Well this one has been popping up in titles on YouTube videos of late.

One was with Lionel Nation but he talked as if the viewer already knew what it was and not being an American I couldn’t quite follow.

Anyway .. a few days later there was a video by someone called Black Pilled or something? Not familiar with the author but thought I’d give it a look.

Boy it’s damn hot today here in the UK.

Anyway he explained it briefly and I thought, hell this is something I should look into.

Now I’ve been trying to get my own stories that go back ten years and some as far as twenty into the news for fecking years. To, surprisingly, no avail.

I recently discovered that a lead singer in an old band that used to sit outside my old flat talking to mates has been going through something similar.

Same subject of paedophiles but we are both at different ends of the spectrum.

Except we’ve both had, or tried to, contact the same individuals as well as the same organisations. Listening to him explain it was kinda .. well .. spooky!

His name is Brian Harvey and his band is East 17, named after an area in East London called Walthamstow where my family lived for like thirty years. Not any longer though. Although I’m not that far away presently, just a single bus ride.

So this Q Anon thing seems to mention the same kinds of things but in America. I took a look on Twatter and the tweets are full of all kinds of things ..

Namely paedophilia going on in politics, so to my surprise the pizzagate name rears it’s head once again.

Also going on in Hollywood, now referred to by most as Hollyweird.

This QAnon thing though. I got my hopes up once before over the .. other Anonymous who have gone silent and had many impersonators pop up. This time they are promising all kinds of things going down?!

Is this for real?!

I’ve now told someone that each time I get a name I think I can trust I go and see a report somewhere by someone showing that they cannot be trusted.

Even with this new .. group I wonder if it’s not some secret government thing to distract us .. divide and conquer or even route out your biggest enemies?

Probably not a good idea to comment on it but then I don’t think I come close to being anyone’s biggest enemy?!

But then considering what has happened, my current situation. The fact that all financial help had been cut off. The fact that I’m homeless right now and lost £20k plus. Maybe I am?

They’ve been going after my daughter and grandchildren too and even my daughter has gone from thinking I’m mad to a believer. Only took ten years.

We don’t think we will be alive for very much longer and if we are not bumped off our health conditions are likely to kill us.

We also often talk about how death seems the only way to stop the pain and suffering.

Yeah it’s that bad.

In the UK people throw themselves off motorway bridges in what seems like a weekly event. Near my daughter it seemed to happen once a month, Birkenhead if you want to check. Someone in Newcastle claimed it happens once a week there.

It’s been known for a long time, called Calum’s List, that over 130,000 people had committed suicide since 2011. Except that figures been used in the House of Commons yet several years ago that’s what the number was. So it’s not only out of date but not even close.

Outcome out action? None.

It’s a been reported that the health service have caused a similar amount of deaths. Action and outcome? None.

That leaves a large number of other public services out there and God knows if there is anything else like this.

In recent times it’s been claimed by some that this is a deliberate culling of the most vulnerable people. Disabled people and it certainly appears that way.

Of course all this affected remain bind, point the fingers are the wrong people and remain far too politically correct.

I’ll have to add some tweets and YouTube videos about the QAnon stuff at the bottom.

So I’ve been fighting the system since before the financial crisis started. But I’m running out of energy, options and .. effectively .. road!

For the longest time I kept thinking it will end in six months time but never did. I’d get some evidence I thought would end it but it never did. I’d find out some scientific and health facts I thought would end it and guess what happened? Nothing.

Yet I see them bending over backwards to help people on TV and it’s all bullshit. Fake.

You get adverts with fucking celebs that only exist to make themselves look good while asking others with 1% of what they have to help others. So making themselves look good while they don’t have to do anything themselves. Great. Each had enough to feed a third world country for a whole fucking year. But we have to do it for them? What’s even more infuriating is people but this garbage?! Jesus!

Yeah so I understand it fully when I see others on YouTube or Twatter that get angry with others and claim they are blind, naive and stupid.

Even if nothing else it must be noted how odd it is, evidence aside, that this is being said in most European countries, the UK and the USA .. does body think this is more than a coincidence?

Hollywood being a massive paedophile ring when it seems that every other week something is coming out from people involved?

Just the other day I saw a self made video of a Hollywood actor, not familiar to me, who claimed that there is way more shit going on in Hollywood than even the biggest conspiracy theorists theorise?!

