There aren’t any. Or so it seems to me.

Well truth be told there probably are .. out there .. somewhere? I cannot tell you what they are. As I typed that I realised that there will be instances of rewards for actions performed that were somewhat .. insincere.

My word I have a major, major headache right now.

When I started I intended to help others. But the income side of things came up when Google emailed me about this. So I set up a set of other blogs. I already had a neglected YouTube account and started to add to that, to link videos into my other blogs.

Along the way I tried to think up other ways I could capitalise on the growing number of visitors to allow different sources of income. Like a direct advertising agreement over a given period of time? I even thought about producing things and advertising those for sale. There were all manner of things I toyed with in my mind.

God this headache .. I keep stopping and coming back to this. I have something else and a video I want to put on another blog subject but I am put off.

I am also supposed to be retrieving some things from a storage unit, which I have paid a fortune for, had five times longer than I had originally planned and going to lose a shed load of belongings.

These health things really are destroying my life right now .. not that there is much left to destroy and often wake up in a right state hoping my heart will finally give out and stop all the suffering.

Yeah things did not really go according to plan which was annoying because I lost count of the number of times it looked for sure that it would work out.

There was also a number of times when terrible things happened that I simply could never have imagined and therefore foresee.

Stuck in this tiny room a day after a storm and some rotten weather outside, though we do need the rain, this is true. I thought I would do a few posts but this headache is .. distracting and it takes a lot to distract me.

My God life is so damn awful right now and I cannot foresee a time when it will improve either, though I wished I could at least see things improve for my daughter.

So I started out with a load of plans that kept being scuppered by idiots, amoral people, public services, governments and now far left leaning companies.

Still at least I may rest with the thought that I might have helped others?

Well I have helped as well as saved the lives of other people as well as animals but I thought that I could maybe reach more people online. I never realised my early plans to be involved with something that helped humanity, excluding the ones that are not included in humanity. So I thought that going the way of a series of blogs might do something not quite so grandiose but possibly might help in time?

Unfortunately it has gone on a lot longer then I thought and of late I do not feel I will last as long as I originally thought.

The weird thing is I have realised over the years the people that get the greatest rewards and are thought of the highest seem to be the most selfish or evil of people. There are odd times when someone gets a medal because their actions made it to a newspaper, which they could not avoid because there were too many witnesses of said event. At least good deeds go actually get recognition and sometimes even a medal.

Funny is it not that a professional I saw regularly years ago who as actually an Iraqi actually thought I was going to get a medal.

I roared with laughter at the time and said medals only go to celebrities like actors, musicians and especially of they get involved in charities. He thought about it for a moment and realised I was right. The odd self-sacrificing act that had spectators get something. That conversation was five years ago .. he was the only person I told the truth to because of confidentiality. I was passing data to organisations who have since watched me, probably behind the skewed numbers as well as frozen numbers and have even contacted me. He knew this and knew why and because of this thought I would get this damned medal. Funny as receiving a medal was not something that ever crossed my mind once.

My acts must have meant something because a religious man stated I was a warrior of God and I suppose when you believe God is behind everything he must have thought God was behind me and my selfless acts? Yeah .. I am never going to agree with that.

After a few years people were telling me to walk away from it, though they were not forthcoming with what I was supposed to walk towards. I mean when your suggesting to someone to stop doing the only thing they do surely it would be wise to offer them some ideas to an alternative?

I had already created alternatives but ths was going to take time to build up ,, while it was getting harder all the time to produce things for everything else I had going on with my various blogs.

While coming back to this I saw someone comment on a video on YouTube to do with depression and someone had a go at the drug companies and I thought ‘Is there an industry remaining that does not have a problem?


    • Pharmaceuticals

      • Charge health services a lot of money

      • For shit drugs

      • Try to cash in on drugs that save people’s lives, like Herceptin for cancer

    • Hospitals

      • Lie about test results

      • Deliberately perform tests wrong to provide false negatives, did so with X-Ray on my back .. I had already had one!

      • Alter letters .. or do not omit things that were said by specialists on the letters, tests, drugs promised and diagnosis. Lachman’s, Pregabalin and Knee problem all at the same time, same appointment (one appointment in other words) at Guy’s Hospital alone

    • Hollywood (non-UK)

      • Forced diversity

      • A lot of money to produce but somehow terrible films made on occasion

      • Heinous things claimed be be going on every other week

    • TV .. BBC but probably a lot more

      • Forced diversity

      • Trying to force evolution

      • Many getting fed up and disillusioned

      • Those doing it fail to realise the facts, that you cannot force evolution

    • News Media .. BBC but MOST OF THEM

      • Politically biased

      • Lie

      • Lie by omission

      • Twist things

      • Called Fake News

      • Now want to call everyone else Fake News

      • Against Freedom Of Speech

    • Electronic Good Sales

      • Mostly refurbs sold as new items of everything from cameras to keyboards

      • Probably have the cheek to turn people down for HP on this crap?

      • Seen this with washing machines

      • Argos, PC World, Littlewoods, Very and others feature on my blogs

    • Cameras

      • Ridiculously high prices compared to thirty years ago

    • Computing

      • Artificially high prices and advances held back

      • Umm Apple Macbook Pro i9 anyone?

      • Your iPhone getting slow?

