I’m seem to be going, and feeling like it too, a bit mad today with the posts.

It’s kind of taking my mind off something and I don’t even know what that something is right now. But I’m nervous and anxious about it which is on top of the way I normally feel!

This could very well turn out to be bad? Perish the thought!

However I see another article I was already aware of and it’s reasoning. Only in the Forbes article below the reasons it gives are a little different to the ones I know to be fact.

Now the thing is here is that the Forbes reasoning might some more accurate than my own except ..

I actually came across this story in the comments section of several YouTube videos and was a bit surprised at what I read. Though this reasoning is also backed up by something everyone is aware of.

The action is that of people cutting their cable TV subscriptions.

Forbes reason is that broadband internet is not readily available as of free stuff. Yeah except it wasn’t introduced in the last few weeks or months.

What I read was to do with .. FAKE NEWS!!

People are saying it’s so obvious they are being lied to and movies and TV being filled with utter shite that they have cancelled their cable!!

I have ever read of Brits that are now refusing to pay for a TV licence. Good luck with that backlog TV licensing?! Lol.

Yeah .. here’s the thing. You charging for a service and people want what they want and one thing they don’t want is being lied to our feel like they are being manipulated.

At this rate the only people that will still be paying for cable or TV licencing will be rise that are hard left. Not .. very .. many.

Those that are not hard left are realising how hypocritical the hard left is and are leaving and being attached while doing so. Again .. not very bright.

As a result the left is shrinking and shrinking fast.

Money comes from TV by way of subscriptions or advertising and you need big numbers for both. Not just a few hundred thousand hard left morons per country.

So there you have it ..

Is Forbes reporting correctly? If not have they been misinformed or are they being political?

I have absolutely no idea about Forbes lyrical leaning, if they have any leaving at all. They probably have as everyone appears to have today.

The BBC has had more and more people distrust them and I’m even hearing bad things about Panorama?! Another one to shock my daughter as we were told she was going to appear on that back in February. Nothing more was said. We got a couple of piss-ant magazine publications along with two separate promises about crowd funding. Once again nothing more was stated on these promises.

Lies and shit .. that’s all anyone gets today unless you can give them something to preach their narratives.

Unable to have something they can preach about and despite your pain and suffering they will literally leave you to die.

Or kill you as they did my father.

Yeah .. guaranteed on my mind is disillusion and nothing else. Well a small part will be money saving no doubt?

The Erosion of Cable TV Subscribers May Soon Become A Deluge


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