Odd because that’s how it’s claimed to be right here in the UK.

I wonder if we’re going to start hearing similar things in each of the countries in Europe?

It’s always easy to have doubts though. You think it would be hard to keep a lid on anything especially if the whole world is constantly looking in?

  • Be this UFO abductions ..
  • Hollywood paedophile rings ..
  • Or anything else, tinfoil here required or otherwise?

I mean I sometimes see actions and have recently that suggest a tin-foil hey theory might be going on ..

First they attend years storing food plant seeds before starting on all other seeds.

Then increases in planetary activity takes place for all the see but gets denied. Volcanic and seismic activity.

Weather hottest and driest it’s ever been?

But if there was something coming you know they just wouldn’t tell you. They simply wouldn’t.

Because .. just as they have always managed to do they have failed to prepare.

So they might need to build massive underground cities or .. massive submarines, aka film 2012, or even giant spacecraft, space stations or cities in the moon to live in until it’s all over.

Now if something was coming do you think people withdraw carry on working to pay then taxes to save themselves? Do you think they would actually work on these things not intended to save the lives of the workers? No .. they would not. I fecking wouldn’t!

So yeah .. they wouldn’t tell you anyway.

Funny how they talk about others have self-entitlement issues and they are the absolute worst.

Oh yeah and the news report that the UK is stockpiling both food and medicine doesn’t look good either and but does the excuse as to why they are doing this.

Oh yeah and let’s not forget about the sudden announcements of spaceports?! Something like half a dozen or more just in the UK alone?! Weird.

There’s tens of thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth and they have moaned about all this junk for years ..

With everything everyone had put to there already so you really believe they need half a dozen launch pads in the small country of the UK to send to more?!

Think of all the land Russia, America and China has.

Now I’m into astronomy and I’ve wanted to see man go to Mars and a laboratory on the Moon for years. Ever since I was a kid.

But then NASA suddenly reveals its plan to build a base on the surface of the Moon within ten years?

I was like “Err where the feck did that come from?!”

So after spending years thinking how late we are at doing these things that suddenly gets announced.

Yeah and all these privileged people and their luxury lives have what it takes to survive and help the human race continue on? Lol.

In fact I’ve already covered this and if QAnon come out with details about some secret plan anything like I quoted of be over the moon ..

.. until I remembered that ..

  • A comet we coming or ..
  • An asteroid was coming or ..
  • An ice age was coming or ..
  • The world was about to have a global drought or ..
  • An epidemic was about to sweep the globe or ..
  • Continental Shift was about to take place .. or ..
  • Magnetic flip was about to take place .. or ..
  • Nuclear War was about to take place .. or ..
  • The nearby star was about to go supernova and bathe the Earth in deadly Gamma rays and other cosmic radiation.

Long list isn’t it?

Probably missed one or two?

One things for certain and absolutely nobody can deny this ..

There is a whole long list of some very bizarre things going on in the world right now.

It’s not even confined to just one or two countries either. But seemingly everywhere.

It’s one big giant distraction. But if it’s intended then you have to ask, by who and .. why?

I’m often stating to people, even those I’ve only just met, like this is all intended to turn society against one another. I always get a raised eyebrow and agreement from that. Because it’s something they had not considered previously.

What scares me is if either my daughter or I ever come across a miracle to save our own personal nightmares affecting is currently .. will we just exchange this for another inevitable nightmare that is widespread doom?

Good God I need a beer!

It is like living the film The Purge .. only in that death would be a lot quicker and probably with a lot less suffering and pain. I am guessing?

It has been bad enough already, certainly enough to self-harm and God knows how bad things will get before it is all over?! I effing dread to think! I only need to grow the gonads one time to see that through .. to the proverbial end.

Asked all those you can think of for help and guess what? One of the worst cases of mental health problems due to two sets of the worst circumstances and victims of some of the worst crimes and conspiracies and .. nothing.

I wonder who the fuck actually gets any help in the UK and what all these people receiving money actually fucking do?! All of them!

Here is a Wikipedia page regarding Qanon but please bear in mind that despite where you hear it from. especially mainstream media, not everything is as it first appears ..

Qanon’s Twitter Page .. ..

I think? I do not know a great deal about this person or group.

Wish I could come into contact with a group like this in the UK .. hell, yeah. If only?


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