Well it has been a long rough ride during the roughest and toughest time in my life which seemingly has no end. Not even a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

It has taken me weeks to work out what has been up with my photograph rejections and as it turns out ..

  • One site accepted photos it already rejected?!

  • One site was rejecting 33% of 6 and then 100% of over 60?!

  • Another site, Adobe who make Photoshop and Lightroom, tell me that when you edit photos too much they more or less do not become photos any longer?!

    • So I said your software, Lightroom is wrongly named photo-editing software then?!

So it was suggested to me that I look for other sites that cater more for artistic pictures. Oddly enough I already did that and had a tab open. But I did not decide to go with them.

Nor did I go with the next half a dozen I looked at, though I came close a few time and espcailly with one called Folksy.

In the end I went with one called Deviant Art. Seemed OK though I did not know there was a limit to what you can put up without an upgraded account.

Also I went from 2GB down to one and the next day I started uploading and it was back at 2GB so I do not know if the limit is 2GB per day?

I have been rammed into a corner and my health is playing up and I am having difficulties trying to carry out my mission.

Even ow after realising that the evil social services tried to trap my daughter after trying to get her to sign a document that basically stated she was going to get into trouble no matter what and wanted her to fucking agree to it, now confirmed by a solicitor. Even with my heart playing up several times and me wondering if I was going to have a heart attack. Even with my daughter fretting on the phone about what the social services were going to try this time and try next. Even when I kicked a car door with blood coming from my leg and a bruise sure to follow. Even with being called out suddenly to go to my storage lock up to get some stuff out before I lose all my remaining belongings. Even with all that .. I got someone faking crying over a one foot wide strip of carpet needing a vacuum. Yah .. I said tears! I am wondering if I am going to get whined at tomorrow because someone else has been whining today and I was not even in the fucking house at all, all day!

See I keep telling people I just cannot win!

EDIT: Oh I use Serif Photo Affinity by the way.

I need to get out .. I need to move on and my finances have all been cut off .. my ad revenue has been frozen. I have been contacted by some suspect people and I even .. hmm lets just say looked at half a dozen times today?

So another plan to fight back and the mountains placed before me..

Deviant Art.

They will help you sell all manner of things of an artistic nature and maybe others?

Here is the place that photos I have played around with in my photo editor to look bright, contrasting, soft and even a little watercolour painting like will end up ..


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