I’ve stated it and I’ve stated it and I’ve stated it.

The government has been cutting the necks, metaphorically speaking, of disabled people for years and it goes back to Tony Blair, a man I liked but now despise.

This also kind fits in with my possible distraction theory I’ve spoken about?

When the Tories got away with it for several years and finally caught their answer was an absolute classic ..

We’re helping disabled people back to work.

Oh? By standing behind them with a fucking whip?!

I’m sure anyone who is disabled and especially those without a car, which is a fair few these days, they will all day the same thing.

That the public transport is shit for disabled people and they have been moaning and campaigning about it for years.

So when they decide to help you back to work they first so something about the transport .. right?! Nope.

So they basically garrotted everyone with a disability and stealthily to begin with. Even psychiatrists didn’t know mental health sufferers had their DLA taken away until after everyone had it removed. I know because one called Dr Cody told me that.

So I predicted very early on that they would move from condition to condition.

Start with the ones almost no one would care about it notice. Metal health.

One by one they would move into the next one and the next one keeping it hidden from view.

Every they would end up with the hidden or invisible illnesses that were not household names and they had morons believing them.

Except .. how can you pay for support for entire illnesses for years and then decide you’ve made a mistake for years?! Idiots.

So did they have done and today they continue on with the plan.

Look around and you will hear horror stories now from blind people, people with Multiple Sclerosis and even cancer.

How long has it been since Tony Blair was Prime Minister?! Fucking years.

Trying to think now .. seven years? Eight years?

So was it nine or ten years they decided to go after people with disabilities?

Even if it’s eight or nine it matters not to the point I’m making.

That point is we’ve had eight years of an ever growing number of people being forced to work, or taking their own lives.

And what have they done to improve accessibility to public transport like buses and tube trains for disabled people they now stand behind with a proverbial whip?


Any mention of them doing or providing anything? Nope.

The article below I came across, to my surprise, reports on his overcrowded Britain is and points out the evidence all around you.

Overcrowded Britain is bursting at the seams, and the evidence is all around you http://flip.it/wH39uo


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