So the DWP just changed something?

Apparently they are changing who they give Blue Badges too, free parking, when you apply for them? Odd as I know someone that always complains tat they were refused one of these, whereas I got the equivalent of a Blue Badge for those without a car, a Freedom Pass.

Rather interestingly The Canary below reports that they are now giving Blue Badges out to people with ‘hidden’ disabilities?

This seems to suggest that up until now if you looked healthy they would assume you were healthy despite what your medical records said.

The Canary also states that all they are doing is giving back something they had previously taken away from people. They also accuse them of sneaking this back in as if to do this before anyone noticed? Or maybe it is because of a new investigation and/or the disability summit supposed to be held in the UK?

The Canary also refers to it as fake news. Not sure it qualifies but possibly because they tried to make it sound like they were giving you something? As opposed to just giving you something back?

Probably wont be giving back that many because they took quite a few cars away from people with disabilities, though I have no doubt this was being abused by a number of people they did take away vehicles that were genuinely needed.

Not quite sure how they are going to hide the deaths they caused, mind you? This was around 120,000 plus a couple of years back, though this same figure was used for the first time in the House of Commons around December 2017. Not quite sure how the figure remained stationary during a coupe of years where the suicides increased dramatically?!

But this is the state of the country and the current and previous British government we live under where in the future everyone is going to assume that if anything goes wrong and the banks and the rich and powerful gamble and get it wrong .. we will be made to pay with out lives. That is if some ring somewhere is not abusing our children?!


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