Another one for that idiot that left a comment that suggests that conspiracies don’t exist.

No friend .. tinfoil hat conspiracies don’t exist .. well .. for the most part anyway.

But conspiracies exist .. suggestion .. buy a fucking dictionary! Lol.

So I can’t find the one I was going to look to buy on the BBC News At Ten they reported that crime had risen sharply and that this was because of people with mental health. One on three, or a third, of crimes were committed by people suffering with mental health issues.

You know .. those people who were previously freeloaders, according to this twat, and we the first group to be kicked off Disability Living Allowance.

Hmm I just remembered .. do you think I should have pointed out to that amoral selfish test, who made a big thing about me not meeting the .. criteria, that I was previously in receipt of it twice?!

So what I defrauded them, they were idiots and site be fired or that someone just moved the goalposts right to to the corner flags?!

Yes!! Got a footballing reference in during the World Cup!

No I couldn’t find that story on the BBC News app, despite it being on the BBC News?!

But I did come across this ..

That an ex minister stated that the NHS closed ranks over hospital deaths.

Now it sounds like this might have been from around 5 or even 6 years ago? Because I think it was a Lib-Dem ministry during the coalition?

Well, lol, of this is the case .. so you think the number of deaths decreased under the NHS or increased under the NHS over the past five years or more?!

I know that it appears to me that it has increased. The number of deaths in reading about seems to have increased to me.

That’s doesn’t even take into account those that have committed suicide!

Which reminds me of the two reports that Mr Fed Up With Freeloaders might want to check out ..

DWP reports that 120,000 people have died and it’s a lot more than that!

NHS reports, one punished in New Scientist, states that 120,000 deaths above the norm could be put down to the NHS?!

That amoral moron that popped out from the shadows after climbing out from under his rock won’t want to read that?!

If he does he night need to send of three emails ..

  • One to New Scientist telling them they are talking bollocks
  • One to The Canary and maybe a few more stating they are talking blocks
  • One to a magazine publisher and probably more later in the year saying that they are talking bollocks about our story

Or maybe he or she will just party after reading that a quarter of a million Freeloaders are now dead and rising?!

Or perhaps it’s someone with .. something to lose from our publications that just panicked and attempted a very lame endeavour to try and mislead people about my character?!

Meaning they think everyone’s thick and can’t come to their own conclusions or ..

They are thick and think they can do this with one false account, no proper name and on one single post?!

Jesus Christ, man. It’s just one post out of nearly four thousand! What the actual .. fuck did you think you was going to achieve?! Lol.

I find some people quite funny .. what was they ranting for?

What they wanted me to stop? To please them?

Not one but of consideration the 500,000 viewers I’ve had, yeah .. I’ve had, that I may have helped?

No .. just stop just to please them because every time they switch their computer and phone on they are forced to look at my page. Lmao!

What fucking dumb-arse arses people can be and they think themselves sooo intelligent .. open their cake holes and leave themselves wide open for criticism ..

Well if their account still existed that is, which it doesn’t seem to ..

Especially with the moronic name of Mr Fed Up With Freeloaders?! Lol.

Yeah no one is going to go around with a name like that for very long.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Ex minister: NHS closed ranks over hospital deaths –


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