Ooh dear .. this is not going to end well.

Twatter just blocked a guy with a warning .. in the warning it states you get blocked and gives the reasons you get blocked.

So reasonable to assume he broke one of the rules they stated in the message?


He didn’t break any of the rules and it gets better as ..

He told the truth in his opinion and I have nothing that doubts this ..

He responded to someone else, a young black guy, stating that the Police, in America, are responsible for the deaths of many black people.

This other guy stated that black guys between 18 and 30 are responsible for 90% of black people’s deaths.

I don’t know if that’s true .. he says it is and told rid young black guy to do his research.

Ahh so reasonable to assume that the Twatter Twits saw it, it was likely reported by the young moron, thought it was racist and blocked him?!

Yeeeah .. about that? Maybe they should have checked his profile first?

The guy with three statistics was none other than popular YouTuber David Harris Jnr!

Ooh yeah .. he’s black!

Ooh dear. Well he has already done a YouTube video about this and you can find that below.

Now I wonder if the Twatter Twits will do an about face on this? Too late now.

Or is it a case that the left are losing the ability to use their favourite buzzwords? This can be their own like racist, misogynist, patriarchy, Nazis and alt-right fit anything not extreme left. Or ride they like to steal from anyone not far left, like ‘fake news’ and ‘snowflakes’?

They tried to state that white men are evil and should all die as they are privileged .. fuck .. off. Now they are moving onto white women, guess they didn’t see that one coming?

They try to lie about figures ..

Yeah second UK referendum because more prior want to stay .. yeah one or two that regretted it does not equate to one or two million. They also fail to realise that although some of them are rejecting democracy because it didn’t work in their favour .. many remainers respect we have a democratic society and don’t want a totalitarian state. Morons.

I imagine that as they are now realising that #metoo has spawned #walkaway and also #mgtow is a growing thing and many of those they thought they had in the corner are not .. they must be getting more than a little nervous right now?!

Ooh how I hope I watch this one unfold.


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