We have been let down and we do not know why.

There has been a eerie and sudden silence and previous promises have not been delivered upon and despite my reaching out and the fact there are still a few weeks left .. no replies have arrived in my inbox.

Well that is from the two that made the promises .. the exact same promise and from one to another and the promise by the second contact .. based in the minimal part of the story they published I seriously doubt it will occur.

As always I am always expecting someone to come in and screw everything up!

My daughter used to dismiss these things I claimed around thirteen years ago and that was until a serious of unfortunate events that took place over the last year.

She had two friends that liked me but even they thought I was way off in orbit over my claims and I am sad to say that they found out the hard way. I wish all three of them were still in the position were the thought I was being over the top!

Because sometimes when people find out the truths I am already well aware of and the hard way it can be downright cruel.

My daughter has been made promises and had many lies and even legal threats and considering her condition and the situation this is unbelievable and now thinks that this has gone way, way beyond a coincidence.

The worst part about it all is that there are certain things I cannot disclose on here, depths gone to that I cannot disclose on here and considering our dire situations I have to think about self-protection because there isn’t any in the UK anymore. YOu cannot even get the truth out on the Internet and relax that it is out there.

Six years I have been putting it ‘out there’ and it has grown slower than a paraplegic snail.

What has become somewhat concerning is that it turns out I could die both with warning signs with a couple of ways and without with another. No GP remember?

What if something happened to me?

What if this latest journalist does not carry out that which they said? It matters not to us what the reason is .. this will be the second time we were promised something .. basically told something was inevitable and .. nothing has occurred.

Originally we were told this was going to occur with 6 weeks and that when this comes around we will not be were either of us are by then.

That six week period passed us by the end of March to early April and here we are almost in July and there is absolutely no sign whatsoever of any light at the end of our tunnel.

Reaching out for help has been met with refusals, requests for legal representation has been turned down on both sides. That is, after all, how they are getting away with it.

The UK has become one big giant charade for anyone who is native, that is.

I wondered what would happen if something was to happen to me .. my daughter and grandchildren will have no one to help them and be at the mercy of the public services and whatever it is they are all up to currently.

So I wondered who I could make aware of my daughter’s plight and our situation and anything and anyone on the left was out of the question because it is their blindness and idiocy along with their twisted ideologies that we are living in this fiery hell and either of us can die at any point.

The left is evil and I fear them immensely and hate them with a passion as they are all hypocritical lying evil nutters that deserve to burn in hell, of there was one.

So I contacted an .. organisation a few days back but was not happy with just one and I had often thought about contacting one of those people I listen to a lot on YouTube who I often agree with and state the same things I have done.

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Dave Cullen, Computing Forever
  • Iconoclast
  • Vee
  • Vernaculis
I did think if a few across the pond, so to speak ..
  • Tim Pool
  • Heather Southern
Difficult finding out how to email them .. really it was and I did send messages but I have no idea if it has been successful or not. At least I will feel better momentarily and feel like I have tried to do something else for my daughter.
A shame that each time I do this I just seem to either hit a brick wall almost immediately or I start to appear to get somewhere and then have a fecking great boulder dropped in front of me or on my head just when I think I am almost there.
I have people simply say that “this country is fucked” but there is only so much any human can take and I have already endured more than most and longer than most.
In fact my daughter has endured more than most .. she has that crown while I hold the longevity crown.

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