      • Laptops made like shit but cost the earth

      • Fixed pricing accusations, like RAM as an example

      • Way over the top GPU pricing

    • Gaming

      • Everyone wants to be paid monthly or create pay to win .. gambling aimed at children with lies and lame excuses provided, labels wanting a lot of money for nothing

    • CARS

      • UK government making it a misery to own and tun a car

      • Though many depend on it

    • Housing Market

      • Nothing short of a ridiculous joke and getting worse all the time


    • Police

      • Cover Ups of all kinds

      • Refuse to do anything about crimes despite evidence

      • Lie about the existence of evidence, saw this at least three times over burglaries

    • NHS

      • Deaths of over hundred thousand

      • Ignore certain conditions

      • Refuse diagnosis by refusing or delaying referrals

      • Alter medical records

      • Alter test results

      • Help the DWP and Local Councils save money by doing this

    • DWP

      • Lie

      • Contract other organisations out to lie

    • Local Councils

      • Social Services not protecting children

      • Like to give out the impression they are protecting the vulnerable and children

      • Refuse help to those deserving of it even when the SS caused the situation intially

      • Quick to offer hep to those that are not deserving of it, just getting out of prison for heinous crimes

      • Lying about parents in reports

      • Altering reports to look favourable to themselves

      • Tricking mothers so that they lose their children .. nice ..

      • Will then probably order the mothers to go out to work?!

    • Ombudsman

      • Do extremely little

      • Remember paid for by the taxpayer


      • Where do I even start?!

      • Conservatives a bunch of lily-livered, cold hearted bastards with delusions of grandeur

        • Not right wing where it should count

      • Labour not much better

        • Leader, Jeremy Corbyn would pander to a demographic that will make everything worse for British people

        • Despite the worst crimes being uncovered including mass murder he says nothing

        • Only interested in power as far as I and others can tell

        • Has legions of demented followers that think he will stop injustices towards all and are misguided and ill-informed

      • No idea what democracy is

      • Lie in run-ups to elections ..

      • Because they never carry out that which they state or at least most of it

      • Make changes claiming to be more fair and efficient which turns out to be a big fucking lie

      • Always shocked and surprised when members of their own public are bit as stupid as they thin that they are

      • Not many vote and they still get in power anyway

      • Many rules and fine introduced do not apply to everyone and target their own people only which has not gone unnoticed

    • Only services I could not say anything bad about is the ambulance service and fire service though in all honesty I am not sure I would want to be rescued .. other than wanting to still be around for my daughter I do not want to be here ..

    • Thanks to all of the above .. fed up living in a completely evil country

  • Secret Services

    • Not sure who or what they protect any more


    • Antifa

    • Hard Left

    • Donald Trump

    • Vladimir Putin

    • Social Media

      • Facebook

      • Twitter

    • Google

    • Apple

    • Amazon

  • What utterly astounds me beyond the actions of those above?

  • Those idiots that actually defend their indefensible actions

  • Especially without inside knowledge, evidence or even research

  • Mostly displaying a lack or morals themselves .. sorry but that is how others will see it

  • Now if I was an evil genius?

  • Get similar people behind me and create an organisation that would get so big, so powerful and with so much money that no one would want to accuse us

  • Be in an industry where I get so much admiration that no one would want to believe it

  • My advice?

  • Figure out what your morals are, stop fanboying like a bitch, do your research ad make your choices and above all else keep your mouth shut until you know for certain or have evidence .. if you are unable to work it out for yourselves

Huh .. another list. With some notes at the end.

If I discover personally that the above have done something wrong I will tell all and I will talk about it.

If it is exposed or reported by others that someone has done something wrong then I will report it and I will talk about it and give my opinions.

Still as I am attracting this new group of people I thought it would be a good idea to show them a list of the groups I have gone after on this blog.

The list is a hell of a lot longer and I could not sit down and remember them all in all honesty. I just thought of the most obvious ones in the private sector and the public sector. Ooh I forgot hospitals!

There .. fixed!

Rip-ff Britain and maybe the world?

There have been times when people have looked around or stuck around long enough to know about everyone I have gone up against. When they do they are utterly shocked.

They then normally realise that I have done this all on my own and with my different .. handicaps .. like short term memory loss, pain, anxiety, depression inability to get around along with my overheating body problem.

Age UK seemed to be fairly alarmed despite the fact that they do not even know half of what has gone on.

But the rewards are few. Not that these never occurring have ever deterred me. Income cut off just as it was due to start paying but this has not deterred me. Contact from someone who may or may not have intended to give the hint that the worked or were linked to the secret services but this has not deterred me. All money coming in and deals and agreements pulled at both the eleventh hour and the thirteenth hour but this has not deterred me. I wrote two books on this subject .. had some positive feedback and was told to go to bigger literary agents who all lost interest. I had literary agents and ghost writers follow me online but an approach was never made after months of waiting. Promises were made and names dropped as far as the media was concerned but all of the promises failed to materialise and only two lesser parts of the story were published in magazines. Two different titles, Love It Magazine and Take A Break Monthly. Yeah well they started out seeming to give a shit, promised fund raising that would be big and then with no contact at all and vanished into thin air.

In all honesty the very first thing I thought I would get is an offer to stop doing what I am doing and delete the blog. I thought this would be their first line of defence but that never occurred either.

Instead they thought they would come after me from every other angle and in the process left me with nothing to lose.

I cannot explain just how stupid that is. You do not go up against someone and put the into a corner and leave them with nothing to lose.


Others I thought of through some tweets on Twatter I was just reading ..

  • Charities & Advice Agencies
  • Other so-called courts of justice
  • Solicitors
  • European Union
  • United Nations
  • European Court of Human Rights
  • Human Rights

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