The dates listed below are all the dates that I took photos but the

Sony A99II was not used until around August 2017 ..

I tried to provide sample images for each of the dates but for some reason my laptop is not connecting and it is intermediate between slow .. stop and fucking backwards in time! Annoying.

So as well as my reading along with my writing I wanted to show just how few times I get out when if everything was perfect and not for my health I would be out at least three days a week.

I am not managing three days a month currently! This is extremely frustrating as the photography and cycling are the only things that relax me and I cannot get my bike out without having a heart episode.

My other two things to relax me are gaming and films and some bloody morons who think they know better than everyone else, want to dictate their shit to everyone else and have ideologies that are based in bullshit and unworkable are doing their best to destroy those two industries. You have the tossers making the games that now think it is a good idea to pick up ideas in mobile games done by overseas tossers by paying to win games and forcing kids to gamble by buying lootboxes too.

This makes me sick as they a very obvious and deliberately going after children with this slimy underhanded tactic.

Everyone wants money per month now started with mobiles, now shopping with Amazon and gaming too. When will it all ever end?!

I imagine a time when people will be so irate that they will start erecting stakes in the local town square and it will be like the treatment of witches all over again. Only the witches did not deserve it and was based on baseless facts.

Social Justice Warriors have a lot to answer for. And I am sure that before very long, they will?

A history of how I took photographs and you can see the point where I became more creative purely because I knew I had a way better camera .. a professional camera I had waited years to buy and bought for cash.

A Sony A99II whereas up to the point I only had a Nikon P900 and if you want to do things professionally and took high quality photos you need a good camera. Of course I professional camera does not make you take good photos.

But I would otherwise have ignored I looked it in a new light and more importantly .. new .. angles.

  • 2.392 Photos as of 29/06/18

  • June 26th 2018 – Post Processing

  • June 25th 2018 – Post Processing

  • Took Two Days

  • June 24th – 2018 –

  • Trip to Isle of Sheppey (by car)

  • Both Cameras

  • Professional Camera ..

  • May 27th 2018

  • Visit to Friend His Exotic Animals

  • Non  Professional Camera ..

  • May 11th 2018

  • Trip to Walthamstow Marshes (local)

  • No Professional Camera ..

  • April 22nd 2018 – Post Processing

  • Trip to London Bridge (single bus)

  • Professional Camera ..

  • April 21st 2018 – Post Processing

  • April 19th 2018 – Post Processing

  • April 17th 2018 – Post Processing

  • Trip to Woodberry Wetlands (local)

  • Two Cameras .. equals TOUGH

  • April 15th 2018

  • Trip to Gardening Club Enfield (by car)

  • Professional Camera ..


  • April 6th 2018 – Post Processing

  • Local Garden

  • Professional Camera ..

  • March 21st 2018

  • Local House Plants

  • Professional Camera ..

  • March 15th 2018

  • Trip to Finsbury Park (local)

  • March 14th 2018

  • Trip to Woodberry Wetlands (local)

  • March 6th 2018

  • March 5th 2018

Gave up uploading more photos .. something seems to be slowing down or blocking my laptop connection and has been for a few weeks

  • February 22nd 2018

  • Mostly non-productive

  • Professional Camera Only




  • February 17th 2018




  • February 16th 2018

  • February 6th 2018

  • January 28th 2018

  • January 18th 2018

  • September 13th 2017

  • After three months of NEA meetings

  • Went Self-employed

  • Supposed to go onto Working Tax Credits & ..

  • Get NEA payments for 6 months but ..

  • Week after I go self-employed and sign off they ..


  • September 11th 2017




  • August 31st 2017

  • August 25th 2017

  • August 24th 2017

  • August 20th 2017

  • August 10th 2017

  • August 7th 2017

  • August 5th 2017

  • August 1st 2017


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