Well this is a strange and unexpected report by Engadget and discovered using Flipboard.

What’s surprising about it is as well as mentioning about conspiracy theory videos on streaming services, Amazon is focused on in this instance, it actually mentions Alex Jones and David Icke.

Yeah .. the trouble is when listening to anyone or reading about anyone is that they might be right out telling the truth about one thing they may not about the next.

People might fully believe what they are saying.

They might be reporting it via another source that is lying.

They might just deliberately report on these wild claims and even go as far as bat-shit crazy stuff just to get the views?

I mean I could have done this. I’m not an idiot and it’s well known that the are a lot of naive people out there. In fact it’s used as reasoning in the Engadget report as to why some are saying that providing some of these documentaries are wrong.

I spent several nights explaining to my daughter and grandson about similar documentaries on Netflix. Though I don’t recall coming across either Alex Jones or David Icke but I did explain them and their pitfalls.

But therein lies the rub ..

I’ve tried very hard to report what I know and provide proof, though admittedly I’ve not linked in any my large collection of evidence for awhile.

Admittedly I’ve also only probably linked in around 5% of what I have.

I required a big cloud storage as it might be around 200GB and a very good broadband connection.

I also thought that there would be one single uncorrupted news media outlet in the UK that would be interested in my entire collection?

I tried very hard to find one and right across the political spectrum. From the Daily Mail to the Morning Star. I wasn’t interested in the political leaning on the news groups, though I had long disagreed with it. As long as someone wanted to report it ‘as is’ and not twist it.

But as you can tell that never happened, though many of my ideas and methods were copied .. I guess they did not want to report too much?

So this could have been a way of diluting what I do?

Then there was a court case and I was absolutely certain that at the end of the court case it would all come out. That they would have absolutely no way of ignoring it. Though this would have likely meant it all getting twisted. But would you believe a solicitors firm went bust a few months from the end of a case that went on for three years.

A solicitors firm going bust? Why it’s like they live beyond their means or something? Buying Jaguars and Porsches before they have built up their clients and with an approaching financial crisis? Why it’s like their stupid and short sighted or something? Meanwhile public services everywhere hand out budgeting forms to poor people and benefit claimants to be filled in, in an act that is extremely patronising.

Yeah our acts are treated as that like misbehaving children making silly mistakes.

Then we patronised and told how to budget by organisations that force or own money or of us by the millions and then collapse because they are lazy, slow, overpowering self-entitlement and delusions of grandeur.

Why yes of course you have the right to act like your of a higher order and a different species than everyone else.

I remember the first time I had experienced three overwhelmingly patronising attitude. I thought this must be what got David Icke thinking out people were reptiles in the first place? Just went a wee bit too far.

Alex Jones was another one. Looked professional seemed concerned and passionate. Even someone I know watched a few of his videos.

But there was a video where he started to sound even worse than David Icke.

I remember thinking that maybe it’s just all done in an entertainment sort of way? But in the videos they come across as genuinely and passionately believing what they are saying.

I’m not gullible like this and I thought that the majority of people were not. Though in the UK I simply do not understand how the majority of people have voted these past few decades. It’s like they are highly gullible which is probably why politicians lie and everyone is allowed to vote. It’s also probably why all the promises are always broken. Because they promise things they cannot provide only said because we’re all gullible?

Well either that or someone tells them when they start running the country what they can and cannot do.

Plus they manage to make a decent income.

In fact a great many people make an income based on facts that are .. quite obviously incorrect .. or at the very least very unlikely.

It’s also strange that when they talk they don’t sound mad and seem OK. But though I thought that was their secret .. it doesn’t add up.

Maybe my problem is that I’m limited to a much smaller audience attracting mainly interest from British people?

Alex Jones has three or four times the population to appeal to.

Yeah if I had three or four times the numbers I would be in my current and hellish situation.  Well if still have all the health issues of four of my family, myself included.

As soon as I hear someone who was previously sensible sounding come out with something that sounds bat-shit crazy I have to ask myself something ..

  • These inserted statements do more harm than good .. so why make them?
  • Were they paid from the start or did they get an offer along the way from government to make these statements?
  • Because this would put off anyone sensible and all of those that may have the power to uncover something
Think of this as a deliberate attempt to muddy the waters, so to speak.
I have, on occasion, linked videos on here where someone said something true or sensible and then later on see them saying or even screaming something and think “Oh dear, did I make a mistake linking their previous videos on here?!”
Well just because they came out with something that was bat-shit crazy does not make the previous video statements automatically false.
Unfortunately there are a lot of naive people out there though that will think like that.
In my experience people on the far left will have these two attitudes
  • Ah! There! You were wrong .. finally so now everything you said has ever been wrong
  • Ah! There! I was right .. therefore everything I said has always been right
I have dealt with this attitude up close and personal for decades.

Amazon Prime Video is offering dubious conspiracy videos


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