Well after being accused of being that from someone that is an idiot, tried to twist what I said into something I did not and went back under the rock from whence they came ..

With all the pain, several mornings of nearly collapsing and the searing heat I managed to do four days, well two and two halves after running out of steam, I got out to try and continue on with my photography plans .. as per the agreed business plan I had with my Job Centre at the time only to have the DWP pull the rug from under me one week after going self employed, .. to the person with that comment .. you fucking idiot!

What he would not want to hear is in my second year of blogging I got a call while I was cycling from a lady who got my number from someone I had met who had been reading my blog .. probably inspired to say this due to an early photo of this Hooded Man and I was called a modern day Robin Hood. Was not the first or the last time that was said to me along with a few other things. Nice things before you wonder, lol

To be honest I do not feel like Robin Hood as I have not got a pile of cash I have ripped off the rich and do not feel like I am getting anywhere fast! Lol.

As for the DWP I guess they discovered I was not being kind to them and pulled the funding from a firm they should not have done as they were contractors?!

As for the photographs .. I have taken around 650 to 700 photographs across four days which technically should have been more.

I will spend the next three to four days working my way through them and uploading them .. I will be very happy if I produce between 300 and over the moon if I produce 500 pictures.

I would imagine I have taken around 1,200 to 1,800 pictures and improving my post-processing skills as well as my eye and my use of the Sony A99II camera as I go.

Here are some photos and the first is a return of the Hooded Man from around four or five years ago which became associated with me .. in a way that made me feel kind of honoured ..














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