I just wanted to get this out there quickly as something may happen to me ..

  • Heart Feels likes it is n a constant grinder
  • Anxiety is through the roof
  • I have to do stuff when ..
  • I have had zero offers of help
  • Got moaned at though
  • But that is how the British are these days it seems?

A couple of weeks ago I did not do a post on it but I noticed something .. with a toe nail.

On the large toe of my right foot I see these deep ridges running horizontally across my toe that just looked .. weird. I wondered whether or not this might be a sign of deficiency and might be a sign of how serious it had become? So I looked it up at the time and what I discovered was a bit of a surprise .. to say the least.

One of the possibilities was something called Coronary Occlusion which is an obstruction of the blood flow in a coronary artery. This can cause a heart attack. Mild pain, tightness and vague discomfort is what is listed on Wikipedia but the events, which I believe cause the two line .. yeah .. two, were somewhat stronger than these described. It also states that the muscle tissue of the heart may get damaged?

Now I .. have trouble believing it but I have been wondering now if I had a mild heart attack and this is why the symptoms were worse than that described?

Yes I have tried to get help, remember I have no GP right now and they wont register me? I was supposed to register at a GP that was a mile and a half away but I had an event .. or series of them and pretty horrifying, on my return. I was then supposed to go back just to register, yup .. SECOND visit, and I freaked out and got off the bus in three stops and then .. collapsed against a wall.
Yet I have emailed organisations like HealthWatch and all they say is get to that Doctors and register?!
Yeah .. an NHS Surgery where in my experience ..
  • They do nothing
  • They take forever when they actually do, do something .. normally for cancer
  • They fob off
  • They .. lie
I seem to have something in common with the subject of a documentary I saw years ago regarding Oetzi the Iceman..





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