Well I finally watched a YouTube video by Count Dunkula.

Jesus I need to watch this guy more often!

He pointed out that the Police watched social media and arrested a bunch of people .. swiftly, I might add, who were on the right of centre. Damn my memory issues .. I think it was something to do with a protest? Tommy Robinson maybe?

Anyway what I thought was a real genius move by him as right after hearing that the Police have done this he pointed out how Antifa have never been touched.

That’s just .. beautiful.

Never before have I been quite so impressed on my first watch of someone’s video on YouTube. Yes I’ve been impressed many times but this was .. just .. beautiful. Lol.

To have been battling these public services and knowing that they lie and are corrupted for so long now .. to finally see others pointing out their cagey shit is such a relief. I’ve waited so long to see this.

I just hope I’m around long enough to see the ultimate outcome of all this.

In fact whatever the outcomes are I’ll rub my hands together with glee to see these evil houses torn down.

Know what’s been done to my daughter and myself and you’ll wonder why I’m not the one doing the tearing down. Or even holding the proverbial matches?!

Well I kind of am and have been for the longest time now.

I’ll have to go watch the Count again and finish this tomorrow evening.



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