Don’t you know what animal throws their feces?

Think about it, almost everyone knows the answer to that question. Anyone that knows even just a little about animals.

So below is a link to a news article about feces being thrown. You would be forgiven for this being odd .. a news report about monkeys throwing feces. What that all about?

Except you would be wrong because now another species seems to have adopted this tactic ..

Migrantius selfentitleitis

Actually no in just joking. Home sapiens of the type that want to rape, kill and rob while a bunch of apologists help them, make excuses for them and give them a bunch of stuff they can’t afford and have no fecking right to.

As it turns out a bunch of migrants decided to storm over a border fence to Ceuta, a small piece of Spanish owned land in northern Morocco.

To put the guards off grabbing then they threw feces at them. Nice.

Doesn’t end there though because .. they the a chemical at guards that burns, mind is a black forgot what it was, and several got taken to hospital.

There was also mention of flame-throwers.

Yup that is not an auto correct error they had flame throwers.

So let’s recap ..

  • Faeces thrown at people
  • Skin eroding chemicals thrown at people
  • Flame-throwers used
This adds to the list of
  • Child Rape
  • Rape of Women
  • Murder
  • While being given all our stuff
  • Encouraged by some to breed with white women, as they seem to do in Germany to my horror
  • Then after beating their wives or girlfriends .. defend them and ..
  • Blame the underage young girls, girls parents and/or wives and when you do not drop charges
  • Say it is true all British people are racist
  • I can absolutely state all that as fact because that last group of things? Yeaaah .. that has happened to us and they are still punishing us to the point when you end up just wanting to take your own life ,. every single .. day
  • Cancer has even occurred as a result of all the above and might lead to death and ..
  • Well they simply do not give a shit!
  • After all they do not know
  • It is not their culture
  • How could you expect them to know
  • Nothing wrong with them thinking they are the new master race

And the fecking Pope these people deserve priority need? Over who? The fucking devil himself?! Jesus!!

I tell you in the aftermath of all this many people are going to seriously regret being so fucking dumb, naive and career driven who were complicit in causing all this.

In won’t matter what country anymore because once you’ve gone past that tipping point no one will care what happens to these people. Regardless of how inhumane the punishments.

I simply cannot believe the Pope told the western leaders to prioritise these people?!

Something definitely going on and this Sony had to be engineered.

You cannot have that many important, powerful, rich and political people all be collectively that naive and fucking stupid?!

What the hell have we been doing the last few decades?!

Oh-oh-oh I just had a revelation?!

Jesus this one has been staring me on the face recently. Only a matter of days.

Everyone .. and I mean everyone had been asking why. I haven’t a clue and it’s all very self destructive.

But I have been dabbling around with an almost tin-foil hat type theory that works rightfully be called out as much of not for one iddy-biddy little detail ..

They plan on building a fucking load of space-ports.

What better way to do that than with hundreds of thousands or even millions of extremely cheap labour?!

Fits, don’t it?

Aren’t any other jobs around to take. Not enough houses around to give them. British, mainly whites, chucking themselves off bridges and buildings at an alarming rate shows how bad the country is. But all these people?!

Unless they plan on using them to build things on the cheap?

Could be houses and not the spaceports but I don’t know of any house building plans but I do know about seven space-ports!



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