It is annoying when an immoral tosser, I would like ot be far more graphic in this area, comes online and leaves fucking idiotic comments. Making themselves look like an immoral twat that lives under a rock.

The one thing morons do, other than not reading everything before stating they have all the answers, is asking themselves .. does he divulge everything?

Oddly I think I might know who that was and was very likely someone I had dealings with who clearly had a serious mental health issue. In the end I refused to go into business with him but what he does not know is that .. well .. my decision was influenced by others. His friends who had known me for five minutes. Some did not like me at first, because I was a Londoner. But after awhile I started getting warnings .. left .. right .. and centre.

He did not take rejection well, let me tell you.

Like a demented child with Autism he pops up every now and then, makes out he is someone else like the deluded fool he is and then disappears again after firing a single barrage of abuse and accusations.

He popped up a few years back wanting to know my blog and YouTube addresses and I refused to hand the over. The guys a fruit loop. Even his own friends thought so!

Bizarrely it is just like him to not see what I have been doing for six years as work, a dozen blogs, God knows how many photos and a nearly a couple of thousand videos.

Make no mistake not only do I wish I had more content but without all the issues I would have far more content. I should have 5,000 photos instead of 2,200 in Flickr and 4,000 to 5,000 movies on YouTube. I should have a lot more audio recordings too.

They also do not realise that since December 2016, so we are talking 18 months, my advertising revenue has been frozen. I have sent feedback five or six times to Google, the God Complex people, and demanded to know why and have had no responses. I found two faults and thought this was it .. but no. Three months and no faults and still no movement and yet I have had some crazy results in some of my blog posts.

The money cannot stay stationary over a single month. Unless you get zero views on all your posts .. think about that ..

  • 3600+ posts

  • Zero views?

  • For one month?

  • Impossible

Yeah well if you can now see that it is quite impossible for a single month then try to figure out how it has stayed like this for 18 months?! It .. simply .. cannot .. be!

What that half-wit also did not consider, but then no one else actually does, is the people that do view my stuff. Who are they and what do they do?

Just this morning I got a new follower and they turned out to be a Doctor and had published a series of books and all on Amazon. I have had Doctors prior to this one and likely around half a dozen and I do not know the careers of everyone that reads my blogs or watches my YouTube videos. I know of two literary agents that followed me too.

They also do not ask themselves is there anything going on that is so bad and the would really blow people’s minds?! The answer to that is .. well .. yes!

There is something that has been a feature but due to protection and lack of help and support along with being actively targeted as if we are two serial killers .. I have never posted it. Not here on my blogs, nor on YouTube nor my Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram or even Pinterest. Or Twatter for that matter!

Unless we get help and protection neither of us can say these things to get across how bad things are without someone coming after us.

This is how ridiculously bad things are in the UK. It has all been set up for you to fail and in more ways than just one by the trio I call the ‘evil trinity’.

Oddly my sister was telling me on the phone yesterday that she had a work colleague in the car with her and that he ranted bout the country and said all the things that I have said. She even told him about me, what I do and about my blogs and said that he should meet me as we would get on. But she could not give him my details or even the details about the blog because she did not want to get into trouble over it later on?!

She is a private investigator for William Hill. Go figure!

She admitted to me today that she has been hearing of late of more and more people both sounding like me and stating the same things that I have done.

I simply said “See? I told you so” and that it is good that it is happening but might be why my daughter and I have now been pushed down to the wire.

Even my non-believing daughter now thinks that it cannot be by chance that we have had all the things done to us that we have. It simply cannot be a coincidence.

But we have spoken for many weeks now that we have been pushed down to the wire so far that we are on the wire and are waiting for it to snap.

I said “Why does it have to be that people only take notice after your dead when it is too late?!” and she said “I know, I often think that!”

I started a crowd funding for her and it did not take off. An agent was onto her back in February and he mentioned doing one but did not do it. Now we have had a journalist say the same thing and here we are biting down hard on the proverbial wire wondering if something will kick in before the wire actually .. snaps?!

I said before it would be far more humane to issue suicide pills instead of slowly killing people off while hiding it, while making everyone else in Britain chase their tails so much with work and bills that they switch off to everyone else. Until it is their turn only to discover that everyone that would have stuck up for them are already long since .. dead!

I did not want this to happen so I started my blog hoping that down the line something else might come along?

Who might find this site?

  • Literary Agent

  • Ghost Writer

  • Publishing House

  • Solicitor with a heart

  • Tabloid Journalist

    • Not with a strict agenda and narrative

  • Magazine Journalist

    • Not with a strict agenda and narrative

  • Politician

    • Not with a strict agenda or narrative

Yeah soo thus far ..

  • Heading for 200,000 on one blog

  • No idea but a lot on the Mirror Blog

  • Heading for or over 350,000 on YouTube

I even said to people that if a right-wing journalist or organisation came along and wanted to talk I simply would have to listen. Because everyone on the left is deliberately ignoring us and are behind what we are having to endure. Yeah .. not interested in speaking to pure evil .. thanks but no thanks you all had your chance.

I do not even know if there are any centre ground organisations? Which is more where I lie .. except when it comes to one group of people I lean right over to the right. When it comes to another group of people I will lean right over to the left.

There is right and there is left .. there are no fucking stupid rules, it is not a religion. You do nto have to adhere to a preordained set of rules to be left or right, that is when people that want control or power re treating you like idiots. Tell them to fuck .. off! If you decide something that might mean one way you could then decide upon something else that might lean the opposite way. It is about the truth and solutions .. not what fucking clicky club you are in.

Toe the party line, is a line that has me seething. Fuck .. off!

There are possibly several dozen, certainly more than a dozen, parts to our story ..

Part one was published and the Love It Magazine article is in the post The Fugliness and then ..

Part Two is in reality closer to part TWENTY and in the Take A Break Magazine and found in the post ‘Revealing Realities (The Fugliness Part 2).

The first was a weekly edition magazine while Take A Break which has both weekly and monthly is in the latter.

But this rock bottom is not mentioned in either magazine and nor has anyone contacted them with their promises. It wont be that much longer before we feel we was both lied to and used. Got their stories, every gets their cut. Inaccuracies and omissions galore now you can .. fuck .. off. Yeah it is a ways off yet but after about two or three weeks it will feel like that.

Promise that something would happen in February .. did not happen. Promise it would happen in June .. will it now happen .. or not? Three people, two organisations and two promises. Broken.

What a shit country the UK is right now .. absolute dog .. shite!


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