Well this one escaped my attention.

Thanks to some channel called Rebel Media it popped up on my YouTube notifications.

It turns out there was a shooting in Toronto, Canada which I didn’t see mentioned anywhere.

I watched the video and as it turns out the news media on Canada lied about the shooting. Tried to say it was down to mental illness.

So being a radical Muslim is a mental illness now?! Blimey I’m surprised all the western media didn’t jump on that one?!

This guy walks around Toronto on the video and talks to several members of the public.

All but one make it clear they know their media is leftist and lying and that more and more people are realising this and are very unhappy.

Go figure.

I watched with shock and to think I had just watched another video that also shocked me.

This first one was a Computing Forever’s video covering Lauren Southern in Australia where they tried to assassinate her character in a very, very lame way.

I also watched some of this covered by Sargon of Akkad who also finally covered that arrest I covered a while back of that old lady. The British one who questioned why Muslims are allowed to pray somewhere no one else is? Hyde Park right here in London I think it was.

My God there must be a lot of sore body parts from all that bending over?!

I was extremely pleased to see Sargon cover the old lady and had been waiting for that since I blogged about it. Think it was a couple of weeks back, he must have one hell of a backlog of stuff being sent to him?

And then there was the video by The Iconoclast who was talking about an MP called Sarah Champion who had been forced out of her job for writing a piece about grooming gang’s and specifically pointing out there nationalities.

No wonder the west is being taken over because it is run not just by utterly complete idiots but people that are out of touch with reality.

Or maybe they are all secretly sadists? Well they keep on reporting that some weird sexual shit goes on in places like politics and Hollywood and the like? Maybe there is something in it?

Rebel Media in Toronto ..

Computing Forever covering the Lauren Southern being victimised and enduring a lame attempt at character assassination by extremely dumb Australian news media ..

The Iconoclast and Sarah Champion ..

Sargon and the little old lady along with Lauren Southern ..


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