Oh well .. par for the course and kinda obvious and has been for years as I have long stated ..


However despite stating that of those arrested 95%, or thereabouts, do not go to prison .. The Guardian seems to think this is down to the lower numbers of Police?

Umm .. maybe I am wrong here but would not lower numbers of Police meant that they were not apprehended in the first instance?

No it has not got anything to do with austerity measures running way beyond what David Cameron and George Osborne stated?

It has got nothing to do with the benefit cuts?

It has got nothing to do with benefit caps?

It has nothing to do with people becoming homeless in their tens of thousands?

A good job then that the government has murdered over 250,000, eh? Because most of them would be committing crimes to?!

This area I am in would have heard one siren a fortnight when I was a kid. Today I have heard around five or six that I recall. In one day. This happens most days and I normally hear at least two sirens and anywhere up to six or more. Normally starts in the afternoons where I might her two or three lots. Lots, that is. I then might here another one to three lots in the evenings and after it turns dark.

Despite the way I am treated by my own government and public services and from what I have seen on YouTube this is probably my problem and why I do not get help but ..

  • I am not a criminal
  • I am not a thief
  • I will not rob anyone
  • I will not burgle anyone
  • I will not defraud anyone
  • More liable to help if I am able
  • Will not become a drug dealer
  • Never have nor never will be a rapist
  • Will not become an alcoholic .. though .. I am not entirely sure about this one just yet
Though from my own observations .. if you are one of the above you get treated like a human being by the authorities and get help, a home and all benefits.
Unless it is, of course, down to the demographic I belong to? Sometimes it is difficult to be sure of the exact reasons.
Despite any angry ranting I may have done over the years I am only interested in the truth and also in change.
As I stated to my daughter when I read out the numbers in the crimes listed in the link below .. it simply cannot go on like this for much longer.
Things are just going to get worse and worse and worse and the crimes are going to go up and up and up and this will not cease.
Force people back into animals and they will behave like animals and those that want to do the finger pointing? Yeah .. well .. well over half of you would do the exact same if pushed ..
That is why it is called basic human behaviour, dumb-arses. You are NOT a different species and nor are you missing the biological sources that make people behave like this. Pushed far enough anyone would do the same. Well very almost everyone.

Maybe I would given enough time? But then those that are afflicted with what I have or something similar? Yeah .. the anxiety attacks would very likely prevent you fro doing anything along the lines of committing a crime?

It is like a crime wave and when you read about the crime numbers just remember the following ..

.. you just know that they are massaging the figures.

Just so happens that the numbers are so effing bad that no amount of massaging will hide the facts.

While idiots at the Guardian are only now realising it is a bleak picture? Really? I mean .. fecking really?! You are just realising this now?! Jesus H. Christ do you people normally live under very large and very dark rocks?!

Probably all the people realising that the public services have been lying for years are the ones committing the crimes? Maybe even ones that have discovered that the public services and anything but and have not been for a fair old while now?

Knife crime, burglaries and all other crimes across the board have all risen. In fact robberies and burglaries combined are numbered at around half a million. Half .. a million! I do not know if that is just so far this year or for the past 12 months?!


The Guardian are being their normal idiot selves or knowingly lying .. again .. and claiming it is down to policing .. no .. morons. It is the way the country is run and the austerity measures and cuts placed on the welfare system.

Look above .. I correctly predicted this like I have so many other things 6 years ago or more .. like sufferers of mental health turning to crime and even violence towards members of the public ..

I stated to my daughter the following just a few hours before reading this ..

“I just do not get it. I see things that others do not and I soon realise people do not see it my way and I truly do not get it. How can other snot see these things?! To me they are obvious. It is either obvious what is really going on or it is obvious what is going to happen down the line. But others simply do not see it!”



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