Someone seems to be admitting, or even just realising, that people are not to walk or like walking too much?

Though this is not true of all people it certainly is true of most .. and everywhere. Seen it here in London for years and see this on The Wirral.

So much so that the Evening Standard seems to be suggesting that walk signs, green man symbol, on traffic lights in key locations be left on for longer.

Two things from this ..

One .. I fecking told you so and ..

Two .. that’s going to cause mayhem no doubt?

Now considering this plus the fact you can’t get a seat on a bloody bus for love nor money, plus they are pricey these days and hot as hell in the summer ..

What do you think it’s like busing around and walking around for people with disabilities?

What do you think it’s like for someone that had more than one disability?!

How about those that have several disabilities?!?!

I fall into the letter category, strangely enough and not a day goes by when I can’t believe how bad I am or the situation I’m currently in.

Hell .. not a day goes by when I think I’m going to survive it!

Feet, ankles, legs, back, shoulders, pores, head, chest, heart and entire body when it comes down to sudden loss of energy. Though to be fair this lady one is just legs .. again. Adding to the Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs this makes two things for the legs.

Well .. not considering the thigh pain I get off I forget to take magnesium pills.

That’s also just legs .. not including the two things with both my feet. Bilateral things.

It’s frustrating and worryingly unbearable and no, before anyone thinks it, it’s not a case of getting used to it. There is no getting used to it.

Some things are constant and variable while other things occur out of the blue at different frequencies.

But the fact remains that even the things that are seldom .. there are just sooo many that they are frequent .. collectively.

Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates you just never know what your going to get!

However .. when it comes to the public services and these so-called advice agencies and charities in my experience no one gives a crap.

I’ve been trying to continue to do that which I not only love doing but in time can bring me an income.

Acquire photographs of very high resolution and, to my mind, quality.

However despite not doing hardly any of that last year and a lot more this year .. I’m still cancelling days doing this shit.

Because of my health.

I’m also now experiencing stupid and unfair treatment from sites selling photographs from unreasonable demands. Go figure.

But what I find repugnant is this attitude that disabled people are fully fit, according to the government.

Even more annoying is the fact that I’ve maintained for years that is the public transport infrastructure was better a lot more people, like myself, works work. Even if it was just on a part time basis.

I myself constantly wonder if there was something I could do locally .. except I’m not registered here, can’t do full time as much as I would like and it’s far too built up here.

I know the area as I spent the early part of my childhood here. But when your forced to have to stop and there’s nowhere to rest for large sections your .. fecked!

Green man to be left on at pedestrian crossings in radical bid to get Londoners walking


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