I’ve been hearing a lot of interesting things.

I’m hearing many more things in particular subject areas with an increase in frequency.

It’s quite astounding as well as weird how quickly things have turned around. People are leaving the left in politics in ever increasing numbers. They are even winding up somewhere near the centre or completely over to the right.

It’s also occurring in nations I thought would take a while to catch up.

Of these I heard of Sweden recently and now Germany with their AfD party now the second largest party.

Upon hearing this I got to thinking about all the elections coming up in each country.

Then I started to wonder if people that might be tempted to vote this way too, hesitate and if they would think things through beforehand?

Would they wonder if their leftist/socialist/communist/SJW politics will succeed like they were told it would or would it fold? What would be the consequences?

I wonder if they would wonder could they take that chance this time round?

Might be too late if you get it wrong?!

I also heard that Donald Trump didn’t have very good things to say about Brexit. Well let’s be honest, it’s not Brexit is it? I mean, it’s called Brexit but it’s not really Brexit.

Many on the left are now walking away and thinking it’s time to do this before it is too late, seeing lately what damage it has been doing and realising that their core is made up of complete nut-jobs.

People that don’t know what they are but think that’s normal.

People that don’t know who they are and think that’s normal.

People with big hang ups or grievances over any of the above. Axes to grind.

Then the weirdos that think they will get what they want legalised.

The worst part of all that despite being self declared social people they hate certain groups.

They are happy to leave people to suffer, starve and even die. There’s absolutely nothing social about that. Unless ‘social’ now means ‘evil’ because that’s what they are.


I’ve also heard that Theresa May is going to be gone soon too. My daughter will celebrate that news! Fucking idiot and cold hearted biatch that she is. Angela Leadsom, it seems, was dead right.

There seems to be a barrage of videos coming out regarding leaving the left and walking away, mainstream media being seen for what they are and looking like dear in headlights, Theresa May being torn down over and over again on Twitter, everyone saying she is finished and that at the nexxt general election the Tories are finished.

Even a few actors have come out and voiced there concerns and fears for themselves, though bizarrely Henry Cavill was torn down by these complete fecking nutters over this .. oh your supposed to do what you always do and if you get it wrong? Tough shit? Labelled? In prison? Wrongfully? Nice.

I know and I have been waiting for a split in the celebrity community like nothing that has ever been seen before in history. Because many of them that think themselves intelligent with a God complex having them believe they are an authoritative mouthpiece are sooo .. not. A rude awakening coming that will have them skulking in the corners of a room in their overly expensive houses, no doubt? A deliberate attempt to hide away out of sight once it has become obvious there secret is out.

Yeeeaaaah .. not everyone in the world is a star struck giddy fan without two brain cells capable as working as a fecking team!

Could you imagine another three to five years of things steadily getting worse?

Could you imagine civil wars breaking out?


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