I watched a video that had come to in my notifications several times.

It has come up over several different YouTube channels. Except .. this time ..

It was uploaded by an ex Police Officer.

Now remember that as this is a video of a committee, sounded like Australia, where a different ex-Police Officer was given his account of a cover up within the Police over child sex grooming gangs.

Now it was obvious he wasn’t just your Bobby on the beat Polite Officer. So remember that if you listen to what he has to say.

As he tells his story I’m actually shocked when his own force turned against him. He ended up not working and without pay for three years?!

But the worst part was when he explained that one of his own children ended up in hospital and they sent child protection officers round who interviewed his other children and tried to get them to say that their father had left them home alone?!

I kid you not.

He also explains how he spoke to other whistle-blowing Police Officers from around the UK who warned him that the Police Force, so it’s endemic throughout the force, would come after him hard. When he asked how they said that he would receive a letter for gross misconduct. He explains that after a period of time that’s exactly what he received.

Oddly it turns out that in UK law it states that anyone who leaves to be a whistle-blower on anything cannot then be pursued legally in any form as a retaliation or revenge tactic.

Funny how the law doesn’t apply to the Police?!

I ended up getting a call from my daughter near the end of the video and explained to her what this guy said. This was to finally make sure that which it appears that she already learned recently. That you truly can’t trust anyone.

I said that anyone that hears this is never .. EVER going to want to come forward to speak to the Police about anything. Ever again.

So as I long ago predicted the public services have become so deluded and ignorant that now the shit had guy the fan they are having to lie and also so predicted .. turn on each other and now their own?

This is what happens when you both protect certain groups while pushing agendas of those that cannot produce a good argument and refuse to listen to reason.

Or more likely because they are so loud with their echo chambers you think everyone in the population must feel like that so just go with the flow.

Of course society has now been destroyed and that is continuing .. there’s a trap been laid for me to shut me up, after having tens of thousands in now homeless, and they continue to destroy society.

What they do not know is my own investigations and involvement in exactly this subject is about to break through.

Anyone heard of Melanie Shaw? Look her up ..

In this instance one young lady did have one person on her side, me. Except being so far away and with meddling in my life and hers and a huge distance between us this has been difficult and lengthy.

There is a story published in Love It Magazine that tells about then this started. There is a story coming out in a matter of days regarding the next phase of this .. which was several years later and on this subject ..

  • Look up ‘The Fugliness
  • Due to meddling I cannot state how, when and where the next story will appear ..
    • Until AFTER it appears and the story will be available online this time
    • Because despite hoping and praying no one has come forward to either of us with help and protection
    • Attempts to get legal representation get turned down without even asking about evidence, let alone even asking to look at it and listen to it?!
    • Irwin Mitchell, Slater & GordonFarleys Solicitors and others
  • More to come over the course of the next 12 months
  • There are some shocking revelations to come regarding this
  • Including how this caused cervical cancer
    • In someone with a condition potentially fatal
    • Who has five children, aged 24, do the maths
    • Who was also a victim of domestic violence
    • Who has two Autistic children, though denied 6 months after being spotted
    • Another with a problem
    • Two in and out of hospital over the same condition I suspect as we have, my father and grandmother had and ..
    • Despite knowing all this was threatened with legal action by her social worker, conveniently a week after the story was published in Love It Magazine
    • Also called a liar over her health and was laughed at
    • If you ever find the social workers name ask her why she moved 200 miles to be in that area ..
    • Answer ‘ I was running away from something’ to which I have to wonder was this yet another scandal regarding another social services? Which would be somewhere in and around .. Luton
Oh .. dear!

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