I thought that was hit this morning?!

I awoke unusually early and was struck with anxiety and my heart was constantly trying to escape my chest like a damned Xenomorph from the Alien movies.

It spent what seemed like several hours subsiding and then bang. Subsiding and then .. bang. I was at the stage several times that is this was going to be it I wish it would get it over with.

Not only is it the case of the different ways in which I am suffering but also watching others suffer in a country and world that is getting uglier by the day.

I recently got into a disagreement on Twatter, yeah I have kind of started doing that now, over James Gunn and someone defending him. I pointed out his errors and he looked into my history and cherry picked a load of things.

Manage to find that I liked an Info Wars video. Umm .. yeah someone is not wrong just because they do not sing from the hymn sheet that is your narrative.

The fact that I liked the odd video does not mean that I agree with him.

Of course it was suggested I was right or alt-right wing and of course I put paid to that attempt.

You see they just do not play fair and nor are they fair as if they was this politically correct and secretly socialist society I live in what not have done what it has done to my daughter, my grandchildren and myself.

He also ignored the fact that we are both suffering and have conditions that can and probably will kill both me and my daughter before our time.

But then we are so disillusioned and pissed off with the biased PC society we live in we often want to take our leave of it anyway.

If your causing that much suffering to so many people then I am afraid you cannot claim to be socialist nor can you ignore these facts and still claim to be socialist.

Another Twatter user also stated that the celebrities coming out to defend James Gunn seem to be under the false impression that this gives out the impression that they are good people?

Yeah .. only to idiots and children hurt that there might not be a Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.

One moron actually claimed that everyone, and I quote here, sees James Gunn’s tweets as just bad jokes whereas I pointed out that in no fucking way do even half the people see that, so not not everyone as he states. I also pointed out to think about the ages of the people that would be defending them. A billion children around the world intent on seeing another James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy does not in any way back up his claims. So bloody naive it begs belief.

I even come across an old favourite of mine, James Woods, attacking things and, as I pointed out to idiots, YouTubers stating that if any of their subscribers are defending James Gunn they want them to unsubscribe from their channel. Yes that is how strongly people feel about this.

Unfortunately I survived my morning to read this crap from people who do not give a shit about victims be they adults or even children, as long as you stick to their PC narrative that does not apply to all people, just like the rest of their mottoes and rules.

As everyone is clearly stating .. these people are hypocrites and I have had twenty years of their hypocrisy and fifteen years of suffering from their hypocrisy and in all honesty I do hate them with a passion you would not believe.

But I have good reason and am still being persecuted by them, even on my blogs would you believe and I am not even right-wing in any way. Except in one single solitary subject.

A subject that has never worked, only got worse and is gradually scaring the hell out of more and more people. Just like James Gunn’s inevitable firing by Disney this other subject also has writing all over the proverbial wall. But everyone ignores it.

We have been given two choices .. no others ..

Lay down and die

Fight for your lives

And that is coming but everyone wants to either ignore it or state that it will not get to this stage, get annoyed when people do not believe them, get annoyed as they gradually lose the people that did agree with them and have fucking nothing to back this up.

They get annoyed with others that say what I do when the evidence is not only all around us, being exposed by real news outlets and not the mainstream media and is obvious started a long time ago and has gotten worse over the years.

Tip .. when it has shown that for two decades it has only ever been heading in one direction then you have to face reality and admit that it will only ever go in that direction.

Because if you do not when you do face up to this it might already be too late.

Those that do not do not have enough grey matter to be able to rub together to even get a spark going, let alone a fire.

Yeah that chery picker also completely ignored posts where my own daughter was a victim of a grooming gang and now faces the possibilities of dying before she even reaches thirty years of age?!

Nice these politically correct socialist people ..


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