Ooh boy ..

I’ve been waiting a very long time for something like this to come to the fore.

You see I’ve known for a very, very long time they Doctors, specialists, hospitals and GP Surgeries have been lying as well as getting out wrong.

They have done this over a period of twenty five years or more with me alone.

Think about that for a moment ..

Twenty five years .. all those GPs, six surgeries, five or six hospitals, maybe more all being paid with your taxes over twenty five years.

For the first few years I thought they were simply being out wrong and even this alone is bad enough.

Then I started to feel like I was being deliberately fobbed off for the next few years.

Then I started to suspect I was being lied to but kept telling myself this simply couldn’t be possible. These are Doctors and they swear on oath?!

Well after a few more years that oath didn’t amount to very much when I got my first lie. Then another. Then another and it was jumping from GP Surgeries to hospitals.

During my degree I dabbled with the idea of using something called an Expert System. Look out up there are books on the subject. This was 1999 and I was fully aware of artificial intelligence and I knew it was coming. I even considered studying for a degree in artificial intelligence alone? But I knew it was some years off even then. I figured five to ten years at least?

As those that know me .. I had access to Pixar videos before Pixar was a thing. That was funny when I later realised and one of my brothers guy a shock. I also turned down an offer of a Doctorate which works have had me working in the world of medicine. Creating simulation software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery.

Yup .. Peter Pasmore of Middlesex University made me that offer which I stupidly turned down and thought I was too old. Didn’t like the idea of owing any more money than I did.

Nearly twenty years later and I’m now hearing of these A.I.’s more and more.

Of course the difference now is that I know that health professionals lie through their teeth today and I didn’t when I was offered the Doctorate.

But wait a moment? Artificial intelligence diagnosing people better than Doctors?!

Well .. that’s not going to be too hard now is it?

I mean I’ve had twenty five years of them getting it wrong and lying about people’s health and it’s gone way beyond me in that time.

I have no less than seven family members who know they have something to buy do not know what it is. There is an eighth by be doesn’t count because he’s never even registered with a Doctor.

But you have an issue with these. There are Doctors everywhere that no they have been lying, several have even admitted it to me and I have always had respect for them admitting this and why. This lying and fobbing off had become viral in the last five or so years and is currently at an all time high.

So what if an artificial intelligence suddenly points out hundreds of thousands of not millions of things Doctors have somehow missed?! Oops!

Yeah I imagine there are a lot of Doctors losing sleep over this new artificial intelligence thing?!

Probably all slowly realising that the cat will be out of the proverbial bag over the next few years, if not already, and that they will be thrown under the proverbial bus by the government and the NHS.

Well you know it’s going to happen.

Unless of course they buy the company and reprogram the thing to lie.

Yeah .. lying artificial intelligence? Not a good idea.

Yeah artificial intelligence is not going to be able to be warped to fit narratives or some political agenda which involves lying to and misleading the masses because someone wants to reach some personal goal or look like they have done their job when they obviously have not.

If I was working in any government that deliberately mislead its people, and I do not give a flying fuck about their lame excuses, I would be shitting myself right now.

Feeling poorly? The app will see you now

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