Found out about my daughter’s latest issue and knew one person was involved but did not involve the person I thought, who the Police have or were planning to question.

Nope it involved the lying .. evil person and a mutual friend who stated the following ..

  • They are at my daughter’s every day helping
    • Probably tell the council this?!
    • Umm .. no!
      • I am on the phone to her every day and she is barely round there every ten days
  • The story in Love It about the paedophile was all lies
    • Now he has had to move to Australia
      • Very probably a lie
    • She has destroyed the lives of her brothers who are seriously affected
      • Umm .. no .. stealing your own son’s money and telling his girlfriend she looks like a horse before throwing her out of the house kinda does that
  • I did not want your brother/cousin to go to prison
    • Yup this is the domestic abuser featured in Take A Break Monthly magazine
    • Like I have repeated constantly .. those articles ignored some very, very major issues
    • Twelve years of heinous crimes
    • Stealing off your own family
    • Being reported at least five times and gotten away with it
    • Lied about having at least six different forms of cancer
    • Lied to me
    • Conspired and lied to council
    • Lied about a foster family and brought false allegations which destroyed them
    • Encouraged underage girl to have sex with Muslim gang and she had a child from it
    • Ended up encouraging her to go with another lot and another child came from that
    • THEN SHE TURNED 16!!
    • A dozen things here that did not make the cut in the news articles
    • Ask yourselves why?!
This is not even going into all the crap she has had off the authorities for the last 12 or so years.
This doe snot include that because of the above she has some serious problems and her type of cancer is directly attributed to that of the above and that the authorities just LEFT HER! This while in their suppos-ed care!
But they are threatening her today with legal action.
They are lying about her and denying things they were fully informed about.
They are trying to take her children!
And NONE of this involves any of the parts were I was involved! That has a long list behind it to.
Now look at those bullet points. I did not include anything regarding the two stories that have appeared in Love It Magazine, which can be expanded upon. I also did not include that which made it to Take A Break Monthly which can also be expanded upon.
The media agent originally stated that he wanted to see a magazine, book and TV series out of all this, a company called Focus Features Independent Media in Manchester. He also said she was going to be rich, money would not be a problem any more and went silent about three months ago.
Julia Sidwell of Take A Break Magazine also promised a crowd funding event as did Joe the media agent. She also went silent around two months ago.
Two people in the media both suddenly had a change of heart at exactly the same time or did someone get to them?!
So we are sitting around wanting to just die and with our thumbs up our arses wondering if this time .. and FINALLY they are going to get caught?
I am fairly certain that this evil person has been conspiring with the social services as they have been known to do previously.
It may even be that she contacted the magazines and therefore put a stop to any help, because she herself is after something and hence why she is conspiring with the social services again.
The social services, or Wirral Council, have been furiously working to cover up their actions of the last 23 years and so they have their own agenda to pursue.
Jesus will this living nightmare ever fucking end?!

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