  • This morning the social worker turns up again tells my daughter her manager is coming in the afternoon and wants to talk to my eldest grandson
    • Who had been with the evil liar for several days and probably heard that weird phone conversation
  • She turns up .. talks to my grandson alone
  • Comes downstairs and asks my daughter if she is seeing her ex, daughter says no
  • Tells her that if she is they will take her to court and take the children away
  • Tells her that her son stated that she is .. she asks how as she hasn’t
  • States that he said she has been on the phone to him
  • Daughter tells her she is welcome to check her phone records
  • Then she states that she is getting fed up with the social services
    • Been told that abusive husband has right and that the council will help him
    • Told that he has rights to see his kids
    • The ‘manager’ then says “No he is not, who told you that?!”
    • Turns out this … ‘manager’ also did not know about an restraining order placed up her ex my daughter took out
    • Did not know about a bunch of other things besides
  • I said
    • How did she know to as the eldest one?
    • Who put that in his head?
    • I then reminded my daughter of the weird phone-call the other day
  • I also stated that if they ever state times and dates that you were supposed to go off and see this guy to get them to check the phone records as your in the phone to me every day!
  • Let us get a few other things .. out there ..
    • This person is a manipulative liar and a thief ..
    • Stole children .. several times
    • Sold one child
    • Is doing shopping for three people in their road
    • So access to ATM cards
    • Will be stealing their money
    • Because they did this for ten years of their own mother!!
  • She has been doing this for over twenty years
  • She also destroyed a foster family with her lies
  • Their siblings have reported her twice each so that is a minimum of four times
  • Royal Mail investigated her
  • I have reported her three times
  • Has lied about having six forms of cancer over thirteen years
  • A friend of hers we thought dead was bumped into a week ago
  • She has been reported twice by a carer/manager and we are told the Police are involved
  • Constantly asks for money
  • Taken her sons birthday money gives it back in dribs and drabs
  • Found son’s girlfriend in the house, called her a horse and threw her out, forcing her son to get pissed for several days
  • I am forgetting some
  • I am leaving out the most horrific things but I guarantee you the following
  • If she EVER goes to prison and the inmates find out everything they have done ..
  • She will be murdered inside of a year!
  • I guarantee it!
So this has come from them .. you following?
OK now this is what was asked of my daughter about eight months ago ..
Social Services: DO you trust this woman?
Daughter: No!
Social Services: Good, we are glad you said that because we do not trust her.
Except ..
Someone had to put this idea inside my grandson’s head and ..
Someone .. had to go and report this to the social services?!
Now along with two decades of incompetence .. spot all the deliberate mistake?!
There is a clear and present danger and I am of the strong belief this is not over yet and we have only delayed things.
Ask my daughter of our entire lives have been destroyed by this person and she will answer a resounding .. YES!
Now I did state incompetence on the part of the social services .. untold and unfair pressure on my daughter based on information they received fro someone they told my daughter not to trust? Yeah .. every right to tell people who to and who not to trust, do they not?
Well maybe it is not incompetence? There is one other possibility ..
That due to the amount of time she has gotten away with this and the sheer amount of damage she has caused the whole system would collapse if the truth ever got out. Going right back to my warnings twenty two or more years ago.
I have believed this now for around eight years.
Third investigation in ten years and let us see what happens?
All the time now she is taking money from someone with Alzheimer’s Disease and probably two others and why is that?
Because the fucking social services have no fucking services!
And whose fault is that?!
I wonder of the social worker from Luton is aware of the complete history and that she is being played both as a pawn and as a fool?
Oh and I have now found out that the event that was covered in Love It Magazine that was thirteen years ago the social services did not see them as mother and daughter but like two old friends.
Oh yeah and the media agent has got in touch .. apparently my daughter was supposed to have contacted Take A Break Magazine and complained that the story was not true?!
Take a wild guess who did that?

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