Ooh dear.

A soft Brexit?!

I suppose I should not have expected anything less really. I suspected this would happen just as I thought that once she had done this .. democracy was well and truly over and will been seen as nothing less than that but all those that voted to leave and many that voted to remain.

If your a remainer and think everyone that voted for way agrees with this then your deluded.

I know what people voting to leave wanted and I know what many that voted to remain believe ..

  • No immigration and no paying the EU
  • This is a democracy and you lost
  • Ooh boy this is really going to open a
  • Can of slow release worms!

The one and only time we’ve had something truly democratic. The one time we get to vote on something and any movement on it works be seen as a stab in the back.

It’s one thing to be promised shit they have no intention of delivering on in a general election.

It’s quite another to vote for just two things and not get those two things in some twisted bullshit.

But I get to watch over time as I get proved correct yet again and almost all politicians and those remoaners that don’t believe in democracy any more.

This is a destruction of what it means to be democratic and it’s going to have far and wide negative effects. Of course it is.

I’ll also be here when it happens to remind them of what I stated and point out it was obvious and their own fault.

Yeah they will try to twist it but I’ll be here calling them out.

Like the socialist left claiming to be left when in my book ‘fair’ means ‘fair’ and not fair to some demographics and not others.

Ooh and their reasons for this are absolute bullshit and not only easily disproved but have been over and over and over again by many savvy and highly popular YouTubers.

The difference between the two sides?

One accepts debate, arguments and comments .. the other does not which says it all really.

On the rare occasions when you do get to argue with them they start screeching and yelling in some demented tactic that this wins an argument and gets then supporters.

No .. you only get the most dense of people with that tactic. Anyone with an ounce of intelligence is not going to look at them seriously.

They might be left but they won’t agree to their bullshit.

In fact it’s going to be interesting as more and more people realise the media had this tactic and that they have lied to us and misled us.

What both groups have done is treat us like we are idiots, have not the intelligence or wisdom to make up our own minds. That they know what’s best for us.

Grand scale patronisation if ever I’ve witnessed it and I honestly did not think I ever would.

But I knew from my own dealings with the mainstream media that something was very, very wrong.

Upon realising I never thought I would live long enough to see everyone realise what was going on?

I very almost have.

Oddly .. the mainstream media realised that people were onto them .. but they had no idea how widespread this is until very, very recently.

Or at least I think they have unless that idiot journalist from the Guardian had not bothered to check the videos of someone that called him out to be a liar. Ooh sorry .. you have to say disingenuous today, lol. If he checked the videos and looked at the ratio of likes and dislikes they might realise the cat has not got out of the bag .. it’s sunning itself on a beach very far away and had been there for years.

The problem is getting rid of this infectious rot of not going to be easy ..

.. but I’m willing to bet a very large contingent will not be happy until the culprits have been found and are .. dealt with accordingly.

If you do the crime you have to do the time.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Brexit: Cabinet agrees ‘collective’ stance on future EU deal –


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